How good is the 2009 Alabama Crimson Tide defense? It might be something special. Here is an article from the AP: “That defense (1992) was incredible,” the fifth-ranked Crimson Tide’s defensive end said. “It had some first-round picks, won the national championship. They were an amazing defense. We’re like, ‘Man, I wish we could be like that.'”

And maybe, just maybe, they can. The Tide’s current group has drawn some comparisons with that gold-standard unit even before reaching the season opener Saturday against No. 7 Virginia Tech. (read the entire AP story embedded below)

5 thoughts on “Alabama’s defense sparking comparisons to ’92 national championship unit”

  1. Though the ’09 defense can be outstanding,Coach Oliver’s ’92 D was so good they could play an 11-man line of scrimmage and dare a Heisman winner to throw it.I doubt we’ll ever see that again.

  2. Well five days away from S.E,C. football and i know every one is excited.So before it gets really nasty here i want to say good luck to everyone and the team they pull for.Of course you all know who my team is so i will go ahead and tell you BAMA will win the west with a 11 and 1 season.Again good luck ladies and gentleman ……. RTR RTR RTR RTR…..

  3. Hey I cant HATE I beleive they COULD be as good! And JW Good Luck to You Sir! And I CANT WAIT!!!!


    DAMN I WISH IT WAS SAturday the 5TH!…

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