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As Auburn burns, the propaganda machine is out in full force. Here’s a few gems from the Auburn version of Izvestia.

It’s not easy being Auburn in the fiercely competitive world of college football, and it’s gotten even harder these days.

In almost every state, The University of (name the state) has a recruiting advantage. Alabama is no different. What Auburn has accomplished over the years is actually pretty remarkable. Auburn, geographically, has an advantage over some similarly situated schools. There are players in Alabama, Florida and Georgia who actually live closer to Auburn in any other big-time football school.
But the problem is that Auburn is not the No. 1 recruiting power in any of those places.

Translation: Auburn is a second-rate SEC program. Skipping down a bit more…

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Obviously, the surest way to success is to sign class full of players about whom there is little question. When you sign a Carnell Williams, you can be pretty certain that he’s going to make an impact.
Auburn is going to get some of those kinds of players in most recruiting classes and it did in this one…

Which of your two-stars is the next Carnell? I can’t seem to find them off this list. Skipping down a bit further…

Auburn is No. 14 all-time in the Associated Press poll. The only schools higher that aren’t state universities are Notre Dame, Southern California and Miami. Notre Dame has a unique place in college football. USC and Miami are located in huge metropolitan areas and in talent-rich states.

Huh? What kind of useless information is that. An average of the AP poll. Yeah, that convinces me. Why not count something tangible like AP championships or conference titles. Oh wait, those numbers aren’t very good for Auburn. So I guess it is best to ignore it.

In the final analysis, you win on the field with impact players and with depth. Auburn has both and, as a result, goes into next season with great optimism.

I’m sure AU does. They don’t have to play South Florida do they?

Izvestia continues in another blog post bemoaning the proletariat’s idiotic outrage over this recruiting class.

I’ll have to say that I’ve never witnessed such an uproar over an Auburn recruiting class, especially one that truly does have a good number of very talented players.

Like I said before, which of your two-star athletes are the “very talented players.”

Nevertheless, there’s no question that Alabama won every head-to-head recruiting battle between the two, though there weren’t as many of those as the lists of offers published by recruiting services would indicate.

So I guess Auburn didn’t really want Julio or Jerrell or any of the others they “offered”?

First is the whole Nick Saban phenomenon. Saban is a good football coach, like a lot of other coaches in the Southeastern Conference. His record says he’s on the same level as most, ahead of some. He went 7-6 in his first Alabama season and lost to Louisiana-Monroe. But in the almost 13 months since he became Alabama’s coach, Saban has grown to seeming legendary status in some corners. The massive attention and praise he has received can’t help but be an advantage on the recruiting trail.

According to Izvestia, Saban is an average SEC coach, who did a horrible job coaching in 2007. The irrational capitalists have promoted Saban as an opiate to confuse the young innocent recruits.

When the apologists begin to defend Tuberville and the status quo like this, trouble is brewing.

If nothing else, it is going to be fun watching Auburn fans and boosters begin to form the circular firing squad. The coming Auburn civil war will be fun to watch.

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