Mailbag: Daniel Moore support & comments
The Daniel Moore column from Sunday generated a good deal of email and other discussion. Some highlights from the emails and our discussion board:

I did not attend nor graduate from the University of Alabama but I have several relatives who have and I’ve kept up with their football team for more than 40 years.

I first learned about the talents of Daniel Moore (like most did) when he completed the goal line stand portrait of the 1979 Sugar Bowl of course the many great artworks since then. I first met Danny 4 years ago when I requested his help in painting a portrait of his high school coach (Bob Finley) from the former Berry High School (now Hoover High School ). I have come to count Danny as a true friend in many ways and find him a man of true integrity to along with his tremendous art talents.

I have also kept up with this absurd lawsuit by the University of Alabama (which actually involves a few people). It is truly appalling to see this ridiculous lawsuit continue when one considers the amount of money this institution can spend on various agendas (some worthy and a few not so worthy).

Danny’s paintings of storied events in Alabama ’s football history solidify the legacy that it richly deserves. His paintings will outlast his life in time and help increase the importance of the tradition of the Crimson Tide.

What really gets me is the fact that while Danny made money for his career the University and its’ entities made as much or even more profit directly and indirectly from the sales of his works. If it could be totaled up (and there’s probably no way after more than 25 years it could) statistics would show that Danny Moore’s sacrifices of time, talent and energy in portraying his love through art for the Crimson Tide would prove astronomical. THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA ACTUALLY OWES DANIEL A. MOORE MORE THAN A SHOW OF GRATITUDE AND FINANCIAL RESTITUTION. This lawsuit is far worse than “backstabbing” by an institution for one of its’ alumni.

It is a travesty which will prove to be one of the more earnest in academic history. I would appeal to Dr. Witt and the university officials involved in this action to drop it immediately before this becomes a major part of YOUR LEGACY.

Sincerely, Wayne
                Hoover, Alabama

Thanks for sharing a personal experience with Mr. Moore. Without a doubt, he is a good man who deserves better from UA.

I am a lifelong Alabama fan and supporter.  I think it’s a disgrace how the University is treating him with this lawsuit.   My home is filled with Daniel Moore prints.   And each year I always purchased his Alabama calendar.  I could not get one this year because he didn’t make one due to this lawsuit.  Every year I knew I would be able to buy a memory of the greatest play from our season because Daniel Moore would paint one.  No other artist is as talented as Daniel Moore.  His artwork makes you feel you are there.  And he is a product of our University.  How sad that his own school would treat him this way.  I say we create a petition to be delivered to the President in support of Daniel Moore.  Believe me, we could get more than enough signatures.  Alabama should take the high road and resolve this senseless action.  It’s ridiculous that one of our own cannot support and promote the University he attended and loved.  The publicity alone that Daniel Moore’s talent brings the University is more than worth the measly money they are referring to.  Daniel Moore’s reputation as a national sports artist is renown.  Let’s settle this so we, the fans, can once again enjoy the best artwork memorabilia in the country.

Debbie S.
Bama Fan and Supporter

I understand that position. I agree. Alabama has a responsibility to look beyond momentary gain and at the larger issues such as public relations and what’s right. Infringing on constitutionally protected free speech/expression and free press rights would be reprehensible from a private enterprise, how much more so when a public entity.

I’m playing catchup on this story.
Could you perhaps give us Dr. Witt’s email address so fans of Daniel Moore could flood his inbox with protests?
Paul C.

Fans can email Dr. Witt at: I hope someone gets a response, because so far the University has ignored my requests for comment.

I’ve been reading differing viewpoints on this subject and both sides have some viable points.  Maybe the University and Mr. Moore should just sit down together and come to an amiable agreement, then drop the lawsuits.

My thoughts…

I agree Cliff. Both sides have a good argument. I know, from a business sense, that UA depends on merchandise sales as a revenue stream for the school. So I can see where they are coming from there. But taking into consideration the history of the marriage of Moore and UA, and the fact that he has done so much to promote the university in a positive fashion, it seems a little harsh. It is really unfortunate b/c most have grown to associate the UA and Daniel Moore.

And Moore has some very good points too. “documenting a historical event” and the freedom of press and speech.

So Im torn, but still side with Moore due to the history. Does anyone agree with the UA??

These last two comments are both good points from our discussion forums. There is a lot of common sense amongst the general public. If our leaders (political or otherwise) would harken to it, there would be fewer mistakes made. I don’t know one fan who has unequivocally come out on the University’s side in this dispute. And I think that speaks volumes about how poorly this lawsuit plays with the public.