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Lazy coaches of the world unite

Lazy coaches of the world unite. You have nothing to lose because you don’t work…

The AP moved a story tonight, which exposes the real reason for the “Saban Rule.” We’ve speculated for weeks the rule was all about punishing hard work. Guess what? Someone confirmed it.

Minnesota recruiting coordinator Dan Berezowitz said the so-called “Saban Rule” limits the demands on “coaches who don’t want to work and evens the playing field with the ones who do.” He is eager for coach Tim Brewster to start using the Web cam once they’re sure it’s permitted by the NCAA.

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Les Miles and Phil Fulmer along with Nick Saban are using the Internet to aid in recruiting. And Auburn’s Tommy Tuberville?

This week, he doesn’t like it.

This AP story with contributions from sportswriters around the country showcases the technological divide in college football. Fulmer, Miles and Saban go into the “modern” category, and Tuberville gets lumped in with a dinosaur.

It may be the new, new thing. But not everyone seems likely to embrace the technology.

Florida State’s 78-year-old Bobby Bowden is more at home with face-to-face chats in recruits’ living rooms. What about screen to screen?

“I can guarantee you Coach Bowden is not on a Web cam,” Florida State football SID Elliott Finebloom said.

Auburn’s Tommy Tuberville said he plans to stick to his strategy of assembling the Tigers’ coaching staff at his home on the first day of permitted contact and take turns chatting with each targeted player. Web cams aren’t in the game plan.

“I wouldn’t be interested in doing it,” Tuberville said. He said personal contact is the method he prefers. “I’ve talked to them, their parents, they’ve been on our campus. I think that’s what’s important.”

Besides, he added, “I’ve been recruiting these kids since the eighth grade. Hopefully, they know what I look like.”

The “Saban Rule” and the teleconferencing stories just won’t die. Once again, Saban is the trendsetter in college athletics.

And Auburn’s Tommy Tuberville?

I think he and Bobby Bowden were sending telegraphs via Western Union. Or was it letters via the Pony Express.

Nothing like being in the 19th Century. I guess Tuberville is just keeping up Auburn’s traditions—recruiting like John Heisman

24 thoughts on “Lazy coaches of the world unite”

  1. Firstly, Tuberville doesn’t know the meaning of working for recruits.

    His first head coaching gig was at Ole Miss, and needless to say he never had a winning record in the SEC while serving there and it’s obvious there’s no point in working your tail off for a single recruit in which you’re competing against another superior team.

    Then, he takes over at The Alabama Polytechnic Institute in Opelika at the right time, when his cross state superior was practically eliminated from competition.

    Now, the dust is settling and he’s in a different position than he was during the time where sanctions limited how many players Alabama could recruit and the fact that the sound of NCAA probation drives players elsewhere, so now he strongly supports the “Saban-rule.”

    About the webcam situation, we all realize Opelika City has yet to join the 20th century; therefore, it’s not Tubby’s fault he refuses to converse with a future prospect via webcam. It’s highly unlikely he even knows what a webcam is. Should we blame him for that?

  2. You guys just don’t get it. The purpose of the rule is to limit contact with students. That’s right, they’re students! Students don’t need to be bombarded by coaches every second of the day. The so called “Saban Rule” was put into effect because Saban was taken advantage of a time when he was ONLY supposed to be EVALUATING recruits and NOT speaking to them. The fact that he has resorted to webcams so fast and is engaging in 4-5 conversations a day, shows that he is upset because he can’t break the rule anymore. It’s pretty obvious that at UAT the kids are looked at as a commodity rather than students. Again, there is a reason why the NCAA restricts contact with STUDENTS.

  3. Well – Damn if we are not a little pious about things Mr. Tiger. The World keeps spinning and the foundation of the New Dynasty is being built while you bitch about contact with STUDENTS.
    Mr. Tiger – keep recruiting STUDENTS while we recruit PIPE HITTERS .

  4. APITiger, the problem is you have no legs to stand on when you state your so called “facts”.

    Did you actually witness Saban contacting recruits in a time in which he was simply evaluating them? You may read preposterous nonsense coming from the Miami, or Baton Rogue tabloids, but has the NCAA issued an investigation concerning Saban’s recruiting methods? Absolutely not.

    So keep sugarcoating the true fact that Saban earns the gold he digs simply because he works for it. Had this situation been flip-flopped, you guys would be all but supportive of the webcam contacting method and you would highly endorse the live evaluation of recruits in action.

  5. AUTiger, in case you didnt see the quote from above.
    CTT sez….”Besides, he added, “I’ve been recruiting these kids since the eighth grade. Hopefully, they know what I look like.”
    So where where is your moral outrage at that remark? Or like most Aubbos are you so misinformed that you fail to realize he is APPROACHING these “STUDENTS” 2 full years before the NCAA permits it?
    Of course I suppose it is OK for CTT to talk up children (I’m sorry, STUDENTS) who are in Jr. High School. Because he is such a great guy and all and Saban is such a lying, cheating, bastard.

    Eighth grade,,,, What in the hell is wrong with this picture?

