Auburn’s inferiority complex on full display with player’s commitment

Thursday, longtime Alabama commit Rueben Foster switched his commitment, announcing in public forum he would be playing for Auburn.

This really wasn’t a shock, as the player was moved to Auburn High School where he was a teammate of Curtis Luper’s and Trooper Taylor’s sons. Both Luper and Taylor coach for the fighting Chiziks.

Players switch their commitments all the time; this isn’t a Halley’s Comet sighting but any means. It happens every year.

It was how it was done, illustrating the pettiness of Auburn and its present coaching staff.

Last December, Bama received a commitment from a longtime Auburn recruit, TY Yeldon. Yeldon released this 150 word statement:

Over the last few weeks, I’ve really put a lot of time and thought into where I want to go to school and continue my football career. I am blessed to be in a situation where I have several great opportunities and I appreciate everyone involved who has helped me get to this point.

I want to make an announcement so I can put this behind me and get to work on the things I need to do to prepare for college both athletically and academically. I am going to enroll at the University of Alabama in January.

I have a lot of respect for Auburn, the coaches, and all of the people there, but at the end of the day I feel like the University of Alabama is the best situation and fit for me and my family. I am 100 percent confident with my final decision. I feel great about it and I’m excited to get started.

What’s the big deal? Here was Foster’s statement on Thursday. Here’s a hint for you barners out there who can’t read…it’s word for word with Yeldon’s….

Over the last few weeks, I’ve really put a lot of thought and time into where I wanted to (continue) my football career. I am blessed that I am in the situation where I have several great opportunities, and I appreciate everyone attending this meeting. I want to make an announcement so I can put this behind me and get on with all the work that I need to do for high school and get prepared for college, both academically and athletically.

I am going to enroll at Auburn University.

I have a lot of respect for Alabama and the coaches and all the other people and the fans. But at the end of the day, I felt like Auburn University is the place for me and my family and had the best situation for me and my family. I am 100 percent confident with my final decision. I feel great about my decision, and I’m excited to get started.

Listening to the kid talk, there’s no way he wrote that. Hell, listening to him talk, there’s no way he can write.

This carefully orchestrated shot across the bow of the Alabama coaching staff illustrates beautifully, in perfect scale, the pettiness of the Auburn coaching staff. A coaching staff apparently consumed with Alabama.

However, a consumption that didn’t show in last year’s 42-14 beatdown on Pat Dye Field.

Auburn, you wonder why we think you are inferior to Alabama? It’s because you are. It’s because of childish, lame moves like this that expose you for who and what you are.

Auburn has long been referred to as “little brother” by Alabama fans. And it’s what Auburn is.

But let me offer, Auburn isn’t a little brother, as in the youngest. Auburn is a prototypical middle child.

Do a study of the birth order and you’ll see middle children behaving exactly the way the Auburn fambly does. Middle children feel lost, stuck in the middle. They don’t get the attention from being the oldest, and they don’t get the attention from being the youngest.

So they resort to doing stupid things to call attention to themselves, even into adulthood. Things that are shameless, obvious and sometimes downright sad. Stupid things like using a 17-year-old to communicate how hurt and upset they were that Alabama took one of their favorite players back in December.

The move was bush league. But then Auburn IS bush league.

There is serious talk of NCAA inquiries already made regarding a job Foster’s mother mysteriously received prior to the switch, and why the player was moved to Auburn High School in the first place. More to come on that.

The player himself is a stud, and Auburn needed him a heck of a lot more than Alabama. If he were a car, he would be a weekend convertable in an already packed 12-car garage in Tuscaloosa. For Auburn, he’s the family car. In other words, Alabama is loaded.

There’s a long way until February, and just like Cyrus Kouandjio, Brent Calloway, and TJ Yeldon, things can change.

But it’s the way Auburn chooses to go about its business that illustrates in high definition the inferiority and pettiness of the Auburn fambly.

You don’t and won’t see moves like this from the Alabama coaching staff, because they don’t have to operate like that. The University of Alabama is secure in its tradition, past, present and future. And when Nick Saban touched down in January 2007, Bama fans stopped worrying about recruiting. His track record at Bama on and off the field speaks to that.

But, Auburn, with moves like this…and towel waving, limosine rides, named weekends, neat-o catch phrases, singing “Lean On Me” in the stadium, and any of a hundred other examples…it’s just another reason why we laugh, as you tell us yourself “We are inferior.”

