In case you’ve been living under a rock, you’re familiar with Saban’s rant yesterday. Predictably, those who hate Alabama and the beatdowns Nick Saban represents to their foreseeable football futures are taking the opportunity to pile on, grandstanding on the travesty of his stance.

Frankly, if I had worked with the wormy media for seventeen years, I can’t imagine having an opinion of them greater than Saban’s. Selling “X” (air time, newsprint, website subscriptions, etc.) is their main objective, and they’ll do just about anything to feed the frenzy that is Alabama football. As fans, we are partially to blame, but it’s a never ending cycle. He’s not making $4 Million if we don’t care as much as we do.

So Bama fans, what are your thoughts? Is he justified to be fed up with a news reporter who made assumptions based on 15 minutes of pre-practice exposure?

4 thoughts on “Bama Fans, Do You Care How Saban Treats The Media?”

  1. Not a bama fan…..But, I love the way he talks to them. Its old school. He just has zero tolerence for B.S.

    The media = B.S.
    therefore Saban = Rant on Media

  2. “Never argue with a man who buys his ink by the barrel …” is oft-quoted advice first dispensed by Ben Franklin who did, in fact, buy his ink by the barrel.”

    unless of course, you have the full force of the alabama football fanbase at your front door ready to drag you into the street.

    i recall the “glory” days of finebaum and perk the jerk.

    paul pissed a lot of ‘bama fans OFF. but perkins pissed ON more.

    saban can get away with it. was he really worried about a depth chart?

    i really don’t think so.

    was he trying to set a tone?? likely.

    with don kausler back in town, it’s really going to get really interesting.

    how much does don enjoy eating??

    we’ll see.

  3. I care how Saban treats media and all Tide fans should.

    He needs to show some restraint. I usually understand why he gets perturbed, but his reactions could cost us some serious bad PR. You never know when one untimely comment could set the national media into a frenzy and it could get ugly.

    Comparing losing to La Monroe to 911 or being an alcoholic?

    It was bad but could have been worse.

    Saban doesn’t need to be the football version of Bobby Knight. He needs to stand his ground, but watch his mouth and his ass.

    Bear Bryant had a patent answer for dumb questions. “I’m trying to win the game”

    enough said. Look it up on You Tube.

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