Just how important was the Nick Saban hiring last week? Apparently, so important that it placed Saban in the top 10 of Google searches. For the first week of the year:
Google.com Gainers
new year 2007
saddam hanging
darrent williams
nick saban
nikki cox
windows defender
boise state

Talk about messed up priorities. It isn’t when people spend more money on football coaches than education; rather, it is when people spend more time searching the internet for pictures of Nick Saban instead of Nikki Cox.

I guess I was wrong. OSU wasn’t the best team in the country. It probably wasn’t even the second or third best team in the country if last night was our measuring stick. OSU was no doubt hurt by the long layoff, but there can be no doubt what happened. Florida wanted it more. Florida’s defense stifled the OSU offense; at times I thought I was watching Alabama’s inept offensive line at play instead of a national title contender. If anything it showcased how strong the SEC really is.

Saban will be introduced to fans tonight at Coleman Coliseum during halftime of the Alabama-LSU basketball game, according to the Tuscaloosa News.

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