Mobile was ranked #1 on the list of wettest cities in the U.S.

Of course, the ranking would come out during one of the driest periods for Alabama in the last 20 years.

In today’s Birmingham News, there were details about the critical shortage of water in the Birmingham area’s reservoirs.

Why am I writing about water instead of the SEC baseball tournament?

To be honest, college baseball is awful. Why? The simple reason they play with aluminum bats. It is a sacrilege and I won’t write anything about it.

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College System Scandal
Thankfully, a judge decided not to side with the morally corrupt Alabama Education Association (AEA) in its bid to keep sweeping reforms from coming to Alabama’s two-year college system.

According to the Birmingham News, a circuit judge refused to block Bradley Byrne from becoming chancellor.

The AEA was only interested in blocking the move because Byrne means reform and is the best chance to put an end to the corrupt practice of legislators getting big fat paychecks for state colleges. Naturally, the AEA wanted to block the practice because its leaders and members benefit from the corrupt two-year system.

Let’s hope Byrne and Gov. Riley fix this corrupt system.