Alabama, Louisville make APR Honor Roll

INDIANAPOLIS — Alabama and Louisville are performing almost as well in the classroom as they do on the playing field.

On Wednesday, the reigning national champs in the two most visible college sports made the NCAA’s honor roll for academic success. Louisville was one of 35 men’s basketball teams to score between 978 and 1,000 on the annual Academic Progress Rate. Alabama was one of 13 Bowl Subdivision schools to make the cut.

In all, 976 teams made the most recent list that covered the four-year period ending in 2011-12. Alabama won the national championship then, too, and Louisville reached the Final Four. Actual scores for each school will be released Tuesday.

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    The Conduit

    I don’t think it’s a coincidence.

    I love hearing about how “easy” it is for the guys who go pro to pick up their new team’s playbooks. The more you learn, the more you can learn and the easier it gets.

    There might be better phystical talents at QB, for example. But every time AJ McCarron goes to the ground or throws the ball away instead of taking a poor risk, Roll Tide.

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