One thought on “Wednesday links”

  1. the fact he can’t spell the commissioner’s name right should tell you early on exum is a small time chump. in many situations coaches tell a recruit NOT to verbally commit to keep the increased pressure off them. your description was spot on: “dumbass”. i would also add: “tool”.

    and speaking of tools, larry’s getting a little low on cash? uncle miltie to the rescue!

    “Langford has said the fact that McGregor is a friend and a major contributor to his 2007 mayoral campaign — giving $84,000 to PACs that contributed to Langford — were not factors in his efforts on the part of the Birmingham Race Course.”

    anyone getting the funny feeling langford’s legal problems aren’t really problems at all???

    “I sure wouldn’t want to be the doctor telling Tebow he couldn’t play.”

    i wouldn’t want to be the doctor telling him he could. i hope he has good malpractice insurance.

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