In an effort to compete against the SEC powers, the University of Tennessee has betrayed its honorable past in pursuit of football glory.

First, the University hired Lane Kiffin, a coach considered a joke by those who know him. “I know him personally and he doesn’t command a lot of respect from the players or other coaches. I never looked at him as head coach material or even offensive coordinator material. He couldn’t even manage players at USC, how can he manage players in NFL?…Watching him call the plays for the offense of the 2005 team, with Leinart, Bush, and Lendale White was like watching a little kid trying to drive a Ferrari.”
(The above quote and more about Kiffin can be read at Sports by Brooks.)

Now the University is turning on its fans. According to the AP Tennessee is involved in a lawsuit with one of its own supporters as the University tries to take away prime tickets. “For years, generations of Thomas Luck’s family supported the University of Tennessee and its endeavors. But on Friday, the Nashville lawyer squared off against his alma mater in a Nashville courtroom in a dispute over prime box seats at Neyland Stadium…As president of the West Tennessee Big Orange Club, Luck’s father, William Luck, helped raise money to build the stadium’s upper west deck. As a result of the father’s fundraising, Gen. Robert Neyland, the school’s former athletic director and football coach, gave William Luck lifetime rights to buy tickets for both seats in a 1961 contract.” Now Tennessee wants more money. I guess building the upper deck hasn’t brought enough revenue into the Volunteer coffers. (You can read the entire AP story embedded below.)

One other note on Tennessee, fans are starting to attack anyone telling the truth about Kiffin. At, a column by Jerre Haskew and Jerry Merchant attacked Paul Finebaum for a recent column on Kiffin and Stewart Mandel for a column critical of Tennessee.

According to the Volunteer fans, “And we could not be happier about the fact that Kiffin is upsetting so many talking heads around the SEC, and even nationally! That he has been able to do that in such a short amount of time has resulted in Kiffin exceeding our expectations so far, even though our expectations have been very high all along, ever since UT athletic director went “outside the box” in his hire of this brash and confident 33-year-old wunderkind with the Southern Cal pedigree.”

As pointed out above, Kiffin is a joke in the coaching world. He looks intelligent when compared to Shrek, errr Ed Orgeron, and Gene Chizik, but that isn’t saying much. Kiffin lacks the X’s & O’s skill and leadership ability to compete against Mark Richt, Urban Meyer, Nick Saban, Bobby Petrino, Houston Nutt and even a washed up Steve Spurrier. Tennessee will get its fair share of players; it isn’t like Fulmer failed at recruiting. Fulmer and Johnny Majors turned in some impressive recruiting classes. But coaching matters, and there is nothing in Knoxville that concerns anyone else in the SEC.

Well, maybe Vandy is worried.

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  1. If you bammers are so confident that Saban is some kind of football god, then why do you waste so much time attacking the coaches of other SEC schools? Some of you bloggers are like a bunch of high school girls.

  2. Like that’s way harsh. Like bloggers only blog about news and stuff that other media people are already talking about.

    Now where’s my Hannah Montana Trapper Keeper?

  3. Do you dirty, cheating, Bammers obsess much? Your program is the filthiest in NCAA history. You have a lot of nerve to question any other school, or it’s hires.

    I will give you credit. You seem to have kept Saban out of the strip clubs, and off the top of his secretary.

    Alabama: Home of the Million Dollar Band, and the Seven Million Dollar team payroll.

  4. SavageOrangeThug, no the filthiest program award goes to Arizona State, with Auburn following closely behind.

    Grade A material about the strip clubs there. We dismissed our trash without letting him coach a game. You’ve hired a staff full of trash, and if you could see beyond the orange glasses you wear, you would see what a joke that staff is.

    We make fun of you because everyone else is making fun of you. And if you honestly think Saban, Meyer, Richt, Petrino, Nutt or Spurrier has lost one minute of sleep over the cast of clowns wearing that obnoxious T on their chest, hats, visors, toothbrushes, nightgowns, cereal bowls, mailboxes and ceiling fans (and wherever else you hillbillies think to put it), then you’ve been in the moonshine a little too long.

