SEC PREVIEW: Vince Dooley looks at the big stories & games in the SEC

Dooley talks about the big games of the week including Auburn vs. Clemson and Alabama vs. Michigan. Dooley covers the big stories as the SEC starts the 2012 season.

Quick summary:

SEC Kickoff with Legendary Coach Vince Dooley
The SEC Digital Network debuted a new preview show covering SEC football starring coaching legend Vince Dooley. The former Georgia football coach examines the major stories in this slick web production.

Stories covered included:
The SEC welcomes Missouri and Texas A&M to conference football action. Dooley shows how both teams bring dynamic offenses into a league known for its stout defenses.

The SEC welcomes two new head coaches. Ole Miss takes the field under Hugh Freeze. Arkansas takes the field with John L. Smith after the scandalous departure of Bobby Petrino.

The SEC places LSU, Alabama Georgia, South Carolina and Arkansas in top ten of polls. “The SEC has definitely earned respect around the nation,” Dooley said.

Dooley talks Auburn vs. Clemson: Dooley explains how similar the Clemson and Auburn schools are and the linkage between the two football teams. Dooley shows film of Clemson and Auburn’s 2010 game from the film archives.
Coach Interview: Gene Chizik talks about getting ready for Clemson
Chizik explained how coaches walk a fine line between having a team over-prepared and underprepared. “It is very, very important that on that night or on that day they are ready to play that game,” Auburn football coach Gene Chizik said. Chizik said starting the season with this type of game against Clemson “is exciting for everyone.”

Dooley examines games including South Carolina vs. Vanderbilt and Kentucky vs. Louisville and Alabama vs. Michigan.

Dooley says Alabama will be good this year and has strength on the offensive front. “I always believe it is what is up front that counts,” Dooley said.

The SEC Digital Network describes Dooley’s show

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