John Longshore on Paul Finebaum’s Radio Show displayed everything wrong with the media—arrogance.

Longshore was outraged Alabama fans wanted to see Nick Saban, and had the audacity to show up outside the Wynfrey Hotel in Hoover, site of the SEC Media Days.

Longshore said fans should seek autographs at the Fan Day set for August instead of doing it at a “working media” event.

How dare fans inconvenience the media! How dare the plebeians make Longshore’s walk to his car a bit longer!

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Longshore’s bluster went into insulting territory. Longshore called Alabama fans, “Bammers.” Bammers is an insulting term reserved for message boards and raving lunatics who call into talk radio programs; it is a pejorative term not normally utilized by broadcasters. Longshore wanted to use the term and his attack on Alabama fans for attention. It is a typical method for oratory—when you have nothing to say, just say whatever pops into your head as loudly as possible. Hey, it worked for people like Rosie O’Donnell, Donald Trump and Bill O’Reilly.

Of course, Longshore would have to be greatly improved for inclusion into that illustrious company.

Here is news for Longshore and his other media types: Fans are fans. Are any of us shocked when lines form outside a rock concert? Are we outraged when people press politicians for an autograph?

Of course not. We expect fans to be excited. So, Alabama fans are excited. Longshore and others need to deal with it.

In case you are following the Vick case, here’s a wire report on the topic: