According to the AP, “The SEC issued another revision of its credential rules Thursday after negotiations that involved commissioner Mike Slive and representatives of the Associated Press Managing Editors, Associated Press Sports Editors, the American Society of News Editors and the Radio and Television News Association.” The AP finds the new policy “a very significant step forward.”

Apparently, Gannett finds the new policy acceptable too. According to Jay G. Tate’s Auburn blog, he will be allowed to accept credentials.

The SEC released a statement. “The SEC has always had a positive relationship with the media,” said SEC Commissioner Mike Slive. “When contacted by major media associations, we immediately began constructive dialogue to address their concerns. While there were a few changes we could not meet, there was agreement on many of the issues. We look forward to maintaining communication with the media as we work to balance the issues important to the media and the SEC’s ability to protect its digital rights and trademarks.”
UPDATE: New AP story attached

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