Recruiting expert Max Emfinger was on Paul Finebaum today and told the state how strong Alabama’s recruiting class is. According to Emfinger, Alabama ranks #7 in the nation this year with several top prospects.

 Don’t forget, Rivals and Scout have Alabama listed in the 20’s now.

 So, who is right?

Right now, probably neither. Alabama has a very strong class, better than Rivals or Scout claim, but probably not as good as Emfinger rates it. However, one thing I agree with Emfinger on is the quality of the defensive prospects. I’ve been saying and I’ll repeat it: McCullough is one of the most talented linemen I’ve seen play this season. According to Emfinger, McCullough was a monster in an All-Star game making 12 tackles and 2 sacks. I can’t wait to see McCullough in Tuscaloosa.

And  not to beat a dead horse, but recruiting rankings aren’t Gospel. The AJC has a very good article on the Class of 2002. A hot prospect isn’t always a great college player. “In retrospect, it may not have been a very good year,” said Bobby Burton, editor in chief. “You’re talking about some really good players that just never got going.”

Like I said, recruiting commentary is more art than science.  

TELEVISION: Two-A-Days are back on MTV. You can read about it in the NY Times or check out the official site. The first season was interesting and the second season should prove to be as well. And in case anyone doesn’t know, (BIG SPOILER HERE!) Hoover doesn’t win state this season!

BASKETBALL: The pressure is growing on Mark Gottfried (or Mike as many people are calling him.) And since Coach Gottfried was supposedly jealous of the attention given to Saban earlier this month, isn’t it fitting that many Alabama fans don’t even know his first name? Maybe we should all start calling him Mike in our posts on discussion boards. Seriously though, Gottfried wanted attention for the basketball program–well he has got it. Unfortunately, this isn’t the attention he hoped would come to the program. Memphis Tider put together a very detailed and passionate critique of the basketball team. Worth reading if you care about winter sports not involving recruiting.

Tommy Tuberville: Roll Bama Roll had a great piece comparing Todd Graham and Tommy Tuberville. I think Tuberville has more class than Graham–but you be the judge.