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Recruiting Profile: Josh Goodman, Lake Howell High School

This past year Lake Howell High School produced Florida State signee Christian Jones. It appears over the next few years the 5A program is loaded with blue chip prospects and you will be sure to find college football coaches in the stands with the talent Head Coach Tom Oliver has. One of those prospects is up and coming junior cornerback Josh Goodman. At 5’9 168 lbs., Goodman will be one of the several players on Coach Oliver’s team that will be attracting those college coaches. Lake Howell’s football team had 10 losses when he took over. In the two years of leading the Silver Hawks, Oliver has the football team in Winter Springs FL (suburb of Orlando) on course to compete. With the talent in the system now and the tools that Coach Oliver is teaching each player their football team is headed in the right direction. The school has produced football talent including some NFL players like Brandon Marshall and Kawika Mitchell.

As a sophomore Goodman held down one of the cornerback positions. Despite his size, Goodman has the pop to hit you like a Linebacker and played safety when in the in some sets including the nickel package. He produced 67 tackles, six interceptions with two interceptions returned for T.D.’s, five forced fumbles, and two recoveries.

“Playing with one of the top linebackers in the country has its advantages,” Goodman said. “Christian Jones had college coaches in the stands at every game we played. Christian was an unbelievable linebacker and I wish him well and Florida State. With Christian gone, my teammates and I are preparing ourselves to turn it up a notch, step up and lead, and we’re ready for the challenge. Coach Oliver is an awesome coach and we have been his system for a couple of years now.”

I was able to speak with Josh last night and get a breakdown of some of those schools on Goodman’s list.

“I’m starting to hear from South Florida, Rutgers, East Carolina, Florida, Harvard, Stanford, Duke, Auburn, Alabama, Miami, and The University of Central Florida. I have not received any official offer from the schools that I just mentioned, but I there are a few D-2 schools that are really working hard for me to choose their school before the D-1 offers come. If I had to name a few favorites right now it would probably be the UCF, Alabama, Auburn, Tennessee, and Duke. I grew up a Central Florida fan because my father, Jimmy Goodman, played linebacker for the Golden Knights back in the day. So we go to every home game and travel if they make it bowling. But that really won’t play a factor when choosing any school.”

Josh comes from a great pedigree. His dad, Jimmy Goodman, was an undersized walk on linebacker at UCF in the late eighties. After walking on he grew three inches and packed own 50 pounds of muscle. As a junior in 1988 at 6’1”, 245lbs., Jimmy set the single season tackling record at UCF at 144 tackles. So even though Josh plays corner, he could take after his father and grow into a linebacker.

Q and A with Josh Goodman
T.J.Walls: Who are your top schools at this point?
Josh Goodman: It’s really too early to tell, but if I had to name three that all I could this point the most I’d say UCF, Auburn, and Alabama.

T.J.Walls: What are your thoughts of Alabama?
Josh Goodman: Coming off a national championship is definitely attractive. But the direction of the program is what really has me to become a fan of the Crimson Tide. Coach Saban is one of the best coaches in the game, no doubt. I mean look at what the guy has done. In just three years he has turned a program that was not winning at a consistent level into a national powerhouse and that’s very impressive. Their defense was just lights out. In the National Title game two plays really stand out that I remember. The first was when Marcel Darius put that hit on the McCoy and knocked him out of the game. The second was that same 300 lbs. beast intercepted a pass and returned it for a T.D. He looked like he was as fast as a running back. They need to put him in the backfield next year like Cody did this year. I also like that they have some of the nicest facilities and probably the best stadium in college football. The box in the north end of the Stadium was unreal. The most important factor would be if I were to sign with Alabama, I would have a very good shot at owning several rings under Coach Saban and his staff.”

T.J.Walls: What do you like about Auburn?
Josh Goodman: Auburn is really an up and coming team. I know Auburn was good in the past. But before Coach Chizik got there, they were on a downhill slide. Although their record may not have shown it, Auburn was a great team this year. They were short on depth so they need good players down there right now. That’s something positive from my standpoint. Coach Chizik is a great coach and I think he has the program headed in the right direction. Coach Trooper Taylor is very cool. He knows all the right things to say and seems sincere. I really like the complex offense that their offensive coordinator installed. But when it comes down to it it’s all about defense. That’s where Auburn needs are from what I saw. I still can’t believe how well the staff at Auburn is actually doing in recruiting against Alabama. Although I’ve never visited Auburn’s campus, I’ve heard it is beautiful. I will it be attending camp there this summer along with several others including Alabama and LSU.

T.J.Walls: You grew up going to UCF games and your Dad played for the Golden Knights. What are your other thoughts on UCF?
Josh Goodman: Of course the main reason is because my dad was taking me to games and tailgating before I can remember. My dad gets so into the games and that you can hear him from the other end of the stadium. So I would say he’s about as close to an Alabama fan that you can be. There aren’t too many passionate UCF fans around here. It seems everyone is a Florida fan since they started winning big with Coach Urban Meyer. Coach George O’Leary is an awesome coach. He is very conservative. I really like the defensive back Coach Sean Beckman. He is really down to earth and he doesn’t fool around. He reminds me of Coach Saban, all business. That’s how it should be. UCF also has a new stadium they built couple years ago and it is on campus. Although I may not be as big as some, it is one of the nicer stadiums I’ve ever seen. In the past UCF has not been very successful recruiting high caliber players, but this year they were able to sign some studs. Some of the players were under rated though. They landed one player that was rated a four or five star by ESPN. Once he committed, he recruited two of his high school teammates and they all three signed. That was huge because this year’s signing class was the best class that UCF has ever had. I’m going to wait till next year to see if the coaching staff is consistent in pulling in another good recruiting class. If I see that they are improving in that area than I will give UCF some consideration. If they do not stay at the same level and I don’t see the program headed in the direction that I like then UCF will no longer be on my list. Either way, I will always be a Golden Knight at heart. To be honest with you I want to go to an SEC school, but I have two years to take everything in. Things can change in a hurry. My dad is encouraging to me too take this whole recruiting process slow and weigh out every option. It’s pretty cool that he is not pressuring me to play for his alma mater.

* His Goals for next two years are to help his team win State and to earn All- State Honors. Too work hard at getting better in every aspect of the game. To become bigger, stronger, and faster.
*40 yd: 4.6 (Hand Timed) Vertical: 34 Shuttle: 4.34
*He will be attending camps and combines throughout the spring and summer.

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