And we appreciate you validating that inferiority. Because you are.

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  1. 1
    Dr. Thompson

    I knew Auburn was going to recruit Foster. I think we all did (or should have) once he moved to Auburn HS. I wish we knew more about the situation in the first place, but I also think when we learn about recruits going somewhere or not committing to Alabama, I usually can see why it’s a good thing, why he at least might not be the best fit for Alabama. Yesterday, when I heard Foster talk for the first time, I knew Auburn was probably a better fit for him anyway, and consequently not a good fit for Alabama.

    But I still can’t believe that any team anywhere with any modicum of professional integrity would go so far as to look up Yeldon’s acceptance speech and copy it word-for-word for the sole purpose of a poetic face-slap.

    It’s a good speech, so on one hand I can’t blame them for using it. It hits all the notes and is respectful.

    But knowing it’s stolen, and from a rival’s recruit, takes not just the integrity out of the respectful nature of the speech itself, but also out of the program’s recruitment. If Yeldon’s speech instead came from a kid at Rutgers and Auburn stole it, nobody would care. But I don’t think they used the speech because it was good—-they used it because it was Alabama’s. Terrible.

    And Foster doesn’t seem like a bright leader, so on one hand I have to wonder if he’s aware of any of this. Does he know why whoever gave him that speech wrote it that way, or that it has anything at all to do with Alabama and Yeldon? For Foster’s sake, I hope he at least is aware of it. But I don’t think Alabama or Auburn fans can say whether or not that’s the case. If it is, you almost have to give him credit for the bullishness of it. But if he doesn’t know, it makes Auburn’s choice here that much worse.

    The worst part is we simply can’t tell. That’s the nature of Auburn. I like to try to give them the benefit of the doubt whenever possible, but it’s hard to ignore just how deliberately malevolent and “little-brother” this announcement was.

    • 2
      Bama's Daddy

      I love it! Every single article on a bama site is all about AU. All Auburn all the time for the little gumps in east mississippi. Who is your daddy updyke nation?!

      A U B U R N

      • 3

        East Mississippi? When has The University of Alabama been mistaken by people around the country as in Mississippi? Wow, you must be a sociology major. Anyway daddy (as creepy as that sounds) be proud your team picked up an excellent recruit. One little difference though. Yeldon, Kouandjio, Calloway didnt come to Bama because there was little competition for playing time. Reports are Foster (as good as he is) may have an issue with internal competition. He should fit right in at the barn. Do I wish he was coming to Bama sure I do CNS and CKS would have terrorized your ass with him but hey if he isnt cut out for the challenge then I doubt they really wanted him after all. Just saying it isnt easy being the best but somebody has to do it.

        • 4

          Sure, the #2 player in the country and #1 LB that experts have called “a once in a decade type middle linebacker” is scared of competition. Wow the butthurt is strong with this one.

          • 5

            5 players on a three deep roster = little depth = early playing time.(lets not forget philosophies on both sides of the ball had to be changed for any real chance of competing in the west and there are alot of “spreadem o” ( yes indeed imagine that) recruits now trying to convert to pro which doesnt really effect Foster just saying there is no depth on that side of the ball either) I know this seems like rocket science, but if you really try, I mean really really concentrate, it will make sense. Besides I am simply pointing out what is being discussed as the reason why. Any football player in the country that wants to come to Bama (11deep) should be prepared to have to compete. CNS has backups that would start at most schools including at the All SEC ahem… awbrum tigers.

          • 6

            “5 players on a three deep roster = little depth” I have no idea where you’re getting this info but it’s wrong. If you’re looking at depth chart it doesn’t factor in incoming LB’s or redshirted LB’s. AU has 9 or 10 scholarship LB’s for the 2012 Season. When Foster reports to AU there will be approx 11 scholarship LBs. Fuzzy math much?

            “lets not forget philosophies on both sides of the ball had to be changed ” Wrong, we are running the exact same defensive, just different man calling the shots ourt of the same 4-3.

            I’m not sure what the fact that we are going more to a Multiple Offense has to do with anything about Foster but by all means carry on.

            “bammer (11 deep) at LB? That’s not even 3 deep across the board. Don’t you think in a defensive system that has 4 LB’s would have atleast 12 LB’s? Even AU has a 3 deep at LB!

            With every “we didn’t need Foster” you guys look more and more stupid and you don’t even know it…that’s the beauty!

