60 Minutes Sports feature: Built By Bama


One of many reasons why games like tomorrow’s are won by the Crimson Tide before they ever begin.

It’s almost not fair.

Roll Tide!

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    Raw Beagle flw down the field! Splat!!!! Hey Battle Buzzards what the hell are ya’ll doing with UcheaT? Bwaa Haww Haww!

  2. 4

    Still only won by 32 with playing the starters all but the final series. Anyway Bama played against the starting QB until he was hurt nearly at the end of the 3rd quarter, and then finished against the backup. Awbie played against a true freshman QB who UcheaT had planed on red shirting. Anyway Bama is UcheaT’s biggest rival with Florida second. After getting ass raped by both, the Vols have given up on this season. The Turds still haven’t beat any common opponent as bad as Bama, and now they won’t. RTR!

  3. 5

    Did we trade Smart for UcheaT’s damn defensive coordinator? Who the hell designed Bama’s defensive game plan? Our damn Secondary hasn’t covered a damn pass yet. You can’t play off those receivers like that. They act like they’re fucking scared of them. They better get some aggression in the second half or the game is going to depend on AJ’s arm. Damn what a sloppy game. told you Bama would have to screw the pooch to lose this game. Well right now there’s God Damn orgy going on.

  4. 6

    This is bullshit. Bama looks like a poorly coached football team tonight. TYhey aren’t getting out played, They’re getting out coached and playing hesitantly. Bullshit!

  5. 7

    Obviously the offense hasn’t forgotten how to play aggressive without errors. Now let’s see if the damn defense can do their part.

  6. 8

    I told ya! Aggression, aggression, aggression! On both sides of the ball. I also told everybody all over the country Bama 42-17. So far damn close! RTR!

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