This is why we love Alabama football

We’re now some 83 days away from the 2013 college football season. Riding back-to-back National Championship seasons, with three BCS National Championship trophies total added to our illustrious collection in a span of just four years, Alabama fans have much to be happy about.

But like any Auburn fan will tell you (because they have to), it’s not about the championships. Well, yes it is. But almost as important are the moments. Those moments when you never forget where you were when they happen.

• Moments like Paul “Bear” Bryant’s 315th win coming against Auburn in 1981.
• Like Van Tiffin’s kick in 1985.
• Moments like Cornelius Bennett’s sack and Bama’s first win over Notre Dame in 1986.
• Like Thomas Rayam’s game winning block of a Penn State chip shot in 1989.
• Like Phillip Doyle’s kick to sink the Vols and extend the streak in 1990.
• Moments like Langham’s INT to down the smug Steve Spurrier and his Gators in 1992.
• Moments like total domination of the ultra cocky Miami Hurricanes for the 1992 National Championship.
• Like Bama’s improbable 31-7 blowout win in Lee County in 2001.
• Moments like the Tide’s gut wrenching end to the Vol reign in 2005.
• Moments like watching Nick Saban’s feet hit the tarmac live in January 2007.
• Like the 36-0 humiliation and processing of Tommy Tuberville.
• Like every single whipping the Tide has handed the Vols since Saban arrived.
• Moments like dominating Tim Tebow and making him cry in 2009.
• Moments like Bama’s 1st BCS National Championship over Texas in Jan. 2010.
• Like Bama’s 2nd BCS National Championship over LSU in Jan. 2012
• Like making the falsely humble Mark Richt sulk in defeat this past December.
• Moments like Bama’s 3rd BCS National Championship over Notre Dame last January.

Moments like this…

I still have LSU friends who won’t talk about that night. Their struggle with that hurtful memory is simply delicious, similar to my Auburn friends who admit they haven’t watched all or any of the last two Iron Bowls, or BCS National Championship games for that matter.

There are just too many moments to list in regard to Alabama football. And while there have been some we’d like to forget, the number of unbelievable moments of elation and triumph are grossly disproportionate to times of defeat.

It’s why rivals hate us. It’s why ratings for televised Alabama games create a financial windfall for networks and their sponsors. And it’s why we live to experience the next moments playout on the field before our very eyes.

Roll Tide everybody. Bring on 2013.

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