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RECRUITING: Auburn loses a coach; Does it have anything to do with NCAA cloud over program?

Auburn assistant coach Rich Bisaccia is headed to Dallas, according to The spin is that this job is the opportunity of a lifetime. It is everyone’s dream to work for Jerry Jones. Certainly, Jones is known for how stable his coaching situation is. You don’t take play calling responsibilities away from the coach without planning to keep him for many seasons.

However, could the move have anything to do with the NCAA cloud hanging over Auburn?

Of course not. That is just crazy talk. Right?

Well, not if you consider two items involving football players.

First, we know that former Auburn offensive lineman Christian Westerman transferred to Arizona State and has cited the NCAA investigation as a reason he wants a waiver. According to Fox Sports, “With Auburn under investigation by the NCAA for potential recruiting improprieties, the Westermans are hoping Christian might receive a penalty-free transfer to ASU, allowing him to play right away rather than sit out a season as required by NCAA rules. Westerman Sr. said the family appealed to the NCAA in a letter that expressed their concerns about the investigation at Auburn.”

Combine that with the scuttlebutt on the recruiting circuit regarding the Auburn investigation and things look bad for the Tigers.

According to a person familiar with coaching in the SEC, three SEC schools are using the NCAA probe of Auburn’s recruiting practices against the Tigers more than anyone else. It is known in coaching circles that the NCAA probe is being used in negative recruiting, but the real story is that Ole Miss, Mississippi State and Vanderbilt have promoted the story of an NCAA probe focused on Auburn. It is unclear what advantage any of the schools hope to gain from this, but I was told that sometimes this is not about an immediate recruiting target.

No doubt, fans of Auburn and other SEC schools will find it interesting who is talking the loudest about the NCAA. Recruiting is often a nasty business. Rumor and fact are routinely used against schools in the pursuit of blue-chip talent. In this year’s recruiting soap opera, several schools told Alabama targets everything from stories that Alabama football coach Nick Saban would return to the NFL to stories about position coaches bailing on Alabama because of Nick Saban’s abusive work habits. I guess it proves desperate people will try anything to unseat the king of college football. Actually, forget king. Emperor is more appropriate at this point.

In the case of Auburn, the chatter in recruiting is interesting. However, with the cloud hanging over the NCAA’s investigative practices, anything is possible at this point regarding the NCAA’s probe. But that isn’t going to stop the negative recruiting. It isn’t going to stop people asking hard questions about where the NCAA investigation stands.

48 thoughts on “RECRUITING: Auburn loses a coach; Does it have anything to do with NCAA cloud over program?”

  1. What’s amazing to me is that once this story broke the Alabama blog/media sites immediately blamed this on NCAA sanctions looming at AU. Why would a coach go back to the NFL anyway right? I mean he is only getting paid more and not to mention that he is coaching his specialty at the Dallas Cowboys…one of if not the most recogonized name in the NFL. But yes, please continue to induldge us with your witty banter about AU going on probation. I AM AN AU FAN AND IF SANCTIONS COME THEN SO BE IT. WE DESERVED IT IF WE CHEATED. But can we please wait and see before you begin another smear campaign of AU?

  2. Why???? When’s the last time you bastards waited? No wait – you’ve never waited – you’ve instgated! However, you could almost be right about going to coach in the pros, if it was anywhere but Dallas. The point was that Jerry Jones’ staff positions are unstable and with no future. Everyone knows this. So why give up a brand new job with at least 4-5 years security, to go work for ‘Rapid Fire’ Jones? Maybe sanctions????? RTR!

    1. We just got another LB commitment….but yes we must be going on sanctions. You must know inside information sir.

  3. Wow…no need for name calling sir. I mean I understand you aren’t the biggest of AU fans, but that’s a little harsh eh?

    1. Actually, for Crimsonite, that was taking it easy. He didn’t even insinuate anything about your sexual preference. You should feel fortunate!

  4. Funny how if this were happening at Bama how fast you Barners would be jumping all over it as well……. Why wait? If the shoe were on the other foot.

    1. So I am an AU graduate and been a fan for a while now and never understood the whole “barner” term. Can you elaborate please?

  5. What a d bag barner. Why are you even on this site? What did you expect to find here? Pro barner talk? What an idiot.

  6. This guy is a joke. Time to go back to a barner message board and talk about how awesome your team will be this year.

    1. Hey Mr. RTR I don’t appreciate your dismissing AU’s chances of being good next year. I mean you can’t even tell me where Barner came from….unreal. I am shocked sir!!!! Shocked!!!

      1. In all your time at Auburn, did you ever notice the barns, fish ponds, livestock, crops etc. You know the things a college of agriculture would be expected to have?

