For everyone wondering about Nick Saban’s housing situation, Nick Saban purchased a $2.9 million home, the Birmingham News reported today. For those interested in learning more about the Alabama coaching staff, Roll Bama Roll has launched an analysis of each coach. Memphis Tider provides lots of photographs of his weekend visit to Tuscaloosa. He gives details about his trip, and even discusses the Save the Strip debate.

The Alabama golf team wins another tournament crown, and are now third in one poll and fifth in another, according to the

The basketball team sets its mark on improving its NCAA tournament chances with a win over the Vols. A win would end Tennessee’s 14-game home winning streak.

Other notes:
We continue to follow MTV’s Two-A-Days: Hoover High School. Last night’s episode wasn’t as interesting as the previous entries, but there was plenty of screen time for Brittany. And that is always a good choice. Watching Rush Propst coach is fun. He’s animated, excited and focused. He’s not afraid to yell at his players or expect great things from them; however, sometimes his mouth just gets a little ahead of him. One point during the first half of the Oak Mountain game following a Hoover touchdown, he was recorded saying he would like to get 49-points up before halftime and send a shockwave through the state. Propst is a great coach and a fine man, but comments like that only serve to reinforce an image of him as arrogant.

A new movie opening this week (Feb. 23) stars Horatio Hornblower, errr, I mean Reed Richards…err…I mean Ioan Gruffudd. Amazing Grace is the story of William Wilberforce, a 19th Century abolitionist, who led the fight to end the slave trade in England. The movie doesn’t have as much action as the Horatio Hornblower series, but the early buzz is positive for the movie. You can watch the trailer here.