The gripping saga of Fishgate 2009 has dominated sports shows, message boards and conversation since the the beginning of the summer. With kick-off now two days away (and less than that if you’re a Gamecock fan), what will we debate about next?

Let’s see if we can take a moment to rank our off-season black-eyes…

1. First, the textbook ruling. Though the players involved were suspended as soon as their transgressions were discovered in ’07–and the NCAA subsequently cleared them to play–we were forced to vacate a ton of wins dating back to 2005. Appeal pending, this was hands down the worst news of the off-season.

2. Fishgate. Anytime your best offensive weapons’ eligibility is in question, it’s a bad day.

3. Brandon Deaderick. Not funny when anyone is shot. But the line of the week came from my brother-in-law who told me Deaderick was shot by a booster, and the NCAA was investigating as to whether or not the bullet could be considered an impermissable gift.

4. Courtney Upshaw. Dude was defending himself against a crazy, enraged girlfriend. He crossed the line, but how many of us have been in the crosshairs of a crazy woman? Holla.

5. Glen Coffee announces he’s going pro. I didn’t see it, I admit. But turns out it was a good decision for Glen. Good for him, and one Trent Richardson and Eddie Lacy later, even better.

So give me your best bets on what we’ll see next. Personally I’m glad the silly season is over, and football can now begin. But if there was another story to brew, what would it be?

8 thoughts on “So What Will We Debate About Next?”

  1. The next thing we will be debating is whether or not GMAC will throw for over 3000 yards and or if he will win the heisman. I mean really, has anyone seen the numbers he put up as a senior in HS with one year starting under his belt. I guess this really all depends on the O-Line huh.

    Or….it will be whether or not one of our players accepted a brownie from one of the girls on campus and if its a violation or not (roly eyes)

  2. next: jerelle harris. are those dark clouds on the horizon???

    personally, i believe the brandon deaderick story is gonna be bigger than some think now. the winner of the va. tech game promises to be the one with the best defense. (duh) deaderick is one of our best, most experienced defensive players that now won’t be playing. (if saban is to be believed)

    if there’s a modern day college football paul bryant it’s frank beamer with his attention to detail on aggresive special teams and defense.

    defense will likely decide the game. (again, duh)

  3. Number three and four are gold ITK….You got some skills.

    Deadrick is a player , but you guys will have someone to fill in Im sure. Not a s big an impact on the line if it had been Cody…On whom I stand corrected …Hes a All American tackle no doubt. Plus you line backers will be all over the feild. VTs D cant hold a candle to Bamas IMO…Shades of LSU vs VT in 07 come to mind.

    Next on the agenda of controversy….Where do we start? Chargergate. Auburns lack of depth. Will Smith play for Auburn ?

    The fishngate deal will be nothing. I dont believe the boat owner was doing anything fishy….He just wanted to take a couple of future NFL players out on the gulf.

  4. Let’s debate how Bassmaster Inc. can take McCoy and Shipley fishing,feature McCoy on the cover of Bassmaster Magazine and generate millions in revenue for ESPN,Bassmaster Magazine and Bass Pro Shops,yet the NCAA doesn’t bat an eye.

  5. I may can help you out….Colleges , especially in the Southeast have bass fishing teams. Yes, thats right , Bass fishing teams. Im not sure how it would work, but I would think some type of clearence would be needed throught the University and the NCAA. Though I doubt McCoy is a member of that team. You may have already koew that.

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