Was Courtney Upshaw’s sack on Big Ben illegal? You decide.

ITKLast night the Ray Rice-less Baltimore Ravens defeated Ben Roethlisberger’s Pittsburgh Steelers 26-6. Bama’s C.J. Mosley had a great game, forcing and recovering a fumble while recording 4 solo tackles and five more assists.

But talk among football fans today is the hit former Bama star Courtney Upshaw planted on Big Ben. Upshaw sacked Roethlisberger in what looked like a textbook football play, but was called for roughing the passer.

Replay shows he didn’t lead with the helmet, or go for the Steeler quarterback’s head, yet was flagged.

In this day of feminization in our country, what is the game of football coming to? Rather than physical play, those in charge are allowing the game we love to be changed into a game of two hand touch. We likely won’t be able to recognize the game in another ten years. The next thing you know offenses will be allowed to employ a suck-punch philosophy, snapping the ball before the defense (or officials) has a chance to get in place. You know, like a bunch of sissies. Oh wait…

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