Lane Kiffin is prone to exaggeration. The Knoxville News-Sentinel exposed the latest Kiffin goof. It looks like Kiffin told Sports Illustrated one thing, and was overruled by his boss.

According to the News Sentinel, “Despite what you might read in Sports Illustrated, new Tennessee football coach Lane Kiffin hasn’t contributed to Knoxville’s unemployment rate.”

Kiffin claimed he had fired one person and run off others, the report said. However, Volunteer athletic director Mike Hamilton repudiated the firing claim.

“He has not fired anybody,” Hamilton told the News Sentinel. “If he said he has fired somebody, that’s not true. I don’t know if he said it from a standpoint of making a point that ‘We’ve got to get this right.’ But he didn’t fire anybody.”

UT is trying to cover for the boy wonder by suggesting Kiffin changed his mind with a lame statement that the boy wonder decided it wasn’t in the best interest of Tennessee to fire the individual.

Translation: the boy blunder was told he couldn’t. That is the sound of emasculation. Kiffin can’t even fire people without asking permission. Does anyone think Nick Saban or Urban Meyer have to ask permission before doing something? Maybe you should win a game or two before trying to pretend you are as powerful or as good as Saban or Meyer.

More on Kiffingate
Lane Kiffin’s bloopers continue to percolate around the Internet. Here are a few links covering the incompetent Tennessee Volunteer coach.

Provides a look at the consequences when a youthful coach insults a Florida community. It doesn’t shock us to read that coaches would be angry at the way Kiffin treated Pahokee coach Blaze Thomopson.

Chris Low: No offense, but Kiffin not treading lightly
Low provides a glimpse at Kiffin’s performance at a Tennessee basketball luncheon. Low confirms that Kiffin once again took shots at the SEC and Florida, “Kiffin never mentioned Florida coach Urban Meyer by name, but Kiffin managed to get a whiny reference in that was clearly directed at Meyer. Kiffin wrongly accused Meyer of committing an NCAA violation last week, prompting Florida athletic director Jeremy Foley to demand an apology and the subsequent reprimand from the SEC.”

Blutarsky: The legend of Junior
This Georgia blog provides a great analysis of how Lane Kiffin got to where he is today and deconstructs the Sports Illustrated interview that we mentioned above.

13 thoughts on “Kiffin exaggerates; boy blunder emasculated”

  1. You ‘Bammers need to get a life if all you can do is scan the web looking for more Kiffin quotes to critique. Don’t you folks have a new BB coach to find or something? I think your Kiffin mania is clinically diagnosed as an OBSESSION. But there is hope! Medical professionals have made great strides in the diagnosis and treatment of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and related illnesses. Ask your doctor about cures for OKD (Obsessive Kiffin Disorder). Act now and spare the rest of the college football world from having to wade through your personal fears and phobias!!!!

  2. Hey Carlos, don’t you worry. No one is scared of Kiffin. I think most of the publicity is because it is off-season, Tennessee needs to feel relevant again so the coach is trying to get attention, and it really makes you feel good to see Tennessee being mentioned in the same sentence with Alabama, Florida, and LSU again. It will die down soon, and Kiffin will stir the pot again. What is funny is how the Tennersee fanbase is rallying behind this goofball. Not like they have a choice or anything.

  3. Brandy….Its not Tennessee that always has the fear of being irrelevent. That is Bama. Last year = undefeated regular season that got you nothing. Tennessee and Auburns ownage of your program lately stings, but may I remind you that you did win last year. But just last year. To be putting yourself in the same sentence with LSU and Florida is a wee bit obnoxious/ignorant .

  4. Alabama’s worst years 1999 thru 2009 (1 sec and 1 undefeated regular season)

    Auburn’s best years 1999 thru 2009 (1 sec and 1 undefeated season)

    hhhmmmmmm. . . . . . .

    Hey Carlos,

    Go LSU
    Go VANDY
    Go West Virginia
    Go Ole Miss
    Go Georgia
    oh yeah, did I mention 36-0

    Utes = undefeated 2nd ranked team in the country
    Bama = 2nd youngest team in the country
    Aub = no bowl game

    get the picture. . . . . .


  5. I beleive your PICK was to beat an OVERRATED undefeated UTES team…. (now you throw in that they are number 2 )BRANDY it didnt happen and has anyone else noticed that ONLY AFTER MEYER and Tebow Dismantled SAban and uat did you guys start mentioning his name in the same sentence with the ALL MIGHTY SABAN?
    His name really should come first he is only the best coach on the SEC…

  6. The Saban is no more than a chunk of corn in Meyers stool.

  7. The UTEs weren’t number 2 WHEN they beat Bama. They were number 2 AFTER they beat Bama. Big distinction.

  8. Omni, I would have to agree with you on Meyer at this stage, he has more glass in the trophy case, but I am happy to have Saban, I think his recruiting will pay dividends soon.

    Ballplay, what does it feel like to get the stool beat out of you by a chunk of corn?

    Carlos, you have to beat the man to be the man, Utah waited their turn and took their rightful place, no shame in that,they were better, can you imagine what they would have done to a team like Aub? See long list above for your kick in the nuts, btw all those fell way behind Utah in the pecking order. . . . .enough said.

  9. Ballplay, when I thought you couldn’t get much lower, you are taking sides with the inbred Tennessee folk. Now that I think about it, UT and AU do have that in common…

    And Carlos, you don’t have anything to even be bragging about you dumbass. But you sure look stupid doing it. But you keep trying okay?

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