REPORT: Alabama’s national television audience larger than Notre Dame, SEC finding A&M and Mizzou strong in ratings

Nielsen the ratings and research company released its State of the Media: 2012 Year in Sports report. The report included professional, college and Olympic sports. For interest in the SEC and Alabama there were tidbits involving the conference and the Crimson Tide.

According to Nielsen, “Alabama beat Notre Dame on the field and in average TV viewership by 27 percent over the 2012 season. Alabama had 7.2 million viewers on average during nationally televised games, while Notre Dame had 5.7 million viewers.”

Also, the BCS Championship Game between Alabama and Notre Dame drew 26,380,000 viewers while the Rose Bowl drew 17,024,000 viewers and Fiesta Bowl posted 12,306,000 viewers. The SEC Championship Game between Alabama and Georgia drew 16,228,000 viewers, according to the report.

Another SEC school in a championship game in the NCAA basketball tournament also posted high numbers as the Kentucky Wildcats game against Kansas drew 20,869,000 viewers.

Nielsen also analyzed how conference realignment affected ratings. According to the report, SEC games featuring Texas A&M and Missouri accounted for nine telecasts and earned an average of 3,926,000 viewers while SEC games featuring original SEC teams accounted for 28 telecasts averaging 3,957,000 viewers.

There is considerably more information in the Nielsen report. If you are interested in the business of sports and particularly college athletics, then check it out for more information on ad spending and how viewers are responding to broadcast network’s Saturday night college football games. You can access the report at Nielsen’s website.