          • 7

            Well, you have Jake Holland on your starting roster. That should tell you anything you need to know about the tenacity of your defense…which sucks.

          • 8

            truth have you checked your pulse lately? Are you still breathing? Do you ever read about the team you cheer for or only obsess about Alabama?How many players on the SEC coaches preseason poll that was released the other day are currently on the awbrum roster? What would such a low number possibly suggest about depth? Hahahaha this stuff cant be made up!!!! Also a little fyi for you to impress your awbrum buddies with (just dont tell them a bammer clued you in.) but vangroper puts emphasis on the NT taking on blocks to allow pressure from end/linebacker hybrids which is a totally different philosophy than what roof wanted to do. They may still call it the 4-3 but believe me its different. Dont tell them either thats the same philosophy CNS uses. Hahahahaha

          • 9

            @ yellowhammer
            “How many players on the SEC coaches preseason poll that was released the other day are currently on the awbrum roster? What would such a low number possibly suggest about depth? Hahahaha this stuff cant be made up!!!! Also a little fyi for you to impress your awbrum buddies with (just dont tell them a bammer clued you in.) but vangroper puts emphasis on the NT taking on blocks to allow pressure from end/linebacker hybrids which is a totally different philosophy than what roof wanted to do. They may still call it the 4-3 but believe me its different.”

            I’m assuming you’re talking about quality defensive depth since that is the topic at hand, Auburn has one less player on the first team ALL SEC preseason defensive roster than your beloved tide. Sure it’s fun to look at (I had not read it until your post) but I couldn’t care less about a preseason ALL SEC team…post season is all that matters. Wouldn’t you agree? Furthermore, I didn’t expect many of those mostly true fr and soph’s from last year’s squad to make the list. Congrats on all the All SEC players you have in total…no excuses for another year like 2010, right?

            As far as BVG’s philosophy, find an article that states he puts an emphasis on his NT’s and post it please, I’d like to read it because every article I’ve read from the time of his hire back to his days in the NFL talks about his base alignment (4-3) and how he uses an attack first ask questions later philosophy with the DL to create havic and double teams thus allowing THREE lb’s (not 4)to roam free. If you have information otherwise, I would enjoy reading.

      • 10

        Who is Alabama’s daddy? Saint Nick. Who is your daddy, Toilet Paper U? Now go hire another coach that Alabama will whip-up on.

  2. 12

    If you’re saying Saban and the entire Bama coaching staff wouldn’t have been livid if Auburn had gotten a 5 star recruit to flip in the same manner they orchestrated the Yeldon situation last year, you are full of bovine excrement. The statement was drafted to get under the skin of the Bama nation, and judging by the vitriol of this article the mission was clearly accomplished. As to the allegation of “serious talk of NCAA inquiries” regarding the employment of Foster’s mother, I would remind you that rumors circulated by anonymous posters on Tiderinsider hardly constitute “serious talk”. In contrast, multiple articles printed in the mainstream media regarding the potential NCAA implications of Saban offering a job to Landon Collin’s girlfriend in exchange for his comittment would constitute “serious talk”.

    Did you seriously go so low as to question a high school kid’s literacy just because he switched allegiance to a rival school? I seriously doubt you had ever voiced any concerns with this kid’s intelligence 48 hours ago. Bitter much?

    • 13
      Dr. Thompson


      Yes, I do question a 17-year-old’s ability to read. I don’t think that’s going “so low?” But I was also just clarifying the quote—-you don’t want to mis-quote people in print, that’s all.
      I…guesss….there are different expectations from different cultures, simple as that. If you’re ok with it, no worries, he’s a good fit for Auburn, like I said before.

      Alabama didn’t get Yeldon the same way Auburn got Foster because Alabama didn’t use anything Auburn had done before in the announcement just to be little-brother about it. It gets under Alabama’s skin just as much as it shows Little Brother Syndrome’s severity in Auburn’s culture all the way up to how they orchestrate a young man’s recruitment speech. I dont’ think it’s something to be proud of, but the recruitment itself might be.

      And finally, nobody is saying anything about Foster’s mother’s job. I certainly didn’t. We’ll watch, and we’ll wait and see. It’s worth noting, and that’s what the author did—–he noted it.
      But you’re jumping to conclusions when you try to turn it around and, again, point at Alabama instead of staying on topic. But that seems to be part of Auburn’s culture, just like Foster’s speech—–they can’t let go of Alabama. They just can’t.

