UAB fans have become the face of class in the state. How did Blazer fans welcome media member Paul Finebaum to the UAB Arena last night? With booing, f-you profanity and rude gestures.

What a great way to make a positive impression for your school. UAB fans and students have taken on the attitude of president Carol Garrison. Garrison just might be the worst ambassador UAB has ever had. Other than the athletic teams.

UAB’s athletic programs are a waste of good parking space. The alleged football team takes up a perfect spot for a parking deck. Bartow Arena? Bulldoze it and build parking spaces. Perhaps then students could get to class on time instead of having to search for the illusive quest for the illusory parking spot. UAB fans have become the worst thing about Birmingham sports. Anyone remember what happened in 2008 when Memphis came to town? The fracas that nearly turned violent because of those fans?

But UAB fans, all three of them, have more in mind for ruining the image of the university. On the UAB message board, (YES! UAB has a message board and fan site!) UAB fans are outraged Finebaum will be at the university to make a speech Saturday. (So much for a university being a community of scholars.)

Finebaum headlines a Media Now event where media members share their secrets of success. It is the kind of thing that helps students by exposing them to experts in their field. It is the kind of thing someone like Finebaum is kind enough to do.

But UAB fans are indignant.

According to the message board, Dragonsworn an Admin wrote: “Why the hell would any department in UAB invite someone to speak who is not only anti-UAB but is openly scornful of us? Why do we have to kiss this guy’s butt?”

Dragonash took it to the next level. He wrote, “He has made PERSONAL, DEROGATORY attacks on Dr. Garrison’s PHYSICAL appearance and has made damn near libelous statements toward Neil Callaway. He has demeaned and told out and out falsehoods about the UAB athletic program and WE ARE GOING TO PAY THIS PUNK!!!!!!!!! TO SPEAK ON OUR CAMPUS????? I will be there to confront this asshole and confront him, I will. Anyone want to join me?”

UAB isn’t paying him, but UAB fans wouldn’t let facts get in the way of a good rant. A university once known for the professionalism and maturity of its students has become less mature and more obnoxious than the intoxicated mess known as LSU. Birmingham should be embarrassed by this mess. UAB alumni should demand Garrison’s head for allowing this type of pathetic culture to flourish on Southside. The University of Alabama System should demand reform at UAB—before it is too late.

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  1. Cap, are you really Paul Finebaum incognito ? Fine baum should be confronted. Hes a jerk. He writes checks with his mouth, that so far he hasnt had to cash. His time is coming. Its all about the money. He does it for dollars. And it works.

    To compare LSU fans to UAB fans , well, thats idiotic.

  2. I think UAB needs to pull away from the Alabama system all togethor. But it cannot because it is Alabama’s “cash cow”.
    Maybe one day…

  3. Sh** for brains Finebaum attacked Dr. Garrison’s physical appearance on many occasions on his show. That, if you had a manly bone in your sissy body, Capstone Report, and were the least bit of a Southern Man, should make YOU want to pop his jaw a time or two to set him straight.
    You must like attacking females, also. Huh?
    It was nice to see him at the game. I guess Saban let him off his regular scrotum massage duties for the evening.

  4. A UAT fan talking about class…ha. UAT hypocrisy at its best. Have you forgotten about UAT fans throwing lquor bottles at the Auburn and Ole Miss football teams? Why don’t you go send death threat to Chad Scott or something? Does that ring a bell?

  5. Why would an Alabama fan support Finebaum? He bashes Alabama behind their back, just like he bashes every school behind their back. The man wrote a book called “I Hate Alabama” and another called “The Worst of Paul Finebaum.” If your hero has so little standards as to insult the very school he claims to love, and then acknowledge his terrible writing, why would you support him?

  6. And since some UAB fans can’t use a dictionary, I did mean illusive not elusive. As in the parking spaces at UAB don’t really exist—they are illusory…a myth. Oh well, I guess I shouldn’t try to be funny when UAB people are so sensitive. 🙂

  7. I probably should’ve said …quest for the illusory parking spot.

    Quest would’ve made the word choice better as the connotation evokes images of the ancient knightly search for the Grail or an Indiana Jones movie.

  8. changed search to quest and illusive to illusory…does it make it crystal now? i’ll judge by the hate mail or feel free to comment here. 🙂

  9. The emails are better than the comments today. My favorite so far said I should go back to haiku and give up prose.

    That’s not a bad idea…..

  10. Capstone Report should host a seminar for UAB fans on how to be as classy as Alabama fans.

    “Alright class, Lesson 1: How to airbrush the side of your Winnebago with a cursive “Roll Tide.”

    “Lesson 2: Advanced Techniques: How to drop a brown paper bag into a recruit’s mailbox.”

