Jameis Winston meets ACC press, June Jones proposes spring season, more.

By Hunter Ford

It was only April when Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston was cited for walking out of a grocery store without paying for crab legs and crawfish.  But that didn’t stop him from attending the ACC Media Days event.

Besides saying he had learned from his mistakes, he reminded everyone that the ACC, not the SEC, won the national championship in big-time college football last year.   And who did the Seminoles beat? Let me see if I can remember…?  Oh yeah, Auburn.   Jameis went through his conference media days without a problem.  Auburn’s Nick Marshal had a more recent citation, for tinted windows and possession of a small amount of weed, but neither quarterback was arrested for their alleged crimes.  I know this is comparing crabs to crawdads, but if Winston could step up at media days and meet the press, couldn’t Marshall?


A while back I wrote about Clemson Coach Dabo Swinney’s idea to have exhibition college football games between different schools during the spring, instead of the boring intra-squad scrimmages.  Leave it to June Jones to come up with a better plan.  Jones, formerly an NFL and University of Hawaii coach, now at SMU, thinks smaller conferences like C-USA, the MAC, the Sun Belt, and so forth, should move their entire schedules to the spring.

I’m all for it.  I would love to be able to watch a live game in March, April, and May.  June Jones is a genius.  Troy, UAB and South Alabama would probably stand to gain bigger followings if they played in the spring rather than competing with Alabama and Auburn for attention in the fall.


Steve Spurrier calls it “talkin’ season” but whatever you label it, SEC Media Days is a hit with fans.  I heard one guy flew 20 hours from Australia just to get Nick Saban’s autograph.  Here is a piece from the New York Times that sums it up nicely.



Just makes you want to get ready for Sunday School, doesn't it?

Wachoo talkin bout Jameis? STFU!