Auburn beats ‘Bama out for a 3-star spread QB

Well, the Auburn PR machine is apparently fueled up and ready to go for another season.

Birmingham’s Fox affiliate’s Sheldon Haygood (whose wife was an Auburn cheerleader), sprinted to the microphone yesterday to announce that Auburn has nabbed Jason Smith of McGill-Toolen High School, choosing the Tigers over Alabama. Auburn beatwriter Charles Goldberg of the Birmingham News had the hot information for us as well.

There’s only one problem.

Alabama doesn’t recruit 6’1″, 187lb. spread quarterbacks.

To my knowledge Alabama doesn’t run the spread offense, nor did they when it was popular.

And for that matter, neither anymore does Auburn.

This is another case of disingenuous reporting, beatwriters rushing to the Auburn fanbase cult to hold up their prize.

And it may be a case of disingenous recruiting. Bama never considered him as a quarterback prospect, but he is reported as Auburn’s 2nd quarterback taken in this class by Goldberg.

So how does a team that no longer runs the spread offense recruit a spread quarterback?

Maybe a better question, how many times has a player been promised “a look” at the position they selfishly want to play (17 year olds selfish?) when the coaches recruiting them know they will never end up there?

Here’s the deal. If this kid were a Christmas present, for Alabama he was that gift left under the tree you didn’t know you had after all your “main” presents were opened. For Auburn he was an iPad.

It’s just dishonest how reporting happens in this state.

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