“There is no new thing under the sun,” wrote Solomon in the 10th Century B.C. And bloggers, commentators and journalists prove his point. There isn’t an original thought anywhere. Certainly, there is nothing new when this Auburn blog alleges Alabama fans are “crazies” and have unreal expectations.

Of course, this blogger is just parroting what he hears from others—it isn’t shocking, but it would be nice if people would try to be original.

There is much to criticize about Alabama athletics. The lawsuit against Daniel Moore continues, and there is little confidence that things have changed for the better in the fossilized athletic department.

But while Alabama fans are guilty of irrational exuberance, you cannot say they have are impatience or truly have unrealistic expectations. Hoping for a brighter future and believeing it is close at hand, is not the same thing as demanding a coach win every game every year.

Alabama fans are patient. They were making excuses for Mike Shula’s incompetence right up until the end. And many of the fans were not ready to fire Shula, even when the handwriting was on the wall.

So, to all the commentators out there, come up with something original, or at least something legitimate to attack (and God knows there are plenty of things wrong in Tuscaloosa).

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