  6. Phillip Marshall

    Being entirely impartial (as always), I must say that I find the way that Nick Saban flaunts the rules to be totally inappropriate and unfair to decent, honest, hardworking, and manly Coaches like Tommy Tuberville. Everyone knows that CTT (he loves when I call him that), starts recruiting for character when his prospects are in pre-school. I, Phillip Marshall, have witnessed CTT (he loves when I call him that), looking mysteriously sexy in his mirrored sunglasses as he charismatically WOW’ed a group of 2nd graders on a playground in Birmingham. Not since Jesus Christ has there been such a powerful public orator.
    But the real issue here is that charleton
    punk, Nick Saban. While I bear no malice toward Nick Saban and his cheating, brainwashing antics, something must be done to uphold the sanctity of the “Saban Rule” and to stop Nick Saban from out recruiting Auburn.

    So to recap, It is OK if Tommy Tuberville approaches infants and toddlers to play for the greatest football program ever.(Because it is for their own good). But it is never OK for that Godless scumbag (Nick Saban)to brainwash impressionable High School Seniors.
    Did you know that Terry Bowden is a slimy worthless troll? Or that Auburn claims 17 national Championships on Wikipedia? You can read about these things and many, many, many, more in my coffee table sized novel “Auburn: Legends of the Gridiron”

  7. It doesn’t matter; Saban will still female-dog slap Tubby in the overall recruiting process.

    Eventually, Tubby will initiate a campaign supporting the dictatorship of the NCAA, practically begging them to mandate a rule stating Alabama and Opelika Polytechnic Institute should split the recruiting commitments straight down the middle, giving each of the two Alabama football powerhouses an equal share of talented prospects.

  8. Shane Crack Korn

    Old Dinosaur? CTT considers that a compliment to be compared to Bare Byrant. Hey the Crapstone Report is not as one sided as I thought.


  9. Y’all need to clean that there wax outta ya ears and a listen up.

    Folks it is true, us Barnies ARE a smokin’ the stuff we’re a growin’.

    That bein’ said, I say Tubby should recruit the old fashioned way, just as I did with Eric Ramsey.

    Tubby is a good coach, even better than that there Mike Shuler. He’ll find a way to beat Nick Saban with less talent. These good ole’ christian boys he’s a recruitin’ are motivated by the fact that their rare character wins those ball games a for ’em, not talent.

    One last note, what the hell is a webcam recruitin’ technique? How the hell do y’all Alabammer fans expect to sign a recruit by involving a spiderweb and one of them there a camera obscures? Y’all Alabammer fans are so full of nuts.

    This is Pat Dye, signin’ off!!

  10. Shane Crack Korn

    Hey bammers, remember when we joked and kidded and laughed at the barners from 1971 to 1981 (I don’t count PUNT BAMMER PUNT)in 1972 because we were on Double Secret Probation that year. Well as the #1 redneck bammer fan that calls into Paul FineScum I have decided to apologize to all my AUBURN friends and listeners. I know how you feel. Year after year after year I believe with all my heart we are going to win the Iron Bowl but guess what happens? We get spanked by Mr. Tuberville. I give up, you win AUBURN. Please don’t laugh when you see bammers at the Dollar General or the Mission Outlet stores. Just remember we WERE good back in the seventies.


  11. I'm not Bobby Lowder.

    Hi, Pat did you like that new shiatzu messager Bobby Lowder sent over to your office?
    ShaneSmokeCrackKorn, How is your mission of false propaganda and misinformation goin’ over here at this Bammer’s blog?
    You got Bobby Lowder’s Big Mac and fries ready?
    Bobby Lowder wanted me to tell you he is the richest man in all of Lee County and if you dont step it up, he might have to borrow Donald Trumps firing cobra.

  12. Shanes Boyfriend

    Pony Express seems to be working fine for CTT, he has gotten some studs over the past three weeks!

  13. It’s already covered in the rules manual. Man what a DA. Read, Read, READ!

    “He is eager for coach Tim Brewster to start using the Web cam once they’re sure it’s permitted by the NCAA.”

  14. Hasn’t this same old lame arse story been posted on here every other day for the last month?

  15. Whenever the AP stops writing about it, then we will too. However, it remains news, and Tuberville keeps getting lumped in with dinosaurs like Bobby Bowden….it makes it funny.

  16. Shane Crack Korn

    Coach Tuberville, Coach Bowden and Coach Bryant. What a great group of Dinosaurs.


  17. Did Coach Tuberville ever get over the verbal wedgie he got from the Georgia women’s gymnastics coach? (That really didnt work out too well for him did it?)It has got to be embarrassing to have a non-pissing contest (with a woman) and still lose….Well anyhow… I hope someone can come up with some stats to counter Suzann Yoculan and save your football coaches honor. It is indeed a sad day when a woman makes you wear a big red clown nose…..

  18. Cap-

    That’s fair enough.


    Do posts like that make you feel better about yourself and your team? Seriously, does that help you block out ULM, 6 IN A ROW to AuBARN, back-to-back trips to Shreveport and so on and so on??? As for wearing a big red clown nose….I don’t think Tubby has been the joke of the SEC the last few years!!!

  19. Mike, Well said.

    TCM, was that Suzann Yoculan that french kissed Satan when he got off the plane when he first arrived at AUBURN West Airport or is Suzann Coach Sherry Patterson’s Mentor? I know that the Gym Dawgs dominate the crimson gym cats.


  20. 6 in a row,ULM? colleen? Nice material…. How about “wheres the beef!” or how about “DYNO-MITE”! I know how about a nice chorus of “PUNT BAMA PUNT!!” You guys really need some new material….9-4 is as good as it is going to get on the plains for a long long time.
    For the second time in 1 year (thanks to UGA) CTT got served like a testicle free, dress wearing poltroon. Except this time it wasnt his mother or his wife……..

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