  7. told ya au was a dumpster fire some learn later than others …or maybe he just took the job til he could get a real job

  8. Crimsonite is a felching pillowbitter. What a pile of dog excrement.

    Your days are numbered this year A&M will
    Dominate you like a gimp being whipped. LSU will dominate you as we’ll and Auburn will be back to full strength and will WHIP that ass, biotch!!!

    1. Living vicariously through A&M and LSU, yes imagine that. auburn whipping Bama, the funniest thing you’ve posted yet.

    1. I wish anybody understood what you just said.

      And I’m not sure what it has to do with Auburn sucking. But they do, and your strange, often profain posts written in desperation to a fact you know and can’t change only means you know they do too.

      Wonder what next year’s score will be?

  9. And Nick Saban is scared of the pros caused he got pummeled in the big leagues. Scared to go back.

    And little Debbie’s were $3 a pack.

  10. No but UAT smells like a tire factory, wait there is a smelly ass tire factory there. Smells like your mom after sticking a dead possum in her for a tampon.

  11. Hey Guys,
    Still confused on the Barn lingo for Auburn. Now I understand that Tuscaloosa is a booming metropolis of sky scrapers and modern buildings. I mean I haven’t ever seen a cow or any other farms or agricultural areas any where near Tuscaloosa. So I can understand you Bama fans looking down on us poor AU grads/students. We have to deal with all of the cow pies on the way to class and have to dodge the horses and buggies when we want to go down town to the saloon. Thanks for the sympathy guys. It makes me sleep better at night knowing that you sophisticated Bama fans have such an advanced University. I am so thankful that our state is bettered by you rich alabama graduates. It is interesting that 99% of Bama fans have never stepped one foot on the University of Alabama campus and yet they find it okay to call an Auburn Graduate an idiot. Makes total sense.

    1. I’m not really sure where the 99% stat comes from but if you say so. (maybe a link could be provided) However we can discuss some real stats if you like. Did you know that in the last 4 years Alabama has had 11 first round picks. (the most of any team) There are some projections this year with Bama putting in 5 this draft. Now lets just assume that the average over the last couple holds true and the number stays at four, in two more years at that rate Saban will have provided an entire offense and defense worth of numbers in the first round! That my friend is the process and its brutal reality making people believers. How about that nasty little stat that when Bama rushes for 150 yds. they are 50-0. Yes you read that correctly 50-0. Now my question is: What about that stat is more amazing? The fact that when Bama runs the ball it doesn’t matter what their opponent does OR the fact that in 6 seasons a team with a defensive coach as head coach (backed by a consistently top ranked, usually #1 in most stats defense) has 50 games with 150+ yds. That is a clear indicator of the shear physical presense that is Bama football and a force that the competition cannot afford to ignore. Not unless you enjoy 49-0 beatdowns.

      1. I was talking about the fact that you call us “dumber” than you guys are….not about the football team. Try and keep up man.

        1. First of all I have never called you or anyone else for that matter dumb or dumber than anyone else or at all for that matter. Secondly I understand that because of your superior intellect , it will be difficult for me to “keep up man” but here it goes anyway. (let me guess graduate from the esteemed Sociology Dept.?) Yes indeed…. anyway the point of my post was the FACT you posted some absurd 99% Alabama fan BS comment and how that when it came to discussing real facts, stats that are true about college football in the state of Alabama, that you would cower in the corner. Your response with simple deflections have zero chance of any success in a debate and prove my point. You refuse to talk about reality in this rivalry because the rivalry is spiraling into a lopsided debacle. I would recommend that if you dont like or agree with the opinions of Cappy or ITK or any of the numerous Bama fans who post here, visit an Auburn blog.

          1. Yellowhammer…good post. Logical, factual, and to the point.

            Not sure AUFan will be able to respond. They don’t teach logic and facts at MooU

    2. I have a family full of Auburn graduates. And 99% of them ARE idiots. My great-grandmothers family even has a building with their name on it at Auburn. No joke. They have really made it easy for me to be a Bama fan, and I appreciate that.

      1. First of all define idiots…you don’t like them because they are AU fans or they are actually stupid? Also which building has your families name on it?

        1. Sewell Hall. And yes, believe me, they can be real idiots when it comes to Alabama. They really do believe all of the conspiracy theories about Bama from way back. Bear Bryant fixed games. The REC is a covert Bama operation to destroy Auburn. Saban is the devil. Auburn stands for everything good and righteous in the world, and Bama represents what is evil and wrong. Etc. and etc.

          I believe that this is the way a lot of Auburn supporters really are, all the way up into the administration at Auburn. Like Navid Nousel. Just listen to his hate speeches about Bama.

