How do I know that Auburn offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn is gone? Phillip Marshall’s latest love letter to the Auburn family is filled with evidence. (In case you don’t know, Marshall is an Auburn homer that worked for far too long at a respectable newspaper and now is at Auburn Undercover.) In his latest post Marshall outlines two things in an attempt to explain the Malzahn situation—money and ego.

Money is the simple thing to understand. Marshall writes, “Will Muschamp was the defensive coordinator at Auburn when the job came open the last time. It was offered to him before it was offered to Derek Dooley. The money was very low, relatively speaking, and he turned it down to stay at Auburn.”

But then Marshall unwittingly reveals something about Gus Malzahn in his next paragraph. Marshall writes, “The bottom line: Malzahn would have to want a head coaching job really, really bad to leave for Louisiana Tech.”

According to persons familiar with Gus Malzahn as a coach in the SEC, Malzahn was insufferable at Arkansas. His ego was enormous, and he thought of himself as more qualified to run the program than the guy who hired him. This is Malzahn’s least attractive, but most dominant trait. The fact Marshall hints at Malzahn’s immense ego is telling. Marshall thinks the “Guru Version 2.0” is running out of Auburn even as he tries to convince himself and Auburn fans that being a coordinator on the Plains is better than being a head coach at Louisiana Tech.

The sad thing for Alabama fans is that if Malzahn leaves, Auburn might hire a decent offensive coordinator—You know, someone who can run a 2-minute offense without wasting thirty seconds before calling the next play.

98 thoughts on “Attention Auburn! Say goodbye to Gus Malzahn”

  1. I agree, as a Bama fan I hope he doesn’t leave the barn, chiznik might try to do better.

  2. This is why I love bama fans. Instead of talking about their own program, they spend all their time harping on every program that has the possibility to challenge them in the near future

  3. Are you insane. Aubrun was horrific on offense last year and this year averaged 36 points a game and finished 15th in the country. Malzahn has the #1 ranked offense 2 years in a row at Tulsa nd has been a winner at every stop in his career. Need I remind you that your beloved Crimson Tide barely escaped Auburn this year in the Gus’ first year. You better hope he leaves and goes somewhere else.

  4. Hi there Gus! Thanks for stopping by. However, everyone that I’ve spoken with who had the misfortune of working with you thinks you suck, and don’t know how to call plays during a game, etc. I hope you stay there a long time.

  5. Not Gus just someone who acttually knows something about football. Facts don’t lie. Your nerd internet reporter opinion doesnt matter to anyone. You must be buddies with Houston Nutt.

  6. Facts? How about your friend learn how to call plays in a 2-minute offense. I’d expect any decent offensive coordinator to know what the hell they were doing and not vomit all over themselves in the biggest game of the season.

  7. Are you referring to the game where he lit your top 5 defense up like a candle for a while?

  8. My top 5 defense? I wasn’t aware that I was the architect of it. But now that you mention it, I’m more than willing to take credit for it.

    Bloody hell where is my coach of the year award and championship ring?

  9. Well I’m going to assume you’re a bama fan. I was using the plural collective form of your to include your team. I probably could’ve phrased it better but its pretty simple grammar

  10. blkmkustang, let me get this right, your a barner on a Bama website complaining that we are more interested in Lee County High than Bama….does that sum it…..I think you forget your medications! Crawl back under your rock!

  11. Another thing i love about bama fans. They turn every comment into some kind of insult about Auburn. And the only reason I’m on here is because the article concerns one of Auburn’s coaches, not because it’s a bama website. Go look on an Auburn thread and see all the bama fans writing basically nothing but insults about article and topics that have absolutely nothing to do with bama

  12. Malzahn needs to stay at Auburn. He lost 5 of last 7 regular season games. He’s awful, yet Auburn fans have some strange crush on him. Talk about top offense at Tulsa? Well, one of the nation’s worst defenses (arkansas) beat an undefeated Malzahn offense. Yes, I’ll say it again, Malzahn got beat by one of the nation’s worse defenses. Malzahn needs to go back to high school football

  13. Walt Williams is a “handler” for the Auburn recruits in Arkansas that played for him in high school. A real jackass and NCAA violation waiting to happen.

