Georgia torques with their look…(sigh) again

The University of Georgia unveiled its new secondary logo yesterday, thanks in part to Nike. The athletic apparel mogul updated the Bulldog uniforms with a more “stylized” font, which it also did for Oregon State. But it also included this:

Why, Georgia?

Why, Georgia?

Georgia has one of the most classic, recognizable brands in all of college sports. Set aside the importance of winning championships and Georgia has a tradition that is unrivaled in all the land. To me, when it comes to athletic branding, it is hard to beat this:

real Georgia logos

When they got away from the “silver britches” for a short time it was a travesty. Thankfully, the updated Nike uni’s will feature the silver pants as well. But I just don’t understand why so many programs feel as though they have to torque with their look year after year. Frankly, it drives me nuts.

Alabama’s look has not changed. Aside from wearing the occasional white helmet in the 60’s and part of the 80’s, Alabama has been “Alabama” every time you’ve seen them run out of the tunnel. Thank goodness, you will never see them do this:

The complete Georgia uniform meltdown of 2011. Boise St. 35  Georgia 21

The complete Georgia uniform meltdown of 2011. Boise St. 35 Georgia 21

Personally, my favorite Georgia alternate uniform was this one:

Alabama 41 Georgia 30 - "The Blackout,"  2008

Alabama 41 Georgia 30 – “The Blackout,” 2008

But case in point, if you know or work with someone who is continually messing with their look…changing their hair, going with a completely different style of clothes, getting fake tattoos…it usually points to a person struggling with identity and insecurity issues. Not saying that’s the case with Georgia, but if Bama hadn’t made any noise in college football since 1980, Bama fans might be insecure too.

I will say this, at least Georgia’s new logo is better than this one:

Horrible. Just, horrible. Thank you, Bob Bockrath.

Horrible. Just, horrible. Thank you, Bob Bockrath.

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