      Little Brother Syndrome affects thousands of people across the Yellowhammer State. This speech was just another step away from a cure.

      • 14

        Little Brother Syndrome is found by a simple review of this website’s current homepage. Here’s a hint, it’s all about Auburn.

        Little Brother Syndrome is also found by watching the epic documentary “Roll Tide – War Eagle.” Here’s a hint, take note of the number of Alabama fans that besmirch Auburn University.

        Interesting isn’t it.

        • 15

          Nah, it’s not interesting, it’s just easy. We’re in the slow period, and Auburn recruits and players keep getting arrested, sent home from camps/shows for spitting on pizzas, sent home for not being able to behave…you know, renegade behavior you Aubs have turned a blind eye to and dismissing for years.

          It’s just easy writing this time of year. And I’d like to thank you and your Fambly for it.

    • 16

      Ummm, from the school where it was proven that Brent Fullwood NEVER went to class? Like, never…

      And that Cam Newton, despite academic fraud at Florida was given the option to take his AU classes online??

      Yeah, we’re going to question the literacy and legitimacy of your players.

  3. 17
    Dr. Thompson

    Also, WOW is the coach from Auburn HS just as much of a creep. He spoke like he was trying to hide something, or just plain wasn’t prepared? I can’t tell. It was weird, and awkward, and just felt dirty or something.

    Also, that poor little girl? Weird. That’s just creepy. Quietest conference for a commitment change ever. I’m just glad it’s over.

    The quotes are a little off though when you watch the video. He doesn’t say, “I have a lot of respect for Alabama,” he says, “I have a lot of excpect for the Alabama.”

    Reading can be tough sometimes.

  4. 19

    I am an Auburn graduate and fan. I hate bammer, and want you to get the death penalty. But I hate just as much moves like yesterday.

    As much as I hate to admit it, it does make us look like our staff is consumed by Alabama. War Eagle till I die, but why can’t we operate with class??

    • 20

      Gee, I think I’ll go on the mesage board and pose as an Auburn fan and say I’m ashamed of what Auburn did. This is a really original idea! No one would ever realize that I’m really a Bama fan!

      • 21
        Dr. Thompson

        Is it really that hard to believe that not all Auburn fans would be proud of the way Auburn used an alabama recruit’s speech word-for-word just to use a recruit as a poetic middle-finger? I at least give Auburn fans the benefit of the doubt there. I don’t like what they did, and especially why they did it, particularly that they used the 17-year-old recruit himself to do it. That’s probably what they wanted, but I don’t agree all Auburn fans think acting that way by reacting to what Alabama does is how they want to be shown.

  5. 22

    Dr. Thompson, perhaps you can explain the difference between “talking about” it and “noting” it. The article stated (or “noted” as you would say) that there was “serious talk of NCAA inquiries already made regarding a job Foster’s mother mysteriously received…”. Obviously, the writer is blatantly attempting to lead readers into believing that the NCAA is investigating Auburn’s recruitment of Foster based upon noting more than anoymous rumor positings on Tiderinsider message boards. If you want to justify that practice in your own mind by using the reference “noting it” rather than “talking about”, then go ahead.

    It’s really quite humorous that you would accuse me of not “staying on topic” by simply responding to blatant hypocrisy. I didn’t raise the topic of offering people jobs in exchange for commitments, this article did. My response was directly on topic, as it “noted” that there were multiple and credible allegations that Saban had done the same thing in relation to the recruitment of Landon Collins.

    The literacy and oratory skills of recruits suddenly seems to have arisen as an area of great concern for you guys in the last 24 hours. Why don’t you go on Rivals and Scout and watch some of the interview videos for all of Bama’s comittments and see how they match up with Foster? You guys wouldn’t care if a Bama comittment couldn’t spell his own name as long as he was 4 star or better, and you know it.

    • 23

      Well, Abraham, considering Alabama finds itself at the top of the SEC and NCAA in the graduation rates of its athletes, particularly in football, I don’t think the oratory skills or schoolastic apptitude of ‘Bama athletes are under the microscope.

      As for the job situation, and what has come of the Landon Collins situation you mention? (and the crickets chirp…)

      The other situation you mention, that’s just getting warmed up. Stay tuned.

      • 24

        Alabama is not at the top of the SEC, much less the NCAA. Vanderbilt leads the SEC in graduation rates for football in the SEC, followed by Florida and LSU. Bama was 4th, UGA 5th, and Auburn was 6th. Again, just because something is posted on a Tiderinsider message board doesn’t mean it’s true.