  14. Yeah, you’re right about Arkansas, and i’ll be the first to admit it. That was a painful loss. But still, when his offense was clicking, it was hard to stop; bama couldn’t even do it. If the offense was a little more consistent, we wouldn’t have lost to kentucky or georgia or possibly bama. Look for that to i,prove next year assuming Malzahn stays

  15. blacknbluemustang: Once again the auburn kool-aid drinkers try to re-write recent history. Bama didn’t stop Auburn’s offense? After the first quarter, Bama stomped the Aubie offense into the turf – there was no offense (other than one play) after the first quarter ended. Credit Auburn’s defense for playing over their heads in the sellout to stop Ingram, but the offense sucked for most of the game.

  16. I never said bama didnt stop Auburn’s offense, i just said they didnt stop it while it was clicking is the first two drives. I give bama credit after that they did stop us. I’m just saying that when it was on its pretty difficult to stop it

  17. Yep, damn right. We couldn’t stop Auburn at all.

    And if we hadn’t gotten all those calls in the SEC game Florida would’ve won big.

    And if Colt hadn’t of been hit so unfairly, Texas would’ve won.

    Apparently all that was for nothing. We all know that all those other teams had us right where they wanted us. What a hollow 14-0 season. I think I’ll go set fire to my National Championship shirt like the fat guy in East Tennessee.

  18. We all must admit that how well the spread is run depends on if you have the right players. Gus is putting together an excellent offensive recruiting class. He will have the players necessary to show what his offense is really capable of. Auburn will beat any deal LA TECH offers him. Why leave a school where you have complete control of the offense, some of the best talent in the nation coming to play for you, for a lower level program that does not have much potential for growth? I mean, Tennessee only offered it to Dooley after offering it to the Duke head coach and being turned down. Gus is staying

  19. Whenever Phillip Marshall starts bad mouthing someone at Auburn their days are numbered. (For whatever the reason).

    Phillip Marshall is pro- Auburn and in the know of every little dealing that goes at Auburn.
    He has written fluff/hype peices gorifying the most trivial things for the barn for years.
    And if he starts talking about someone in a negative light it usually means they are about to leave the “lovieliest village on the plains”
    Bye Bye Gus.
    See ya around.

  20. Marshall didn’t say anything negative about Gus. He just said if he left at the first lousy head coaching job offer…then he must really want to be a head coach. It has also been inferred that Gus is a soft spoken individual who would rather focus on being the offensive coordinator. As a head coach he wouldn’t have the time to devise and scheme like he does now. I will bet money he is not leaving for at least two more years…unless a much higher profile job comes up.

  21. Hey, Capstoner. Did “persons familiar with Gus Malzahn as a coach in the SEC,” and told you that “Malzahn was insufferable at Arkansas” also tell you about alternative uses for garlic and dental floss?

    And when they told you “[Malzahn’s] ego was enormous, and he thought of himself as more qualified to run the program than the guy who hired him.” did you do any fact checking on their statement? I’m guessing you didn’t because, after making that statement, you would have pointed out that in 2006, while Malzahn was actually functioning as Arkansas’ OC, the Razorbacks were 7 – 1 and after “the guy who hired him” took over as OC, the Razorbacks went 3 – 3 and finished with a 10 – 4 record.

  22. Wow.
    I tried to link to 3sib and it says my account has been suspended.
    I wonder what the fuck I did?
    Maybe I am too big of a bama fan for their tastes?

  23. I’m never around when a good thread comes out. Gus Maltz(liquor)ahn’s offense is built around mistakes made by the defense. That’s why and when he faces a team that’s got their shit together — he can’t move the chains. You barner’s will figure it out once the insubordination and dissenting within the team takes place on the plains … can’t wait. Crystal bitches.

  24. Houston Nutt is a great coach and a man of integrity. What AU fans and Malzahn lovers fail to see is that Arkasas’ offense was better the year after Malzahn left as the rushing and passing yards increased! What hurt Arkansas the next year was a bad defense. Just how bad would the defense have been had Malzahn been calling the plays? I have to LOL @ that.

  25. Well — until head coaches realize that a pro-style type of offense is a better well rounded offense than the liquor spread — they can burn up high numbers against fodder but in the end — the pro-style prevails. I’ll just sit back and watch it unravel.

  26. Ok cappy, a couple of things:

    1. I know you love to rail on P. Marshall, and I’ll be the 1st to admit he is usually pretty soft on AU. Nowhere near as soft as you are on Bama and the flawless, honest, greatest ever, walks on water Nick Saban, but pretty soft. But can you tell me one instance where he was wrong on a fact he reported? If anything, that cozy relationship he has formed has given him a pretty good bit of access.

