While Alabama fans are happy to have Saban, the folks in Miami continue to ridicule the man; one blog post pointed out Saban was a pain in the ass. In fact, some players are quoted as saying things are calmer at practice without all the tension Saban created.

So pro football players can’t hack the tension from a coach yelling at them?

I think we found out why the Miami Dolphins couldn’t win football games.

It had nothing to do with Nick Saban and everything to do with mentally weak players. Take a look at mentally tough teams and you’ll find they exceed expectations—the Miami players wanted to be coddled, and you don’t win football games by coddling.

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Coaching buzz
The buzz surrounding the University’s hiring of Nick Saban wasn’t something exclusive to the Alabama hire. The positive marketing buzz is now part of the college game, as teams attempt to utilize the positive press to sell tickets.

Speaking of coaches, Rich Rodriguez briefly spoke about his flirtation with Alabama during an interview with CSTV.com.

Cheerleader news
Three Snead State Cheerleaders made the Alabama sqad, according to the Sand Mountain Reporter.