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Tuesday SEC Notebook

The story that won’t die? The Saban Rule. In today’s South Florida Sun-Sentinel, there is a story and quotes from college and Florida high school coaches about the ban on head coaches making visits during the spring evaluation period. This time Saban and Urban Meyer are quoted complaining about the rule, and (a dinosaur) Howard Schnellenberger supports it.

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What the experts are saying about LSU
Want to know the real impact of the LSU quaterback situation? Just see what the gambling gurus say.

…fans must understand that college football isn’t the same as the NFL. You can get away with having a decent quarterback like Matt Flynn who led these LSU Tigers to a National Championship last year. Not every quarterback who leads your team has to be named “Manning”. And, besides, neither Peyton nor Eli helped their Tennessee or Ole Miss teams to the title…

Is John Feinstein Stupid or Lazy?
Senator Blutarsky exposes what we’ve known about the Mainstream Media for a long time—they just make stuff up. This includes John Feinstein (a semi-regular guest on the Paul Finebaum Radio Program.)

Tuberville only recruits academic stars
Imagine this! Phillip Marshall writes a piece about Tommy Tuberville. And everything is just super swell!

I know. I know. It isn’t a shock. After all, Leni Riefensthahl was more balanced.

Seriously though, this is the SEC notebook and we are trying to provide some news for most SEC teams. Here’s the Auburn news: players did well in the last semester, and recruiting is going well.

“We’ve just found more close by that we knew we wanted and felt really good about,” Tuberville said. “We normally don’t offer all our scholarships until the season. We want to see them all play. We don’t go by magazine stuff.

“We’re not going to offer a scholarship unless we’ve looked at them and know we want them, know they can fit in, handle the academics and be a team player in addition to the athletic part. We feel good about all these guys.”

The real news from Marshall was the good news on grades. That’s always good news for any SEC school.

Robert Horry is a leach
Many fans love talking about Robert Horry. But not one blog. One blog finds everything said about Horry’s NBA career a waste of time:

But, it’s all overhyped. All blown out of proportion because when you get right down to it. When you really look at Robert Horry’s career you see Big Shot Rob was nothing more than an average player on some very good teams. In my mind, I see him as a leach.

The Blog Creep Factor

Here’s a chance to look at Erin Andrews. I think she’s saying something about blogs. Oh well. Enjoy. (H/T The Big Lead).
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