    2. Marshall didn’t predict that Malzahn would stay b/c being a coordinator at AU is better than being a head coach at La Tech. He said that Malzahn could get a better job than La Tech if he sticks around a couple of years. Those without a vested interest in seeing Malzahn fail would agree. Dooley is the only coach from La Tech that I can recall landing a good job, and it’s a freakin’ miracle that he did. He was UT’s 5th or 6th choice, and if his last name was Smith he wouldn’t have even been on the radar. Malzahn could end up goin’, but if he’s smart he’ll do the same thing Muschamp did and say no.

    3. You keep crowing about how “insufferable” Malzahn was at Ark., and you’ve repeatedly said he’ll be the same way at AU. It’s been a year. Is anyone saying he’s insufferable?

    4. Did you just say that Nutt is a “man of integrity”? What do you base that on?? The thousands of text messages he was sending to his girlfriend that he fought to keep from disclosure?? The flirting with every job opening that’s come up in the SEC or BIG 12 over the last 10 years just so he could use it as leverage in getting a raise?? I bet Frank Broyles would beg to differ on your statement about Nutt and his “integrity”.

  27. It’s making vomit in my mouth, but I have to agree with Julio – when and where has Nutt ever been “a man of integrity”? Was that a tongue in cheek reference, or were you serious? I put Nutt about 2 steps below CTT when he left Miss and went to Aub. However – he is several steps above Fran, who is two flights above Kiff!

  28. How do you people make these ridiculous claims? “Houston Nutt a man of integrity”. “A pro-style offense is better?”. Like I said, the spread is highly dependent on the players you have. Look how much Florida changed after they lost Percy Harvin. Thats all it took for them to go from big play scary offense to somewhat pitiful looking in one year. Ask Dan Mullen how much the right players make a difference in running the spread. I hate to tell you Bama fans, but if Auburn had even a mediocre defense this past year you would have lost. If Tennessee knew how to recruit a kicker you would have lost. If the refs would have called the interception LSU made you would have lost. If Colt Mccoy had been in the game you would have lost. Don’t talk like anyone but you guys actually believes you have a “dynasty” going on.

  29. Personally I hope Malzahn hangs around. Gotta agree with DAMAGE, Inc. that when a team has their stuff together, they can trump Malzahn’s trickeroo-dispy doo offense.

    That O is a flash in the pan, and will not prevail season in and out. It’s good for a few jabs to the face when you’re distracted, but in my opinion, any team that’s well coached and well disciplined can and will stomp it.

    See Arkansas last year. That’s what the Iron Bowl will probably look like if Malzahn’s still there next season. If you’re gonna run an unconventional offense, you better get it done against Saban in year one.

    Ask Urban Meyer.

  30. Hay Bama! Gus is noy only good but better than Any other Offensive Coordinator in the SEC. He is building a powerhouse. One good thing is that the best offense is a better defense which Bama has and will always have. Even Willis knew that and came to Bama to learn from the Master Saban before he took a promotion to TTU with you guessed it Tubby, who Auburn should have never let go.

  31. The Crapstone Report would do good to delete this stor… I mean embarrassment because it will be in my bookmarks for all of eternity as a true example of that “class” Bubba fans so like to talk about. Hilarious stuff. Classic “foot in mouth” syndrome. This website makes you guys look SO bad. CGM is not going anywhere this year and I’m sure you were hoping for a hit in recruiting at the very least. Keep wishing. If somebody like Mcelwain takes the La Tech job, it will lead to some of the most hilarious burns on your fan base of all time. No small feat.

  32. “[A}ny team that’s well coached and well disciplined can and will stomp it.” And yet, that offense put up more points than any other team Bama faced this year. Was Bama not well coached or disciplined?? Oh yeah, I forgot, it takes Saban TWO years to stop an offense. I mean, it’s not like there was 3 full seasons of freakin’ film on Malzahn’s offense for him to watch to prepare. That film stuff is just so old school. Saban has to actually SEE the offense in order to prepare. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

  33. I came here to read some news on Bama and I think I accidentally surfed to the Auburn Beat Report. Oh, wait, I see Julio and a bunch of Auburn fans on the site, so I must be on the capstone report. Why are we seeing a story on Auburn? It just gives the barners a LEGITIMATE excuse to be here..

