TUSCALOOSA—Alabama fans have cause to feel good following a record setting A-Day crowd of about 92,000 fans. But, things should be kept in perspective as we enter the doldrums of summer: there was good and bad from this last week. The good came from A-Day, the bad from what appears to be more incompetence within the administration.

What I liked

The offense looks better. Lots of people (mostly Auburn fans a few sports commentators) have enjoyed knocking John Parker Wilson’s ability to play QB in the SEC. Wilson’s work last season was commendable. He threw for 2,707 yards and 17 touchdowns in his first season of play. That is impressive, considering Alabama’s inability to run the football—making the team mostly one dimensional last season.

The offense will be better than last year. Of course, how could it not be, right? However, Alabama returns nine starters and a total of 20 lettermen on offense. That is a recipe for depth and skill. And let’s not forget, Alabama was able to move the ball almost at will between the 20’s. What hurt Alabama was the lack of physical conditioning, and that will be taken care of by Fall.

I expect a stronger offensive line this season, with fewer mental mistakes and fewer issues with conditioning or technique. I’m very optimistic about this side of the ball. Sure, the running back situation isn’t settled; however, it WILL be better than last season. Period.

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What has me worried
The defense will be worse than last season. I don’t think there is any other way to put it. The defense returns five starters. Of course, improved conditioning should help the team, and with a fewer of the incoming freshmen (like McCullough) the team could improve significantly by the end of the season.
Let’s hope the offense is able to create long drives to keep the defensive unit rested and off the field this Fall.

And something has me annoyed regarding the off the field situation.

Last week, The Tuscaloosa News reported Nick Saban’s contract was not yet signed. And while it is not that big of a deal, according to this legal expert interviewed on the Paul Finebaum Radio Network.

However, it sure seems like many of the people involved with injurious leaks during the coaching search, and the same people who decided to sue Daniel Moore are involved in this process.

Now, that doesn’t mean there is some major disaster looming; however, as long as the lessons from the Daniel Moore lawsuit haven’t been learned (and so far, I’ve seen nothing from the University to let me know they have learned anything from that fiasco), I’m going to be concerned when it comes to legal matters and bureaucratic leadership within the Athletic Department and the University.

The only thing which would brighten my mood would be announcements of major changes within the department itself.

I’m not holding my breath.

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