I don’t care who it is, you hate to hear this. Virginia Tech announced today that Darren Evans, 2008 leading rusher and Orange Bowl MVP suffered a left torn ACL in practice today and will miss the upcoming 2009 season. You can read the full report on espn.com here.

An injury like this goes way beyond football and who you pull for. If you’ve ever been close to anyone who has suffered such a setback, you know the agony that ensues. I speak for Bama fans everywhere when I say we are pulling for him.

The up side for the Hokies is that they have a full month to get ready for the season without him, but what will that mean to their “perceived” already limited offensive attack for September 5th? Who lies in waiting to step in and take his place? 

6 thoughts on “Va.Tech Leading Rusher Out For Season”

  1. sorry for the young man. here’s hoping for a full recovery.


    “Evans was part of a crowded Virginia Tech backfield, so there is experience behind him”

    good running backs are a dime a dozen. there’s more where he came from in their stable.

    this is just more motivation for them to come to atlanta and kick our ass. i was at nashville. sat in the cold and rain and watched a ‘bama team that wanted to be anywhere but there get their heads handed to them by a jacked-up hokie squad. (kind of like new orleans/sugar bowl)

    i don’t know the stat but i’ll guarantee you vt has a good record against sec teams.

    and they love playing sec teams.

    and we’re not going to sneak up on anybody this year.

    i know saban will use the sugar bowl debacle to impress on our team the fact you can’t overlook anybody.

    i know that.

    i do.



  2. It’s sad for Evans, but is not the disaster the media is playing it to be. There was already speculation before this happened that Williams would unseat him as starter. they have even planned a Wild Turkey offense with Williams at QB.

  3. Losing a 1200 plus yard back hurts bad. Some Bammers are pretending it doesnt matter. Believe me , it does. Not that it would affect the outcome of the game. I still see Bama winning with the young man. The ACC is the most inconsistant conference in football. Up one week , down the next. Saban will have your guys fine tuned and ready to flat out rip a head off in game one. My prediction …….A 3 plus touchdown Bama win.

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