  34. All foundations built on tricks and gimmicks fail.

    Of course, all barneys have been tricked or have tricked themselves into believing the barn has a legitimate shot at being a contender in D-1 football.

    I wish I had the ability to sell a following without reason the way the barn has. It’s cult like!

    It sux to be an auburn tiger!

  35. “All foundations built on tricks and gimmicks fail”. Guess thats why you see the wildcat catching on in the pros. Guess thats why Auburn made a major leap, and oh yeah, was ahead of you guys in offensive production in the same league. Guess thats why we burned your defense…twice. That’s just in the first year. Gus already stated that he isn’t even running 50% of his offensive plays. Gus is building an army of playmakers that can score anytime they touch the ball. Don’t compare Floridas current offense to last years. They are nothing alike. Enjoy it while you can Bama. Its going to be fun to watch the fall, though, not as much fun as watching our offense light you up, again 😉

  36. You Aubie Sum-of a Bitches keep coming for the Beat Down.
    It is called Battered Bitch Syndrome.
    This is an Alabama Number Fucking One Site.

  37. You know what?
    I read the posts and I see the total denial that Gus Malzahn would leave to go to LaTech.
    Not one of the Aubbos is even addressing it.
    They are more interested in defending the honor of a man when most couldnt even tell you what color his eyes are, much less what his personality is.

    It doesnt matter what his faults are at all they are going to stick up for him no matter what.
    At least until he pulls a “Check-out Lane” Kiffin, or his offense stinks it up a few time consecutively.

    This is an official warning to the Aubbo clan. Take note.
    Malzahn might have sneaked up and surprised a few folks last year. But this year everyone has seen his bag of parlor tricks and will be ready… he wont be sneaking up on anyone. .
    That bodes bad for you Aubbos when you realise that it took all of 1 quarter for Bama to figure out how to stop the “Spread Eagle v.2”.
    Need proof?
    Ask Urban Meyer sometime.

    Anyway, take it for what it is worth. Phillip Marshall glorifies all things Auburn. Until it is time for them to leave.
    And Malzahn needs to leave. If he stays 2 more years he will be back in the high school coaching ranks in no time.

  38. Hey dumb dumb turds don’t get all self righteous about two big plays against our D. Hell a nubian Texas QB torched us twice too. So it doesn’t mean shit what Muskrats offense did. And why would Muskrat leave when he has complete control of the offense? Maybe because as head coach at La Tech he would have complete control of the whole damn enchilada. And because he could compete his offense against similar offenses like Boise State and Hawaii and San Jose St. and Fresno St. every year. Maybe, just maybe. Huh? RTR!

  39. Malzahn has an ego? That’s funny. Every coach that knows anything about him (other than the ones he was forced to work with at Arkansas who are now in Oxford) will testify that he’s one of the most humble human beings on the planet. If you want ego, go look closely at Houston Nutt. He took play-calling duties over from Kent Austin this year early in the year and Ole Miss (and Snead) regressed heavily. Arkansas was piling up the numbers with Malzahn pulling the strings. Nutt took over play-calling and the Hogs stumbled down the stretch and badly the next year w/ the same players, minus Malzahn.

    Malzahn has no ego. In any interview you see done with him, he gives all the credit to those who came before him and is very mild-mannered. Read an interview with Houston Nutt, you’ll see the word “I” about 50 times.

    Tell me again, who has the ego? Trust me, son, you don’t know what you’re talking about when you say Gus Malzahn has a “huge ego” and this isn’t coming from “crazy Razorback fans”, it’s coming from someone who has coached against him and from anyone who has actually met the man and who didn’t get their entire opinion of him from someone with the last name “Nutt” or someone from the Nutt’s inner circle.

  40. Julia, (yaaaawn)…you bore me.

    The curtain has been pulled back on the dipsy doo, trickeroo offense. We will destroy it, just as we did the final 50 minutes of this last Iron Bowl.

    You ought to pray Malzahn goes; maybe your next OC can install the A-11 before Abarn plays us next year. It’s really the only hope you have.

  41. ITK, did you cut and paste your last reply from what you said the day before the Iron Bowl? These repeated dire warnings of total destruction are beginning to get a little stale, aren’t they?

  42. You fukn barners are idiots. Your dad should have pulled out of his sister and you wouldnt be here.

  43. Fact: The Capstone Report is a rag, and the “writer” didn’t ask anyone who knew Gus from past experience except for some folks associated with Ole Piss.