        • 25

          Did you get your info from the Opelika News? Didn’t they crown Auburn national champs again last year?

      • 26

        As to what has become of the Landon Collins situation, it’s one of two possibilities. First and most likely is that Saban wisely informed the girl that she wouldn’t be getting the job after all after Collins signed, and she was $omehow motivated to keep her mouth $hut about any previous offers that were made. Second is that Saban stupidly hired her anyway, and the NCAA is investigating it right now. Given the intense media coverage about these allegations made by the recruit’s own mother, I highly doubt Saban was stupid enough to proceed with hiring her.

    • 27
      Dr. Thompson

      I think, yes, if you’re going to use someone else’s speech you should be able to read it. Commitment videos are one thing, you’re right they’re not always the most eloquent of deliveries, but this is the first time I know of a speech was copied and written down to be read, so I agree it’s hard to compare.

      I’m sorry about the job thing, but just for clairty, I didn’t and the author didn’t accuse anyone of anything. I understand why you are upset by it, but I think you’re overreacting. If more information is found, we will talk about it. For now, we know exactly what he said—-that people are talking about it because of the timing.

      The real matter at hand is Foster’s speech trying to copy Yeldon’s speech. It’s Little Brother Syndrome’s most perfect example yet for people who aren’t college football fans. I think that’s what is upsetting you and that’s why you’re overreacting to the author mentioning the rumor of timing of Foster’s mother’s new job—-it may be entirely coincidental with his recruitment switch to an in-state rival, but it’s at the very least worth mentioning. That’s all he did.

  6. 28

    The fact that an Auburn fan would write paragraph after paragraph in response to this article shows how consumed they are with Alabama.

    • 30

      The fact that 6 of the last 8 articles posted on this blog shows how consumed it’s writers are with Auburn. Amen, and amen. Thanks ITK.

      • 31

        You’re welcome, Abraham. When your ilk is getting busted every few days, demonstrating the reckless abandon that’s taking place in your camp, it’s easy to expose Auburn for what it is. Easy writing for the slow summer period.

  7. 32

    So this is just an Auburn student with “little brother syndrome” but I would like to point out that as you continue to say that Auburn is “obsessed” with Alabama I visited your twitter and noticed that 7 of your last 20 tweets were aboutt Auburn football or attempts to bash Auburn University.

    If you are still butthurt about Auburn completely out-recruiting you in our great state of Alabama just say so and respect the top notch job Auburn’s recruiters have been doing.

    God bless and War Damn Eagle

    • 33

      “So this is just an Alabama student with “little brother syndrome” but I would like to point out that as you continue to say that Alabama is “obsessed” with Auburn I visited your twitter and noticed that 7 of your last 20 tweets were about Alabama football or attempts to bash Alabama University.
      If you are still butthurt about Alabama completely out-recruiting you in our great state of Alabama just say so and respect the top notch job Auburn’s recruiters have been doing.
      God bless and Roll Tide”

      Wow, I take it back——-it’s actually more fun than I thought to use what a rival says. I think I’m beginning to understand Little Brother Syndrome a little better, and after all, that’s the first step towards treatment.

    • 34
      Dr. Thompson

      I think when offical Alabama announcements copy Auburn’s is when you can say Alabama has Little Brother Syndrome. Fans do it on both sides, you’re right, but only Auburn does it at the official-staff level.

  8. 35

    I love how this is the 4th article in a row on the Capstone Report that is solely focused on Auburn… And your trying to argue that Auburn is consumed with Bama?

    • 38
      Dr. Thompson


      It’s an article about Auburn taking something an Alabama player had said and repeating it word-for-word to spite him and Alabama.
      Auburn wants Alabama to talk about it. That’s why they did it, and it’s working.
      And now we’re all talking about how it’s the perfect example of Little Brother Syndrome, particularly at the coaching level of the program itself. It’s such a great example, I don’t think you can fault anyone at Alabama for talking about it. And Auburn’s getting what it wanted too.

    • 39

      Again, it’s just easy to write about Abarn when your players and recruits are getting busted and sent home from school or camps on a weekly basis.

      Welcome to the slow period, and thank you Auburn for giving us plenty to laugh about.

