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Feinstein gets it wrong

John Feinstein on today’s Paul Finebaum radio program showed everything that is wrong with modern American liberalism.

Feinstein went off on the Second Amendment and said we didn’t need the right to bear arms anymore since the modern world has change. He argued it was an historic anachronism.

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Unfortunately, Feinstein doesn’t understand the political genesis of the American Revolution or the context of the early American Republic. Firearms were used both as a means of protection from the environment and from the government. After all, it was the ownership of firearms which allowed the colonies to raise an army, and eventually gain independence.

But in the modern world liberal anti-gun policies have created a kill zone in our schools and other public buildings. If ONE or TWO innocent law-abiding citizens had a gun at Va. Tech then the maniac criminal wouldn’t have killed so many. Instead of empowering people to protect themselves from lawbreakers and maniacs, the government created hundreds of lambs ready for the slaughter.

That is a cold analysis, but it is the real world.

Liberalism only works in fantasy land, not the hard, dirty, sickening world where maniacs rob and kill and steal.

And citizens are supposed to give up our guns and depend on an incompetent government to protect us. Yeah, that is a great bargain.

As disclosure, I don’t own a handgun or firearm. But watching the bloodshed, I’m going to buy more than one. I’m fortunate that when I was growing up, I learned about weapons and how to use them. And being prepared for the worst, is the best way to mitigate the dangers. The latest shooting spree and the foolish remarks by Feinstein brought this whole lesson home.

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And we aren’t supposed to feel sorry for the Duke boys who were wrongly persecuted by the state; the three lacrosse players who were accused of rape turned out to be innocent. But because these are rich boys, we shouldn’t view them as victims—that was the crux of Feinstein’s argument on the Finebaum show.

Excuse me?!?! The state in the person of a runaway District Attorney stole from these boys both financially and helped the media in the theft of their good names. And this isn’t wrong because one of the three boys was arrested once for assault?

Please. That is liberalism. We should view the Rutgers women as victims, but not the Duke lacrosse players.

That’s sick. But it is modern America.

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