    But hey, don’t let that stop you from spreading BS. That’s a Bama standard strategy. Too bad you guys can’t just concentrate on enjoying winning the big one, but that would be too difficult for your pea brains.

  44. We won the NC, get over it. We make fun of you because the last time AU was even close to the title our grandparents were newborns. It doesn’t matter how many iron bowls you girls manage, you will NEVER live to see AU in the same light as Alabama. That is the single most usable info you turds can have. You will always be little Auburn, and 2nd rate is the glass ceiling, so find new ways to describe and revel in mediocrity, if it helps you sleep.

  45. You barnies, and volunturds give us a lot to shoot at, and I jus wanted to thank you all for posting.

  46. You can almost hear Gus malzahn’s career starting to die.
    less than 365 days he will get the boot at Auburn. Write it down.

  47. You sound like Florida people after Finebaum told them Urban Meyer would be interested in Notre Dame.

    First, those blog posts from tell you that La Tech indicated to Malzahn it wasn’t interested when he was trying to contact the school. How many times do people who aren’t going to get the job bow out by saying they aren’t going to be a candidate?

    Second, my commentary was based on the premise that La Tech would be interested in Malzahn. Malzahn has an enormous ego, is a cancer on coaching staff and is unmanageable. It would be in Auburn’s best interest for him to go. Just like I pointed out problems with Tommy Tuberville, I’m trying to help you guys out now by explaining something that you refuse to understand…football coaches, especially Malzahn have egos that destroy chemistry. Just watch…it won’t be long until you are begging for him to go. And I’ll be here to say I told you so. 🙂

  48. Cappy, here’s what was published in the Mobile Press Register: “Malzahn was approached by a search firm vetting candidates for Louisiana Tech, but turned down an offer to speak with them about the job created when Derek Dooley was hired by Tennessee, an athletic department source told the Press-Register.” I missed the part where it said Malzahn tried to contact La-Tech. I guess you interpret “Malzahn was approached by a search firm” as indicating that Malzahn did the exact opposite and approached them. That makes a lot of freakin’ sense.

    You’ve been predicting that Malzahn would be a collossal failure and a cancer to the program since December of 2008. 13 months later, Malzahn comes within 7 points of breaking the AU single season record with slightly above average talent, has contributed to one of the best recruiting classes in school history, and not a word of discord among the AU staff has been heard. Exactly when will this Jekyll-Hyde transformation occur?

  49. Yeah, I read the Press Register story. I was told that Malzahn thinks so highly of himself that he would leave Auburn in a minute to run a program—IF something were offered. Obviously, La Tech didn’t offer it. And don’t buy that BS about better jobs. Malzahn won’t get a better job to start as a coach. And La Tech was a nice starter gig for Dooley. It landed him Tennessee.

    From the scuttlebutt in coaching circles, Malzahn already thinks of himself as the savior of the AU program. I’d suspect you’ll see real tension in AU between Malzahn and head coach Trooper Taylor in the coming weeks. Oh wait, I mean head coach Gene Chizik. (And if you don’t think Chizik and Roof get sick of hearing Malzahn and Trooper and all the other coaches names then you need to ask about it.) Trust me on this. It is going to blow sooner rather than later. It almost always does on coaching staffs, and it requires someone strong like Houston Nutt or Nick Saban to fire the cancer before it engulfs the entire program. Will Chizik be able to do that?

    To be honest, I’m impressed with Chizik. He’d win more games without Malzahn.

    I warned you about Tuberville. I’m warning you about Malzahn. When a man of integrity like Houston Nutt can’t keep the guy on staff, you know something is wrong.

  50. Cappy, what you don’t want to accept is that sometimes good people just don’t get along. I don’t think Tony Franklin or any of the coaches on Tub’s staff were bad, evil people (although Franklin certainly does run his mouth alot.) They just had different philosophies and didn’t get along. Nutt hired Malzahn for the sole purpose of getting Mitch Mustain, but Nutt (and Nutt’s staff) and Malzahn have extremely different offensive philosophies. What a surprise, things didn’t work out and tension arose.

    You’re still cracking me up with that garbage about Nutt being a man of integrity.

  51. Very good point Julio.

    I was saying negative things about Malzahn before he got the job at Auburn, and that is because I admit that I am biased against those who appear to be insubordinate.