  9. 41

    Wonder which retarded Barnturd changed his name to Abraham? Is that you Fukin’BlowJob? Or maybe Hoopworm? And the little ol’ lady – Mandyke? You chicken shits – manup! As for retarded athletes let’s not forget the King – Carnell Williams. Couldn’t even say his own name. There’s no way he passed a college course even at Barnturd U! Did some dumbass say Barney is outrecruiting Bama in Alabama? It’s a long fucking time till February asshole. However, it wouldn’t surprise me. The Homeys want to play in front of their friends and family and with all the surperior in and out of state athletes at Bama, that may never happen for some of them. But don’t be including Foster in that list. He is a Georgia recruit who is at Awbie High under some mysterious circumstances. As if there weren’t better High Schools in Georgia he could have transfered too. And T-Town is only 50 miles further from Atlanta than Auburn. So bullshit on that excuse. There always was something fishy about a Bama recruit from Georgia moving to Auburn.

  10. 42

    I don’t live in the state of Alabama, but the typical AU fan reaction to this is exactly how the idiot Bammers acted with the Yeldon de-commmit/commit. The Auburn fans I know are purposely doing this just to mock you idiots. You, however, bsed on your own comments above ….are too stoopid to clue in.

    The only real difference here is that the pro-Bammer press isn’t making nearly as big a deal of this as the did with Yeldon.

    Yes ….those comments were exactly what Yeldon said. It was absolutely done on purpose. Keep in mind that your control freak coach orchestrated Yeldon’s actions and thus started this action.

    So call it whatever you want ….you are just calling yourselves names …and we are mocking you.

    • 43

      Botton line Dick is that Foster is too stupid to speak for himself or speak in public intelligently.

    • 44

      You are mocking Alabama by stealing their speeches?

      Don’t you see the point of the article is the little brother syndrome? You can’t take a commitment from Alabama and NOT give Alabama the finger, but this one is particularly interesting because it’s actually from the coaching level of the program. I think you’re underestimating just how little brother the speech was, but we all understand it was meant to mock.

      I’ll explain the difference——–when Alabama gets a recruit who is already committed elsewhere, we don’t steal speeches. Elsewhere could be Georgia, Utah, Texas, but the difference is Alabama doesn’t use the recruits themselves to send a middle-finger to the team the recruit was previously committed to, including Auburn.

      Auburn couldn’t resist. It’s because of Little Brother Syndrome, not in spite of it. There was much more controversy surrounding the Yeldon recruitment regardless, that has to explain part of the arguing. But Alabama instead didn’t publicly steal from Auburn to spite them.

      Auburn got a great recruit. I don’t care how they did it, they deserved to be proud about it. But now by stealing a speech just because they want to show Big Brother that they can still have success like them is what sucks. You’re mocking Alabama, I get it, that’s fine. But it’s also Little Brother. Only Auburn does it like that. They can’t take a HUGE success like this and make it about them—–it has to be something Alabama did wrong instead of what Auburn did right because they could have had a speech that had nothing to do with Alabama.

      Instead, every single word of it, literally, was explicitly for Alabama’s sake, not Auburn’s. It defines Auburn. I think it’s funny that people are proud of it AND don’t think it’s little brother of them.

  11. 45

    Oh and as far as Barnturd threads on this site, it’s dead time, there’s nothing else to do, and nothing more enjoyable than busting Barney’s Balls. And there’s nobody else who’s balls are as easy to bust as Barney’s are. It’s an inherited trait you retarded fuckers have. If you don’t like what we say about you then just go away. No on second thought don’t do that ’cause Cappy needs the hits. Just manup and take it like the men you aren’t! And Abraham (are you Israli?) this is not as you called it a school site. It has no affiliation with U of A excaept as part of the fanbase. So it will print what it wants. Of all people you Barnturds should understand that mistakes can be made. But was it just a mistake all those times ITAT tried to frame Bama? Get screwed people! RTR!

  12. 46

    LMAO@ Gene Gene Jismdrawers and all those outstanding recruiting classes of the past 4 years. TWO barntards made the 3-string preseason all-sec teams.

    • 47

      Cueing the excuse from the Boogs that they STILL have a “young” team and won’t be in any All SEC teams in 3..2..1…..

  13. 48

    Woah Crimsonite take it easy with the language there. We all know you’re still upset about what Mr. Sandusky did to you up at the Second Mile Camp but with the amount of cursing, slang, and repressed anger in those last two posts they were literally unintelligible.