    3. What does having to be an alum have to do with it? I went to a different school, but I was a Bama fan before college, as well as during and afterwords. My high school math teacher went to Auburn because of the math program. But she was always a big Alabama football fan. She still is to this day. That tired old argument is really weak. Out of all the Auburn fans I really know (over 100 easily) only 3 actually went to Auburn. And I wouldn’t even know those three if I wasn’t related to them. Your argument is very flawed, and if you stand by that, you really are an idiot.

      It is funny though, that over 30+ years since Coach Bryant died, all the insecurities that he instilled in all the Auburn fans back then is still alive and well today.

      1. Since I am only 32 I had no clue who Bear Bryant was until I moved to Alabama in the 90’s. But being an AU Fan and Resident I can assure you that us AU folk are not at all insecure about our school or football team. We certainly aren’t insecure about what a coach did/said over 3 decades ago. It might make you feel better to think this but please come at me with something a little stronger than Bear Bryant. I respect what he did at Alabama and I respect what Saban is doing there now….no doubt he is the best college football coach today. But just because you guys are fans of the University of Alabama doesn’t make you any better than the rest of the world…..although when you hear most Bama fans talk that is the attitude that comes across. And that is the reason why most people outside of Alabama fans don’t like you guys. It isn’t a lack of respect for what is going on there it’s this “Holier than thou”/arrogence/entitlement attitude that comes across when you guys open your mouths. We get it….you guys are great at Football….no one disputes that, but please don’t feel the need to look down on AU grads/students simply because you LOVE your university….beleive or not we take just as much pride in AU as you do in UA. We can hold our own…no need for sympathy.

        1. You were the one talking about how you didn’t like Bama fans perceptions of Auburn being a cow college (which was started by Coach Bryant) and the use of ‘Barner’ as a term for Auburn fans, etc. You take it as a deep insult, and as far as the “holier than thou/arrogance/entitlement” I would say the cult mentality developed by the Auburn fanbase (which is most certainly a majority of Auburn degree holders according to you) really applies to your side as well. But the outright hate for anything Bama… that is genuine and has always been part of the culture at Auburn, fans, alumni, and administration. More so than at Alabama anyway.

          Your use, or any other Auburn fans use of ‘Bammer’ ‘UAT’ or any other type of stereotype referring to Bama fans in general, has no effect on me, as I could really care less about what any Auburn fan thinks about me or Bamas football program. I am proud to be an Alabama fan. But make no mistake, the pure hate comes from Auburn. You guys hate us so much because we just look down our noses at you guys. We think Bama has a superior football history and tradition than Auburn. That much is true, but it makes you mad that we like to point it out to you so much. It has always been a sore spot for you guys. So yeah, it is an insecurity you guys carry, but you can deny that if you want. That is the reason for the hate, and the reason you come here to post your opinion about it.

  12. Hey AUFan,

    Get a clue! We’re Alabamans, because we’re in Alabama!

    We’re a big hairy American winning machine. What the hell have u and your team ever done?

    We have won the SEC, the National Championship, and had a Heisman Trophy winner bitch!!! All you guys have ever done is make hot girls like Katherine Webb who pretend to date our suspiciously effeminate quarterback to get attention. (because dating your quarterback wasn’t gonna get her any attention – play in a real game why don’t you…)

    We ain’t gone put up with your bull! You brought this on…

    1. Funny you say that:

      2010 Auburn won the SEC, had a Heisman Trophy, and won a national title. Now I know that we don’t do that every year but make sure you fact check before you come at me with your remarks.

  13. This dumbass Barner is obviously boored shitless, thus all the retarded questions. He’s just trying ti light a fire. Or instead of 32 years he’s only 32 months. Not impressed. RTR!

  14. AUFan is just mad that the University of Alabama produces championship teams and has live tree’s.

    Auburn….not so much.

  15. No we post here because you are a bunch of arrogant assholes who can’t win games and have class about it. You are REDNECKS and ARROGANT. Otherwise you would not write classless posts about other teams. Check out WarBloogle, he doesn’t spew all this hate and venom like you BamaBrando and ITK the felcher.

  16. If you don’t want me posting then stop downing my team. You can talk about your great coach and tradition and leave it at that. It’s not rocket science. Otherwise, if you trash talk expect some back.

  17. Anyways I have come to realize that trying to talk to you is like talking to a bunch of terrorists, we aren’t on the same wave length. After all most true sidewalk Bama fans are classless tree poisoner redneck jihadists.

    After I read the OleMiss blog (notice I didn’t say article or story cause you aren’t a journalist) and the Tenn article, I just feel like there is no hope. Just go jump off a cliff.

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