FOOTBALL: LSU is just living in Alabama’s shadow

How bad is it being one of the top football programs in the nation and being in the same division as Alabama?

It is so bad that a column on the strength of the LSU program necessitates mentioning Alabama. Not one mention, but multiple mentions to put LSU’s program into context.

While ESPN’s Chris Low attempts to tell LSU fans, everything is going to be fine since LSU recruits top talent every single year, Low can’t help but mention Alabama’s towering position that casts a shadow on the rest of college football.

Low tells LSU fans that despite the massive loss of underclassmen headed to the NFL draft, that the program remains on a “strong enough foundation.”

That is true. Les Miles has done a remarkable job of keeping LSU near the top of the SEC and because of that near the top of all of college football.

Yet, there is that lingering problem of Nick Saban and Alabama football.

Low admits that “losing so many good players at once will make it that much more difficult to climb out from under Alabama’s growing shadow, and that’s not what anybody wants to hear on the Bayou.”

Low also drops a hint why Alabama casts such a large shadow. According to Low, “There’s a reason LSU has been one of the elite programs in college football the past few years. The Tigers have recruited and developed players about as well as anyone. The sobering reality for everybody else in the SEC is that nobody has done it as well as Alabama, and the Tigers and Crimson Tide just happen to reside in the same division.”

LSU will continue to recruit top talent. LSU will continue to win big football games. Les Miles will continue to be one of the quirkiest and successful college football coaches.

Yet, Nick Saban is a thorn in the side of LSU and Tiger fans. Saban forsook Baton Rouge for South Beach. How many championships would Saban have won for the Tigers had he remained in college football? And now Saban is winning championships at another SEC West divisional rival.


You almost feel sorry for LSU fans.