  14. 49
    J Cooper

    Thanks for the story. i am a lifelong Auburn fan but I am not nearly as obsessed with Auburn as this blog is. It’s a great place to catch up on Auburn news. Any ideas of a good Bama football blog to read?

    • 51

      I see what you did there Cooper. Unfortunately, since Bama players aren’t getting arrested, spitting on pizzas and getting kicked out of camp, or being tried for armed robbery or covering up whose gun was used or what apartment the plan was hatched in (D. Benton), it’s just much easier in the slow summer months to write about and expose Auburn for the school for thugs that it is.

      Keep your eyes peeled for a preview we’ll be doing soon, showing another top class coming in this fall in Tuscaloosa, how none of them have been arrested twice in ten days, and how it will impact Bama’s national championship run this season.

      Have fun going 7-5 again. And yes, we’ll cover that too.

  15. 52

    There ya’ll go making light of the worst college football scandal of all time just for a blogging flame. By any chance are you a pedofile sir? Do you have a locked GPS bracelet attached to your ankle? I would say that I don’t like you using Mr. Updykes name. He’s sort of a cult hero to many Bama fans. However, since the damn trees didn’t die that makes him a fukup like you Barnturds all are. So go ahead, use it, it fits you. And Dude, I think in spite of your remedial reading course at Barnturd U, I think you understood me perfectly. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit to see RN and RF both flip to Bama in February. By then we’ll have our repeat Natty and no doubt several star Juniors leaving for the NFL and opening up opportunities at several positions. Of course in Fosters case he may not be free to flip if Awbie pulled shenanigans with his mother. We see. Losers! RTR!

  16. 53

    Yessir, I’ll be more than happy to help you with that request. Just look anywhere on the internet that the Alabama Crimson Tide is mentioned. There you will find a pleathoria of Barnturds infesting and replecating like the Ebola Virus, all with the latest up to the minute news, reports and comments on Bama. You will find them in the Alabama football section of posting on every artical at about a 2 to 1 rate. They’re on any Awbie or Bama blog site. They are on the Tiger Sports site of Rivals. They are on the Rivals Bama On Line Open Forum. They are on Inside The Auburn Tigers. They even carry the Bama news to the Nation by infesting every other team site nationwide. It’s uncanny sir. They are Aubssessed with Alabama. You are in luck. Good reading to you. Bwaa Haww Haww! Oh, did I mention Capstone Report? LMAO! RTR!

  17. 54

    From a pretty reliable source, according to Foster’s people:

    “Saban called Foster Tuesday night and did most of the talking with blunt language. I was told Saban said (clean version) “Reuben, I’m tired of getting these damn Daily Reports of you fawning over UAU & UGA from my Staff. My Coaches will not waste valuable time every freaking Day checking with you to make sure you’re still coming. You tell me one Day in my Office that you’re 100% committed and the next Day, you’re saying something totally different to the Media. So, from now on this is how this stuff is going work. You’re going to close your Cell Phone account and open a new one without giving out the number to other Staffs. You’re going to cut out the damn visits to other Schools and last but not least, you’re going to sit down with a kid here at UA named Eddie Williams and understand what the Hell commitment means and how to stick with your word. Reuben. If you can’t do this then it’s best you go elsewhere.”

    “I wasn’t given Foster’s comments but his actions were all that was needed.”

    I love Nick Saban. He doesn’t perform fellatio on recruits like Trooper Taylor, Curtis Luper and Frank Chiznik. If you don’t want to be here, get the hell out, and we’ll enjoy beating the shit out of you the next time we see you. I’d expect the Tide to run right at Reuben when we get inside the five. A pissed off Nick Saban is a nasty man.

  18. 57

    The last four articles posted this site are about Auburn. Not really the time to talk about someone else having an inferiority complex.

  19. 58

    The last four articles posted on this site are about Auburn. Not really the time to talk about someone else having an inferiority complex.

  20. 59

    Well, I may not know everything. But I know how certain games get circled on the calender. And I know that 42-14 will seem like a pleasant memory for the University of Auburn this year.
    I will go ahead and predict it:
    Bama will poke Auburn’s eyes out and skull drag them to a curb. And then maybe (and mercifully) curb stomp them there.
    I have never made a prediction about an Iron Bowl…. but mark my words. This one will be a beating of biblical proportions. it wil be so bad that LSU fans will have sympathy on the barn. Because, (and lets get down to the crux of it…..) Auburn may send messages in the media. Saban will send one on the field.