  11. Paul’s criticisms of the Program have been on target. This silly shit about defending an woman’s honor – hell cuz – put that joint down ! I thought that women had reached equality a long time ago. I will say that this program can be viable on it’s own level and that it is good for my town. How long it will take to get it straight – is anybody’s guess. UAB needs to be independent of UA. That is the root of the problems. It is the first and logical step to correct the cluster.
    I can assure you that Paul can handle the boos and all the negative shit for speaking the truth .

  12. Cappy nailed the truth on this topic like an expert marksman should. The problem with UAB fans is that they simply cannot handle the truth. They are truly delusional. They cry like babies and gnash their teeth because they are disrespected. Face it – Mike Davis can’t coach! The football program is a joke – a huge “black hole” where money vanishes quickly. Now they want to blame Finebaum because America views them as a joke. Look in the mirror fools – you only have yourselfs to blame.

  13. Anonymous, don’t quit your day job. Comedy is not your strong point. No wonder you are named Anonymous.
    By the way, 36-0!!!!

  14. I guess that you could make an argument that ALL the programs outside of Football ( yup – Bama – Aube etc.) especially the Women – don’t make money – will never make money – so get rid of them also. None of this is easy.
    I would also suggest that Samford should shut down all their programs too – The Money God must decide everything…..

  15. I love the way “Bamafan” casts stones against people being anonymous on this blog. Bamafan, are you really that stupid not to comprehend your own hypocrisy?

    Maybe Anonymous touched a nerve about Bamafan’s brown paper bag delivery methodology.

  16. “Bamafan” prob has one of those Winnebagos in his carport. But he had to get the Minnie Winnie instead of the full-size cuz he spent so much of his disposable income on paying players to come to Alabama.

  17. Ballplay, you have been writing checks your team can’t cash. Does that make you a ‘doosh’ bag also?

  18. The leadership at UAB has definitely slipped in the wrong direction. UAB is known for its research and its strong academic programs.

    UAB should get out of athletics and let Tuscaloosa handle these activities. Tuscaloosa is “sports”, let UAB remain in the forefront in academics. The money UAB spends on football, basketball, ect., could be better spent in the laboratory and classroom.

    An institution can’t be great at everything. UAB needs to recognize its strengths and weaknesses. The sooner they do the better off they will be.

    As for UAB’s current President, she certainly needs to straighten up or ship out. The Board of Trustees of the University of Alabama System, yes this includes UAB whether you like it or not, needs to step in and put things into perspective. Dr. Garrison may have to go, but this might be what is best for the institution.

    One thing is for sure, UAB does not have the “social class” that you would expect from an institution with such an outstanding record.

    UAB fans need to calm down, accept the fact that they are not in Tuscaloosa, and get on with their lives.

    Long live UAB but not in sports.

  19. As a former UAB football player from the first NCAA sanctioned team in 1991 – 1994; I will agree that the football program has made some serious errors in judgement especially in the last 8- 10 years. The level of apathy that became entrenched there after one successful season with the only bowl appearance was shameful. In the early years at the D-3 and D-1AA level the program was competitive and had many more players who were willing to do the RIGHT thing than those that followed once the second head coach came on scene. Perhaps UAB should have not made the jump from D-3 to D-1A in such a short time frame. I personally would have rather seen a D-1AA program stick around and flourish for several years before making the move. You have to establish yourself before you make that big of a committment and somewhere along the line the wrong decision (IMO) was made when the NCAA said that all programs that are playing in D-1 must be on the same level. That obviously didn’t apply to schools like Richmond, Appalchian State, Samford, Troy and many other D-1AA football schools at the time.

    As for the head of the university…I will agree that she is probably the root of the cancer that is growing in the administration and as such she does need to be sent up to be with her boyfriend…well maybe that would too good for her.

    What blows my mind is how UA fans get all upset by UAB football or UAB athletics in general when they should be concerned about their own programs and acadmeic traditions. Come on there are some UA fans that have posted in here that have said that UA should be for athletics and UAB for academics. Shouldn’t both schools push for academics first and foremost? I can not imagine for one second that the various colleges and universities were established in this country for athletics first!

    UA fans need to let the people in charge do their jobs and worry about their own problems and programs.

    In closing I do think there are problems BUT they are problems that the UAB administration and the UA System Trustee’s should address.

  20. Why don’t you Criminal Turd blowhards come to (Where a majority of the Blazer fans are NOT that lame Rivals site) and discuss it with us.

    BTW I hear you have ANOTHER letter from the NCAA. That will make two in one year. Maybe you guys should just stop cheating and play by the rules. That illegal Mobile & Gadsden cheating will be the death of you!

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