Birmingham News: Appeals court tells lower court to consider immunity request for University of Alabama officials in suit against artist Daniel Moore

–Will this thing ever end? What makes the University believe this lawsuit is a reasonable use of its resources? What makes the University believe this is good for its reputation? It should apologize to Moore, and settle this lawsuit.

19 thoughts on “Alabama continues harassment of Daniel Moore”

  1. Just another example of people with no sense. I realize that the U isnt making their normal money off of the merchendise. But think of all the free PR they are getting. Its ludacris for the U to do what they are doing. Whats the point ? Are they trying to set a precidence.There are already copyright laws in place. I dont see why they would think that this can benefit them. They just need to have an agreement with Moore that benifits both parties. Doesnt make sense.

  2. A message to the University: Drop this lawsuit now.

    Find common ground with Daniel Moore as soon as possible. He has captured some of the most incredible moments in sports (Alabama and others) and is a treasured part of our history, especially as an alumnus. Get your head out of your posterior, Dr. Whitt, and see the big picture here.

  3. it’s called greed and hypocrisy.

    greed in that they’re trying to squeeze every dime of revenue they can out of any source.

    the problem is this source, daniel moore, is one, a trailblazer (correct me if i’m wrong but he’s certainly the architect of modern day sports art in this area if not the southeast) and two, a credible and ethical ambassador of the university. three, if i were a betting man i’d load the boat the vast majority of the fanbase would side with moore.

    they’re hypocrites in that the university is the bastion of liberal thought and philosophy in the state. every democrat politician of any significance in this state attended the university. liberals and democrats are supposed to stand against “the man” in support of the little guy.

    this is just another example of the bullshit hypocrisy of that line of thought.

    these clowns are in it for the money and they’ll do backflips for a dime. then out of the other sides of their mouths they prattle on about the “greed of wall street” and the importance of “giving back”.

    bullshit. pure and steaming.

  4. This is a real mystery to me. Daniel Moore does great work in capturing Alabamas greatest moments. He’s promoting the school. Thats enough.

    This has probably been said but could someone tell me why Bama is going after him. Did he do something in the past?


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  8. The University is within its rights to sue on this matter. Just because Daniel Moore is a great alumnus, and he is indeed that, does not mean that he should not have to pay royalties to The University of Alabama.

    What Moore is doing is using The University’s property (the colors, trademarks, and their slaves, er “playahs” in Coach Moore’s voice) to make himself money.

    Think of it like this. If you or I went to the game with a cameras and streamed video of Alabama braining Auburn, as they will do next year, Alabama and Auburn would sue us for republishing the game. We don’t have the rights to that broadcast. CBS owns those rights. Why? Because CBS paid Alabama and Auburn for the rights.

    U of A owns the color schemes, and more importantly, owns the rights to publish their games in the media. If any of you had any sense, you would realize this. Furthermore, I believe that the University wants to just have Daniel Moore and other artists (whose work is no where near as good as Daniel Moore’s) license their products with collegiate licensing. There is nothing greedy about asking someone to pay you a fee for using their trademarks.

    Daniel Moore has made many millions through his incredible talent. Seriously, have you seen the island he lived on for years??? It’s incredible.

    But, The University is correct in asking for royalties. He is, in my opinion, rebroadcasting The University’s trademarks for his own personal gain. This is violation of copywright. The University deserves royalties. All of you are wrong. And 14 Trooper is still a dumbass.

  9. and finebammer,,,, I like your thoughts,, I despise liberals. Fags don’t deserve special treatment and I’m tired of liberals trying to make them the civil rights movement of the 2000’s.

    Sorry to have offended you 14 Trooper, but I don’t care for gays.

    But, finebammer, back to my point,,,, the chief conservative from this state went to UA; Bob Riley. UA has a lot of conservatives on its campus and in its administration. But, yes, the professors are liberal. They all voted for “Hope” and “Change”, we got it all right. Socialism and Fascism all wrapped up in a “mixed” bag of hot air.


    “This lawsuit is the equivalent of the Catholic Church suing Michelangelo for painting the Sistine Chapel,” said Keith Dunnavant, an Alabama alumnus and the author of “Coach: The Life of Paul ‘Bear’ Bryant.”

    (keith, there’s still time)

    “The University is within its rights to sue on this matter.”

    (yes, alex, you’re right)

    “I can see why, if you’re sitting in a roomful of lawyers, you might come to that conclusion,” Mr. Stovall said. “But no one outside of that room would say: ‘Hey, that’s a good idea. Let’s sue Daniel Moore.’ ”

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  11. Actually, the courts have held much of what Moore does is constitutionally protected.

    Alabama has a reputation for being difficult to work with (at the management level), and this is where the career AD bureaucrats enter the picture.

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