The football season is moving fast. It seems like only a handful of days ago when opening day arrived, followed soon by an Arkansas thriller and an ESPN GameDay visit to campus. Now we have entered the meat of the schedule—the rivalries.

Tennessee is playing better football right now—unfortunately. The Vols were miserable during the first three weeks of the season. But now, a big win over Georgia, and they look much better.

Looking at the Georgia game stats this morning, I see one big reason the Vols dominated: they held Georgia’s rushing game in check (69 yards) and were able to notch 190 yards on the ground.

For the last decade it has seemed every time Alabama plays Tennessee, the Vols find a way to dominate the line of scrimmage. For Alabama to win, that domination must stop.

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Here are a few interesting links to start Tennessee week:
Cecil Hurt writes the Alabama-Tennessee rivalry gets second-class treatment by being on Lincoln Financia.
Of course, I’m not that upset. I’m just glad its the Third Saturday in October.

According to Phil Fulmer, Tuscaloosa is a louder and more intense venue than when the Alabama-Tennessee series was played at Legion Field.

Call me shocked, but Kevin Scarbinsky is his usual idotic self in this Birmingham News column: Upon further review, it still isn’t clear to me.