Josh Moon’s latest column is a lame attempt at an I-Told-You-So to Alabama fans. His premise is he warned us every little bad story would be taken up by the national media thanks to Saban’s lack of social graces.

Of course, Moon has been taking shots at Saban since April with column after column attacking Alabama’s head coach.

His venomous assaults on the coach were so bad, one sports reporter went so far as to repudiate Moon’s splenetic columns, which seemed to justify reporters lack of ethics in reporting on Saban because Saban was a meanie.

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Moon is a good writer, unfortunately he uses his talent to destroy what little credibility the media had left. When other sports writers openly rebuke your bias, then as a professional, you should sit down and evaluate yourself.

Moon’s most recent column is more of the same, but he takes his dishonesty to new levels. In his new column he writes: Do you understand now what I was talking about when I told you that the media was going to come after Saban? You all acted as if I was saying it was OK for the media to take these shots. I wasn’t. I was simply pointing out what was going to happen.

However, Moon wrote in a previous column: Now, I know that as sure I’m writing this, the response from Crimson Tide fans will be that the media is making mountains out of mole hills, that we don’t like Saban and we’re out to get him. And you know what, you might have a bit of a point.
But I’ll say again, that’s what happens when you treat a group of people like garbage. And it doesn’t mean that this isn’t a legitimate, newsworthy story.

Moon countenances petty, vindictive behavior on the part of the press. Moon now tries to say he never supported the behavior, but every reader of the column including myself and Gattis took Moon’s meaning as clear—screw with the press, and you get screwed.

It is the old truism on display, never get into an argument with someone who buys ink by the barrel.

But that rule was once applied to important social positions being championed by a newspaper, ie: corruption, voting rights, etc. Of course with the decline of the press, the newspaper is now a vehicle for bitter, self-important, priggish sports writers to retaliate for “being treated like garbage.”

And people wonder why nobody trusts the media.