    • 60

      Almightymc1, my question is, when has Auburn EVER beaten Alabama like that? Not in my lifetime. Auburn pulls off an improbable 1-pt. win where every star and planet had to align and they think they’ve done something. The largest margin of victory in the probation/Tubberville era was 10 points. When Bama wins, they destroy the barn.

      And I agree with you. When Saban says “we have an opponent in this state we work 365 days a year to dominate”, he means it. Saban is a professional who has disdain for pond scum in his profession, and that will show (again) this November.

  21. 61

    What’s a Haley’s Commet? I mean how do you not only misspell the name of the discoverer, but also misspell the word comet. I’m honestly not sure if anyone in history has ever misspelled the word comet.

    • 62

      Thank you! Wasn’t seeing/thinking clearly after staying up all night reading about the endless rap sheets on Auburn’s past, current and future players. There’s so many. Need more coffee.

  22. 63

    Abe, you are about one retarded motherfuker. Shit blows right through what little mind you have just like a hot wind through the desert. You’ll post just any kind of dumbass remark won’t you? Well now we know what you say means about as much as a black hole at the other end of the universe. Alabama is #1 in SEC graduation for football players. Alabama is also has the highest SEC SAT scores for football players and for all athletes combined. That was even published by the Aubie Pravda Next time do a little research before your mouth oveloads your asshole. Obviously you’re Aubssessed spending all your time on TiderInsider and Capstone Report. What’s more, Bama is still #1 in recruiting 6 places ahead of Awbie with at least five 5*’s still considering us and a 5* replacement LB for Foster having Bama 1’st on his list. So we’re not exactly having to search the Salvation Army Thrift Store. Fuking moron. RTR!

  23. 64
    Hate Smurf Coach

    Insane jealousy noted. As far as we can’t win, I think 2010 is proof into itself. We will win another NC before you will. And this year your media darling status won’t get you a rematch.

    We will see a great game this year at Jordan Hare West where we have never been intimidated and won most of the time

    • 65

      You will never see another NC in your lifetime, pal. Ain’t gonna happen. 2010 was an anomally made possible by a soft road schedule and a freak of nature at QB.

      Will never happen again. Keep your recordings. You’ll need the memories.

      Yet, Bama will shelve half a dozen more before you hit the grave. Bank it.

  24. 66

    amazing to see a site dedicated to posting articles about Auburn calling Auburn obsessed.

    Auburn is all you guys worry about.

    Its all your fans will talk about.

    You arent talking about the upcoming season; you’re talking about Auburn.

    • 67

      You can see get a look at the upcoming Tide defense that will blank your pathetic offense again this November here.

      But otherwise, what you have to understand, sampson, is that when you have an endless list of players being arrested, acting like thugs, getting sent home from camps for acting like criminals and allowing themselves to be stooges in your coaching staff’s immature and sad tactics to get attention, it’s just pretty damn easy to write…and laugh…about you.

      Welcome to the slow season. And, thank you for our pitiful middle child of a younger sibling, Abarn.

  25. 68

    This is great. Pot & Kettle. Bashing it out. Like watching 2 inbred, illiterate cousins yell the same things at each other. Over & over & over & ………

  26. 70

    Wow, things must realy be slow in this State. Look here it is a privilege to be asked by the Staff at Alabama to accept a scholarship to play Football. If you want a chance to sit and learn the position for a year or two and then shine when you earn your spot then please sign up, if you want the chance to be coached by what NFL General Managers call them ” The most Pro Ready coaching staff in the college Ranks” and a chance to be drafted highly and paid millions, then come on and sign up. But if you think there is an I in TEAM and you are willing to line up with inferior talent that may or may not get you injured and want to be the spotlight player and dictate terms of your signing, then enjoy playing somewhere else, High School seniors do not dictate terms to Alabama Coach’s. Recruits are waiting very anxiously for a call from Alabama, you just made one of those recruits day.

  27. 71
    C. McCurry

    Typical Bammer trash talk. Unintelligent and a waists of time reading. Hey… least our fan base don’t sodomize people after games or commit kill things that belong to another’s traditions and don’t worship false gods. We just care about our school and the players who are smart enough to stay away from the dictator Who is nick saban.i would rather play for an 0-10 coach with class rather than a hot headed piece of crap with 2 national titles. WDE!!!!! Oh ….by the way…..any hammers wanna comment? Its ok,you can’t help but run your drunk mouths. We know you were born that way.

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