    Tennessee is a joke, your wunderkid coach is a joke, and we are all laughing at you. See you in T-Town next year for beatdown #3 in a row.

  5. inthekow72….I stopped taking in what you said, after you said that “You hired a staff full of trash.” Are you serious? How in the hell is our staff full of Trash? All coaches have coached in the NFL for the most part. We took one of your coaches, which was your best recruiter….Let me guess, he was trash too right? I guess so since he left. When Saban leaves, I guess he will be trash too, right?

  6. Bama clowns. Finbum looks like a gay Mr. Burns off the Simpsons. Saban can one day be his Smithers & they will cuddle recounting how many times UT pounded their punk butts. One good year and the punk bammer fans are out of the woodwork. You ever notice all the bammer gear is new? That’s because the last time they were proud of the team Ronald Regan was in office. Thanks for your journalistic integrity.

  7. I guess the moron that wrote this column never learned how to cite references. If you’d have known that the person making the comments about Kiffin and the “Lamborgini” was no other than Petros Papadakis, you would have stopped reading. We’re not talking about Chris Landry or Kirk Herbstreet here. Papadakis is a complete clown who’s show on FSR exists with his co-host to see who can be the loudest.

    I don’t know if Kiffin will succeed or not, only time will tell, but to say he WON’T succeed because Sports By Brooks and a talk show host said so is truly pathetic.

  8. “Watching him call the plays for the offense of the 2005 team, with Leinart, Bush, and Lendale White was like watching a little kid trying to drive a Ferrari”

    This is a bammer at its best. USC’s ’05 offense is considered to be the best offense in the history of college football.

  9. i dont understand how you bammers think that kiffin cant coach.Have you ever heard of his dad?Ever since he could remember he has been around some of the best coaches in the game.I think everyone is jealous because the vols will be taking their budget of 2 million $ in recruiting (and yes thats the highest budget in college)and stealing the best recruits from their own home state…..BAMMERS SUCK!!!

  10. all vile,

    You ever heard of Mike Shula’s dad? And by the way, Lame certainly is doing a splendid job in recruiting right now! A highly honorable 17th ranking is very impressive considering he’s Lame Kiffin.

    Do you puke orange Viles honestly think Lame Kiffin is the next Nick Saban, Urban Meyer, or Mark Richt? Do you think he is worthy of succeeding Saban and Meyer, and Richt’s bitch, Fatty Phil? Seriously? Meyer, Richt, and Saban are licking their chops because MIKE SHULA IS BACK, only in the form of Lame Kiffin!

    Talk about the beginning, the beatdowns Saban and Meyer have administered on the puke orange Viles over the past few years is going to seem like Disney Land compared to what is to come. I give Mr. Kiffin four years before he’s released of his head coaching duties in the banjo-picking, hillbilly Rocky Top state of Tennessee!

    And welcome back, Kevin! Has your vagina finally healed from that obliteration game that NICK SABAN adiministered on the Wire Road Cowgirls.

    Don’t begin the trash talk now, and suddenly disappear when Coach Cheez-it finds himself out of a job, after the third game of the season next year. Let’s hear your thoughts on Opelika winning the West last year, and Alabama finishing 5-7 the way you boldly proclaimed all throughout the offseason. Maybe “The Corner News” could use another delusional piece of Wire Road trailer trash, such as yourself, as a weekly beat writer.

    36-0! And it’s only going to get worse, Barnies!

    41-17/29-9! And it’s only going to get worse, Viles!

  11. Wow! You just might be the anti-christ….a Bama fan in NYC! lol. I bet they love you up there!

  12. Wow! I had no idea the Rocky Top Mountaineers had access to the internet on the hilltop.

    Or is it one guy signing in under a different name every 30 minutes, just as the AUtards did a while back?

  13. That was a funny video, James, thanks for sharing it! It’s definitely a perfect example of what represents UT.

  14. Yall tennessee people only get a small tast from time to time of what its like to live with Bama people. Its horrible. they have one good year in 10, and youd think that they had won the last 7 Nat. Championships in a row.

