Editor’s note: Hope you enjoy this Q&A with a Texas high school football player. T.J. Walls wrote this, and I thought it was a very interesting look at a recruit wanting to play football in the south.

By T.J. Walls
If you are from the state of Alabama you probably are aware that football is like a religion. The same holds true in the state of Texas. Just outside of Austin, half the town can be seen in the bleachers cheering on their home town football team. At Lago Vista High School they have plenty to cheer for behind the legs of (Senior TB) Jason Cormier. At 5’11 198 Lbs, Cormier has burst on the scene, causing some real headaches for opposing defensive coordinators. The reason he’s caught everyone by surprise is because this is Cormier’s first year at runningback.

The Capstone Report was able to catch up with Jason Monday night for a Q&A. After playing his junior year at linebacker, his coaches thought they could use his rare blend of size, power, and speed at running back this season.

Jason said, “The final game last year Coach asked me if I’d like some action at running back. We had a great back who was a senior and he wanted to give me a look to see if I could help the team for this year. So I thought it would be a great opportunity. I ended up with 16 carries for 169 yards. I guess that’s when I knew that I’d be making a position change for my last year of high school ball.”

Q&A with Cormier
1) Height: 5’11 Weight: 198lbs 40yd dash: 4.54(electronic) Bench: 295 Squat: 505lbs. Vertical Jump: 38 inches Shuttle- 4.21 (Numbers recorded at Max Emfinger’s All- American Combine in Austin this past summer)

2) Verbal offers:
According to Cormier: Syracuse University, Michigan, S.M.U (visited), Texas Lutheran, Northwestern, Rutgers are interested. Official offers from several small schools. Getting interest from Texas, Oklahoma, South Florida, Southern Miss, U.C.F., Tulane (Most schools are looking at Jason to play strong safety.)

3) Who are the Top Ten schools are you interested in?
Cormier: Tulane, Texas, Alabama, Louisiana Lafeyette, L.S.U, California, Central Florida, Syracuse, Northwestern, and Oklahoma.

4) Former N.F.L. scout Max Emfinger told me that you started training your body for football at an early age. He said you are one of the hardest workers he’s ever seen. Tell us a little about that.

Cormier: “Yeah, starting in the 7th grade I began training with Tony Degrate. (84’ Lombardi Trophy winner& Lineman for Texas Longhorns)
Tony was my mentor when it comes to strength training. I still train with him. I also go to camps with him in the summers and help him out training young kids. Starting my 10th grade year I also started training with Steven Braggs (Former Texas Longhorn). Coach Braggs specifically trains me on technique, speed, and the finesse aspect of football. When I started with Coach Braggs I was running in the 4.8 forty range. Since consistently working with him I run my forty times in the 4.5 range. Both coaches have really helped me out tremendously.”

5) So your team at Lago Vista has started the season strong. I understand that you are leading central Texas despite having 1 game postponed due to weather. So while most backs have 5 games under their belts, you have 4. Give me a game by game summary of your rushing statistics.

Game 1) 16 carries 228 yards 3 touchdowns (Central Texas Athlete of the week, Austin Area Athlete of the week, Runner- up 2-A Texas Back of the week)
Game 2) 22 carries 208 yards 2 touchdowns
Game 3) 7 carries 81 yards 2 touchdowns
Game 4) 28 carries 268 yards 3 touchdowns
Total thru 4 games 944 yards (Leads Central Texas) 10 touchdowns 12.9 ypc. (Leads Central Texas)

Our team is currently 3-1. The team we lost to is the #18 ranked team in 3A. I know those stats sound great and everything, but my main goal is to win state!

6) How you did at the U.S. Navy 7 on 7 National Tournament in Pensacola (in June) and the Max Emfinger All American Combine?

Cormier: “The U.S. Navy Tournament went really well. I was the only back to be selected on the All-Tournament Team. I was also M.V.P for 2 games. There were 22 teams in the tournament so I felt good about my performance. I know Daphne was in it and I believe Trent Richardson’s school Escambia was in it.
“I did well at Max Emfinger’s combine also. I was selected to play in the Max Emfinger All-American Classic, which will be played in Houston at the S.M.U stadium in January. I made the All-Combine team also.”

7) Give us your thoughts on the programs that you’d like to spend the next 4 to 5 years playing for.

Cormier: Texas- Texas is just a great school, plus it’s my hometown. I love Mack Brown. Great Tradition and Academics. Former team mate plays there. Starting corner Aaron Williams.

Alabama: I really like Coach Saban. He turned L.S.U. around and he’s stockpiling talent there. They will be competing for a title every year. Great tradition. Julio Jones and Trent Richardson are amazing. I would love to go there. Bama has the best facilities in the country!

L.S.U: I grew up a fan. My dad’s from there and a lot of my family lives there in Louisiana. Les Miles is a great coach. They are a discipline team. I would love to play in the S.E.C. Right now 3 of the S.E.C. teams are in the top 5 in the country. Best conference there is!

Tulane: Great Academics. I seem to fit in there. I can really tell they want a player like me, which means a lot.

8 ) What are some of your strengths at running back?

Cormier: “I have great field vision. I’m a very explosive at hitting the holes. I’m very powerful, hard to bring down, and I love to hit. I’m a good blocker and I have yet to fumble. I’m a team player.”

9) What are going to be some factors that play into your decision as to which college you will attend?

Cormier: Academics, Tradition, and I’d like to graduate from a respectable college. I’d prefer to play in the south. I want to play for a winner who demands respect—preferably a father figure.

10) Do you have any advice for players who will be recruited in the future?

Cormier: Work as hard as you can so you don’t have any regrets!

He has the frame to play 215-220 in college without losing a step. He prefers to play in an I-formation backfield. Comparable football players: Toby Gerhart( Stanford) Larry Csonka Notable Teamate on his Max Emfinger All American Game: Auburn Commitment Victor Beasley.

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