8 thoughts on “AGAIN: Tide lets opponent rally for win”

  1. I’m pretending the NCAA handed us the death penalty in basketball this season. Will pick it up next year. Just can’t take watching another 3 point loss. Anthony Grant has the worst job in the world because it forces him to watch Alabama basketball every game.

  2. Watching Bama’s mens basketball is like going to denist PAIN!!!
    Having no talent and thin bench does not help!! The players
    give a good effort but can not get over the hump with leads in the last few minutes. I like Anthony Grant and still think he will
    get the program turned around!! RTR

  3. WE HAD THAT GAME … AGAIN!!! I can’t count the number of times we just fall apart in the “1 minute firestorm”. When will this end? When AG get’s HIS guys there?

    If we could just play some fuckin defense.

  4. Another thing is that this is the FOURTH game we’ve lost to within one point +/- 2%. Horrible.

    Conference play, not non-conference — hell — that’s the best we’ve played all year is non-conference games.

    I know a lot of people don’t give a damn about Bama hoops — but me and my friends do — we want a SUPERIOR program that shakes it up Nationally. RTR!!

  5. Are you guys really on here communicating with each other about ALABAMA BASKETBALL ?

    You guys are a little premature.

    They haven’t even started “PLAYING” basketball at ALABAMA, yet!!


  6. What the hell do you expect when the best freshman in the country is from Alabama but he’s playing for Kentucky. Even Grant isn’t working miracles. So far he hasn’t signed a top 20 recruit, and that’s what it will take. Cross your fingers for the SEC tournament and maybe salvaging something. Hell, it’s the SEC and UcheaT just whipped Kentucky’s ass. Stranger things have happened. RTR!

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