    I dislike Franklin too because he thought he should hire his own offensive staff. What the hell is that?!??! Tuberville was the head coach. Tuberville had lost his edge, but good grief people like Franklin are why Tubs was as loyal to his longtime assistants. (Good people with good chemistry are a treasure.)

  52. Julia — the reason for Franklin leaving was simple. Tubb’s job security was at stake and he needed someone to “take the blame” publicly to save his so called 11th season.

    All of the coaches were at an Under Armour meeting and one of the Under Armour reps asked Tubb’s what was up with the offense. Tubb’s replied, “as soon as we get rid of this mickey mouse offense” — Franklin at the meeting said, “well if you would get out of my butt maybe we could get something going offensively”. Tubb’s replied, “you’re about to see how far my nose can go up your butt.” One week later — that was it — fired. Franklin also was tired of the forced religious activities forced upon him by the staff (mostly Eddie Gran’s influence on religion due to the lost of his daughter) … he quit participating in the daily prayer vigils and was an outcast after that. It was never a fit — and it would of took 3-4 years to get the right personnel in for Auburn to start winning at a consistent level under Franklin’s offense.

    Now that Tubb’s is at T. Tech — he’s slapping himself because they have the exact personnel that Franklin needed.


  53. errrr, Damage…how does that contradict anything I have said? As you said, it was never a fit. That’s my point as well. That doesn’t make anyone good or bad people. It just makes them different, which often creates tension in a professional environment where livelihoods are at stake.

  54. julio….Its good to wee youve held down the fort during my sabatical. Aaaahhhhh …Now that Im refreshed its time to crack some mulletts….

  55. Cap…..The bottom line is , your article says “Goodbye to Mahlzan”….He didnt leave. Your wrong…..AGAIN….Get it right for once.

  56. I’m not wrong. Malzahn wants a head coaching job and will take the first one that is offered. La Tech wasn’t offered.

    If AU were smart, they would fire Malzahn today and hire a real offensive coordinator that would compliment Chizik’s style and personality.

    You didn’t listen to me about Tuberville. You should listen to me about Malzahn.

  57. Whoever wrote this article is an idiot. Gus is staying at Auburn and La Tech just hired Sonny Dykes today as their head coach. Quit spreading false rumors. Oh, and by the way, Bama fans are already scared of Auburn. We almost beat them without a full roster. We’ll see what happens after this recruiting class comes in!


  58. Scare of Aubarn? MuhFugga please…

    Just remember to call Lowder to get permission to take a piss.

    Also remember — you can recruit talent — but you got to Coach the talent. Lee County doesn’t have much to offer so I hope the Pat Dye Police Force doesn’t punk the recruits while they get their drink on.

    Didn’t Aubarn folks not care about rivals and recruiting last year??? It wasn’t that big of a deal right last year? Now it is because of the “great new hope”.

    You fuckers have the audacity of hypocrisy.

    Middle fingers ablazing to the little tiger nation. After all — the real Tiger’s in the SEC belong in Baton Rouge — everyone knows that — except for the 8% of the population of the state/nation that pulls for Aubarn.

    p.s. — I feel sorry for the recruits who have to endure Lee County for 4-5 years all to get a free scholarship — I hope they have good transportation to get them out of the “country bumpkin hole” to provide sanity.

    Crystal bitches … and more to come. 🙂

  59. Bama fans are really sad…pathetic really.

    Malzahn is not going anywhere yet….you can wish it as much as you want, it ain’t happening now.

    Again, keep up the class act Bammers!



  61. Why is Malzahn getting all of this hype? He hasn’t proven anything except at Springdale High School with his boy Mitch Mustain.

    Auburn will get NCAA probation for this years recruiting scandal and Gus and Chizik will be gone.

  62. “How do I know that Auburn offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn is gone?”

    Gus Malzahn IS NOT gone. Obviously you knew jack crap.

    No need to read past that first line to know you don’t know what you’re talking about.

    But, just to make the point even stronger, lets look at your second line-“Phillip Marshall’s latest love letter to the Auburn family is filled with evidence.”

    So, what you call “evidence” was actually no evidence at all.

    You have no credibility. The end.

