Chris Low of ESPN reports a consensus seems to have developed for the SEC to support capping football signees at 30.

On the subject of over-signing, JCCW posted this insulting rant today: “Sorry, but I can’t not say this: This, Alabama fans and bloggers, is how you deal with the news that your coach is oversigning and manipulating scholarships. 1. Admit the coach is ‘effectively pulling player’s scholarships’ and that denying it isn’t being ‘honest with ourselves’ 2. Admit you’re not happy about it 3. Express support for the coach anyway, because ‘irrelevance’ is too painful 4. Hope he changes. Isn’t that easier than the endless pretzel-logic rationalizations we got last summer about how 15 percent of the Tide roster turned itself over ‘voluntarily’?”

Umm, No. There were no “pretzel-logic rationalizations” from Alabama fans. All Crimson Tide fans requested was PROOF. You know, evidence instead of wild generalizations drawn from imaginary statistical analysis and fallacies (like when Brian Cook insisted there was no such thing as a Bryant Scholarship.) Everything sounds good in theory. In theory, Pat Dye could be gay. He liked to hang out in locker rooms with men. However, without evidence to support such a supposition, I would say the theory is false.

If Alabama SCREWED 15 percent of its roster by involuntarily kicking them off the team, then why haven’t we heard from those 15 percent? Why hasn’t at least one disgruntled former football player come forward? I’ll gladly publish ANYTHING from one of these players if they would care to comment about the situation—positive or negative about Nick Saban—in the interest of fostering a real discussion about the issues.

Unlike Auburn fans and some poor representatives of the University of Michigan (Brian Cook and his rude followers), the rest of the civilized world requires evidence—not wild theories with wilder accusations that Nick Saban is the devil. The challenge stands (in the language of the Internet) to provide PROOF or STFU. The only suitable proof being actual statements from persons alleged to have been injured by Alabama—playing with numbers isn’t proof; actual people allegedly hurt providing statements would be much closer to proof than anything offered so far.

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  1. And remember, one member of that 15% last year was Zeke Knight, a starting defensive end from 2007. I have deep sources, and none of them suggested he was a trouble maker of any kind, and we definitelyl would have benefitted from having him. Just had a recurring health issue that wouldn’t go away. And in the best interest of the player, and others, he was given a medical hardship and released. If that creates a spot, so be it.

    A very difference example would be Prince Hall. Hall was another former starter and consistent contributor, but couldn’t stay out of trouble. He was given multiple chances with very clear objectives, but continually chose to make the wrong decisions. So, he’s not there anymore, and a slot is open for someone who can contribute, make good choices and be a positive influence on the team.

    Where is the crime in either case?

  2. Actually, the Zeke Knight situation is very informative. I consider Knight one of the most talented high school players I’ve ever watched. He was dominate on offense and defense in high school; he was an impact player. And as you said, I only heard good things about him.

  3. Cap, Im sure that your right. I could think of no reason why any player kicked off the football team would have anything but compliments for coach Saban.

    If they had any type of platform, they would probably sing like birds. Byt the Saban has the media scared to death of his Nepoleanic self. In a player like P. Halls situation, he probably wouldnt say a word for fear that Saban would screw him out of the D2 gig he got. Hold it on the “Saban wouldnt do that” crap. Yall dont remember how he blocked Shulas boys from a pro career ? Heck, you guys were bragging about how he took the bull by the horns. Why would things be different now ?

  4. You are wanting to use Prince Hall as a source? Why not some of the players put on medical scholarship? They are the ones most likely to have been SCREWED!

    And I’m not controlled by the great Saban. I’ll publish whatever any of those former players want to say on the matter. My email is at the top of the front page.

  5. Cap. I know I jab at everything Bama. But its just funnin around. Some stuff that goes on there with the way Saban is constantly letting players go does seem a little funny. In all unbiased honosty, can you sit there and say that Bama is not above average on the amount of players that Saban cuts loose. I wish I know where to find the data on that. It would either shut me up, or shut you up. Do a little research , But just count the last 2 years. He couldnt afford to kick anyone off the team in his first year. It has to be way above average………or not.

  6. “Unlike Auburn fans…, the rest of the civilized world requires evidence—not wild theories with wilder accusations that Nick Saban is the devil.” Yeah, Bama fans have really relied some on “hard evidence” to smear Chette Williams. Give me a freakin’ break.

  7. Auburn is just as guilty of oversigning.
    Really it is not going to do anything but make the SEC a little weaker relative to the other conferences in the NCAA. Because they will find ways to sign the talent we turn away due to this idiotic rule.
    The rule (ironicly) will hurt Auburn more than Bama. Bama will continue getting first pick in the state and a lot of good out of state guys, while Auburn will have even fewer recruits to level the playing field with.

  8. How many times do I have to say this about Chette Williams—the NY Times raised serious questions about him. To this day, he hasn’t answered the real questions coming out of one of the most distinguished (for all its liberal flaws) newspapers in the world.

  9. Has anyone thought about how negative this will be for the most at-risk students? Why even offer someone who is marginal now? There are plenty of top players who won’t get the offer thanks to this rule. Plenty of players who will end up at second or third tier academic institutions without the academic support of the larger schools.

    Does that further the mission of today’s university? Is restricting access to the academy a good idea?

    As always the rich, ivory tower presidents aren’t thinking about students or what is best for the business of football. Football has allowed many who otherwise wouldn’t have gone to college to achieve substantially in life. I guess that doesn’t matter in the PR game of today’s university.

  10. We need to work and politic for the Lottery in Alabama. I want HOPE money flowing in the coffers to put us on a level playing field with the rest of the SEC ( Mississippi Casino money support their thing ? Anybody know ? ) It is just stupid to oppose this issue. It will benefit everybody.

  11. pluto…The biggest problem that most have with a lottery is the fact that our stste Gov. is corrupt from top to bottom. Look at the last Gov. that tried to do the lootery. Hes in the slammer. Is that who you want handling the money? Why do you think they want the lootery so bad? They will make money off of it. While Im sure some of the money would trickle down to education, most would be spent or wasted or wmbezzled elsewhere. Politicians are crooks. Plain and simple. Didnt mean to go off on a lottery rant, I can see your point.

  12. Chette Willams.
    Living proof that there is always a gullible moron out there who will believe anything.

  13. In the first place it’s pure hippocracy to put an actual limit on oversigning if the limit is higher than the NCAA scholarship limit or the actual scholarships a particular school has available! Damn, if the limit which is now 28 is 3 more than the scholarship limitation, is it any better to only oversign 3 than 10? What a bunch of beauracratic bullshit! What’s more is that neither the SEC nor the NCAA can forcefully limit oversigning. For example: Ole Miss signed 37. Com’on, some of those guys knew there was a posibility they would’nt get a scholarship and would either have to walkon or transfer. So the same thing will keep on happening with limitations. The only difference will be the official offer of a scholarship. Now they will simply be told that they can walkon and they will be given a scholarship when one comes available. The difference will be in the wording. Technically there will be no difference. As I said, it’s all beauracratic bullshit! And it will actually help schools like Alabama who’s reputation entices star athletes to walkon when there are no scholarships available. In other words if Auburn or Miss. St. or Memphis or Sou. Miss. can’t oversign them, then wouldn’t those athletes rather walkon at Alabama than at those other schools. The answer IMO is hell yes! So this is much ado about nothing! RTR!

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