    To compare Auburn to Bama is like comparing a series of traffic violatins to a mass murderer.

  15. And bummerin NYC YOU STUPID FUK let it go dude 36-0
    ride it boys its the only thing you can. it was the last game you won hell it was the last game you even fukn showed up for Tebow and Meyer owned you and the a busload of UTES took your stupid ass to the woodshed. Lucky for JPW the Senior Bowl came around.I would nt have even said anything you guys were talking back and forth with the VOLS fans and YOU had to let AUburn fall outta your mouth!


  16. BI, if it is so horrible, why do you torture yourself constantly on a Bama website reading about all the good things to come for the Tide? What does Aub have in ten that we don’t? That is supposed to be the best years of Aub, what a joke. And you are right, to compare Aub and Al is ridiculous, that is like comparing OK to OK St. btw, did I mention 36-0?

  17. Omni,

    36-0 still stings a bit doesn’t it.

    FIRST it was LSU…

    THEN it was Vanderbilt…

    THEN it was West Virginia…

    THEN it was Arkansas…

    THEN it was Ole Miss…

    THEN it was GEORGIA…

    THEN IT WAS 36-0!!!!!!!

    Do you realize how humiliating that score is, yet you’re talking about Utah?

    BUT I guess when AUFARM can no longer do it, you have to rely on OTHER TEAMS to do it for you!

    Anyway, ALABAMA IS YOUR DADDY! Suck on that, you penis breath Wire Road trailer park Queen. Go fuck your sister, inbred.

  18. But what’s more important than 36-0 is knowing 39-ALL TIME WINS!!!!!

    GOT 39? And next season will be 40!

  19. Ballplay,

    Now you CAN’T set here and tell me we didn’t have to hear your guys’ shit about how bad we’d be last year, and how AWESOME the spread was going to be… AND HOW SEVEN WAS INEVITABLE! Now we play pay-back, and oh my God we’re worse than rapists are! Y’all had it coming and payback was worse than one could possibly imagine. Next time, you’ll think twice before running your mouth 24/7 365 about a nonexistent number, false hopes of a sputtering spread offense, and a record that Y’ALL posted which you said we would.


  20. By the way, why is it, it was okay for Tennessee and Auburn fans to talk about our coaching debacle, and the flaws of Saban when he was first hired, but again, we’re worse than rapists when we try to exploit Cheez-it and Kiffin?

  21. Omni,

    36-0 is what happens when you spend more time on an Alabama blogsite, than you do an Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute website.

    36-0 is what happens when you constantly harp about a mythical number, all throughout the preseason.

    36-0 is what happens when you repeat constantly that Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute will crush Alabama in the forthcoming Iron Bowl, all throughout the preseason.

    5-7 is what happens when you repeat constantly that Alabama would finish with a similar record, all throughout the preseason.

    12-2 is what happens when you constantly repeat Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute will win the SEC west, all throughout the preseason.

    A bottom of the barrel offensive ranking is what happens when you constantly repeat how explosive your spread offense will be, and how they’ll hang 45 points on Alabama, all throughout the preseason.

    36-0 (allow me to emphasize NOTHING) is what happens when you hype up two quarterbacks (and claim they’re going to kill Alabama), all throughout the preseason.

    There you have it! You have officially choked on your very own words.

    All Vile/Rocky Flop High/The Same UcheaT Puke Orange Vile fan who posts under many usernames:

    Living in NY, surely tops living in the ungreatful state of “Tenurseee”, where rasslin’ is still considered real, and you’re only cool if you still wear overalls and pick a banjo to the tune of “Rocky Top”, now doesn’t it?

  22. Ummmmm…….no, I’m just one guy. I’m not sure how you can attempt to poke fun at rural people (which is what I’m assuming you’re attempting to do) being from Alabama. I’ve been all over New York state…..some areas are nice indeed. It will never however beat living in God’s country….& you know it. I see the yankees have turned you….

  23. Rocky………When you own them day in and out, they accuse you of multiname posting. I really dont know why.

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