  63. You do realize dumbass that it is an opinion based on what I’ve been told about Malzahn’s relative lack of character. Of course, La Tech didn’t want him is why he didn’t leave. 😉

  64. you keep referring to Hootie Nutt as a “great coach” and a “man of integrity.” He is neither, he is a mediocre coach and has little, if any integrity. I don’t like what Auburn is doing, but Malzahn has WAY more integrity and less ego than Nuttsack…

  65. Capbamaidiot Ur hilarious. Ur sources r “I was told by someone”. What a idiot. Get off ur sister and go start writing some ‘story’ that bama will be rolling down the hill for the next several years and won’t come close to a championship. As malzahn proves he’s a great OC.

  66. Capbamaidiot Ur hilarious. Ur sources r “I was told by someone”. What a idiot. Get off ur sister and go start writing some ‘story’ that bama will be rolling down the hill for the next several years and won’t come close to a championship. As malzahn proves he’s a great OC.

  67. A very weak Arkansas team stomped Gus’s best offensive team at Tulsa.

    Trickery doesn’t get it done at a real football program.

    Has anybody heard that Dyer was getting paid while playing at LR Christian?

    This Auburn program is going to blow up BIG Time.

  68. keep hope alive! Malzahn is a backstabber. He was disloyal on the Arkansas staff and he will be disloyal on this staff.

    Just give it time. 🙂

  69. I personally know him and he is not that kind of person. He did nothing wrong at arkansas. and look where auburn is now…#1 in the nation. they will be keeping him for a while

  70. This is really funny now that we are 9-0 and ranked #2 in the BCS. Bammers go from pre-season bashing to worrying more about Auburn than their upcoming opponent (LSU). Now finish that entire plate of crow before you have your pudding.

  71. Okay guys, what do we think of Malzahn now?? LOL!! Life is great at the barn! Ya’ll should try it sometime. Btw, glad to see ya’ll got Upshaw out of jail. He made the Iron Bowl more interesting.

  72. Just saw the rankings. Mmmmm Not so good for Bammer. Hey, at least ya’ll finished in the top 25. Anyway, good luck playing in the Toilet Bowl this year! I’ll be pulling for ya!

  73. Gus is truly one of the most amazing football minds in college football today. Off the field, he is greatness and one that walks the talk and not just talks the talk. Unfortunately, he was hired by one Houston Nutt who is one of the best used car salesman in America. He was hooked with with con man agent who negociated one amazing scam at UA and then on to Mississipi. We are all laughing in Arkansas and Houston is laughing all the way to the bank! Let’s see, who is going to the Sugar Bowl?

  74. What a difference a year makes, he’s 13-0, #1, playing for national championship. Where’s all the haters? I worked w him. Most integritous man ive ever known. His players gave him the Gatorade bath before chizik. They love him. There’s only a handful of jobs he’d even consider ond only one of them is open now. The “U”

  75. Whoever writes the capstone report is retarded. No credibility there. I am a Razorback fan and became a big Malzahn fan after watching this incredible genius read defenses and call plays for Arkansas. Houston Nutt was too dumb and too jealous to recognize Malzahn’s genius. Then Nutt’s ego caused him to demote Malzahn and take over the play calling. Big mistake Nutt! Malzahn actually showed a lot of class by leaving Arkansas for Tulsa without making a single negative comment. The coaches at Arkansas showed no respect to Gus. They called him “High School.” He was not given a fair chance and Arkansas lost him to Tulsa. Huge mistake. That was the beginning of the meltdown for Nutt. Nutt’s play calling is what I would call “high school.” I would love it if Petrino gets hired away by Florida and leaves an opening for Malzahn to return home. Congratulations Gus. Your future looks very bright. I can’t wait until you return home to Arkansas.

  76. Malzahn has fled back to his home state, leaving Auburn after one of the WORST TOTAL TEAM SERIES-of -PERFORMANCES – for BOTH DEFENSE AND OFFENSE – that I have ever had the GOOD FORTUNE to enjoy! Cam renigged on the second year of his contract and got the HELL OUTA THE BARN before his Heisman Trophy turned black and withered JUST LIKE REGGIE BUSH’s – and for the same reason. Mike Dyer smoked pot all year and STILL the CHIZDICK tried to keep him on the team in case he was ever sober for a game, but never was. To finish 8-5 with complete failure exemplified at EVERY POSITION does say something for somebody – not sure who. I guess for the teams Auburg actually beat. The whole fanbase is smoking Spice like the whole football team – but at least they’re all Auburn REGURGITANTS – STUPID LIARS, who recite their Creed as if it was legit, instead of a smokescreen for the dirtiest program in AMerica. W D F!

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