Alabama Football: T.J. Yeldon dazzles at A-Day; A-Day postgame notes & stats

The Alabama Crimson Tide has a new running back in its fold that should provide some excitement in the 2012 football season. T.J. Yeldon ran for  88 yards and caught 5 passes for 91 yards.

Here are the official post game notes from the University of Alabama Media Relations. Stats follow below that. We’ll have some analysis and commentary on A-Day later, so check back.

2012 GOLDEN FLAKE A-DAY GAME Saturday, April 14, 2012 Bryant-Denny Stadium – Tuscaloosa, Ala.

Running back T.J. Yeldon accounted for 179 all-purpose yards to lead the White team over the Crimson team, 24-15, in the 2012 Golden Flake A-Day Game before a crowd of 78,256 at Bryant-Denny Stadium and a CSS television audience. Yeldon caught a game-high 5 receptions for 91 yards and 1 touchdown and rushed for 88 yards on 16 carries. Trailing at halftime, 9-3, the White team took control in the third quarter behind a pair of Phillip Sims touchdown passes – a 44-yarder to Chris Black and a 50-yard strike to Yeldon. Yeldon’s performance earned him the Dixie Howell Most Valuable Player of the Game Award while linebacker Adrian Hubbard of the White team earned the Dwight Stephenson Lineman of the Game Award as he garnered a team-leading 7 tackles, including 3 quarterback sacks (20 yards) and 4 tackles for loss (22 yards).

The official estimated attendance at today’s game was 78,526 at Bryant-Denny Stadium (capacity: 101,821) on Saturday, the fifth-largest attendance mark for an A-Day football game.

The top attendance totals for Alabama’s A-Day Game.
Year Attendance
2011 92.310*
2007 92,138
2010 91,312
2009 84,050
2012 78,526
2008 78,200
1988 51,117
1994 46,700
2006 40,000
1995 37,323
2002 37,000
2004 35,000
2001 35,000
*A-Day Record.

The following Alabama football players were honored for the performance throughout Spring Football Practice with the following awards bestowed by the Crimson Tide coaching staff:

Lee Roy Jordan Headhunter Award – CJ Mosley, Chance Warmack

Jerry Duncan “I Like to Practice” Award – DJ Fluker, Michael Williams, Nico Johnson, John Fulton

Billy Neighbors Defensive Lineman Award – Jesse Williams

Paul Crane Offensive Lineman Award – Anthony Steen

Bobby Johns Defensive Back Award – Dee Milliner

Johnny Musso Offensive Back Award – Jalston Fowler

Ray Perkins Receiver Award – Kevin Norwood

Woodrow Lowe Linebacker Award – Adrian Hubbard

Derrick Thomas Community Service Award – Carson Tinker, Quinton Dial

Bear Bryant Outstanding Non-Scholarship Award – Jeremy Shelley, Kelly Johnson

Ozzie Newsome Most Improved Freshman Award – Brent Calloway, Christion Jones, Jeoffrey Pagan, Tre DePriest, Ha Ha Clinton-Dix

Bart Starr Most Improved Player Award – Vinnie Sunseri, Brian Vogler, Ed Stinson, Cody Mandell

Mal Moore Leadership Award – Damion Square, AJ McCarron

Sylvester Croom Commitment to Excellence Award – Barrett Jones, Robert Lester

Dwight Stephenson Lineman of the A-Day Game Award – Adrian Hubbard

Dixie Howell Memorial Most Valuable Player of the A-Day Game Award – T.J. Yeldon

The University of Alabama football team and head coach Nick Saban wrapped up spring practice today with the 2012 Golden Flake A-Day Game at Bryant-Denny Stadium. Alabama opened spring practice on Friday, March 9, and held 14 practices through Thursday, April 12, leading up to today’s A-Day game. The Crimson Tide also held two scrimmages here in Bryant-Denny Stadium this spring (March 31 and April 6) in preparation for today’s game.

The annual Walk of Fame ceremony took place Saturday at 12:15 p.m. at Denny Chimes. The 2011 permanent team captains – safety Mark Barron, linebacker Dont’a Hightower and running back Trent Richardson – had their hand prints and foot prints placed in cement at the base of Denny Chimes.

The format for the A-Day game was much like a normal game, with a few minor variations primarily regarding the game clock. The game consisted of four 15-minute quarters with a running clock. The clock stopped only following scoring plays, penalties, and changes of possession. Regular clock rules were used during the final minutes of the second quarter and the fourth quarter.



FIRST DOWNS……………….       14       16

RUSHES-YARDS (NET)…………    25-66    19-63

PASSING YDS (NET)………….      218      304

Passes Att-Comp-Int………..  30-19-0  42-29-3

TOTAL OFFENSE PLAYS-YARDS…..   55-284   61-367

Fumble Returns-Yards……….     1-21      0-0

Punt Returns-Yards…………     2-10     5-56

Kickoff Returns-Yards………     3-88     6-72

Interception Returns-Yards….     3-56      0-0

Punts (Number-Avg)…………   8-45.5   8-42.8

Fumbles-Lost………………      1-0      1-1

Penalties-Yards……………     1-15     3-15

Possession Time……………    28:26    32:24

Third-Down Conversions……..  2 of 12  3 of 12

Fourth-Down Conversions…….   1 of 1   1 of 1

Red-Zone Scores-Chances…….      0-0      1-1

Sacks By: Number-Yards……..     3-20     5-32


RUSHING: White-Yeldon, T.J. 16-88; Howell, Ben 3-1; Ely, Phillip 3-minus
1; Sims, Phillip 3-minus 22. Crimson-Hart, Dee 5-44; Fowler, Jalston 8-22;
McCarron, AJ 6-minus 3.

PASSING: White-Ely, Phillip 10-18-0-83; Sims, Phillip 9-12-0-135.
Crimson-McCarron, AJ 29-42-3-304.

RECEIVING: White-Yeldon, T.J. 5-91; Jones, Harrison 4-29; Black, Chris
3-61; Calloway, Brent 2-18; White, DeAndrew 2-1; Faciane, M. 1-12; Woodson, D.
1-4; Howell, Ben 1-2. Crimson-Bell, Kenny 5-86; Norwood, Kevin 4-53; Hart, Dee
4-32; Williams, M. 4-20; Fowler, Jalston 4-14; Jones, C. 3-48; Vogler, Brian
3-46; McAlister, N. 1-3; Bierbower, J. 1-2.

INTERCEPTIONS: White-Clinton-Dix, H. 1-30; Sunseri, Vinnie 1-29; Lester,
Robet 1-minus 3. Crimson-None.

FUMBLES: White-Woodson, D. 1-0. Crimson-Williams, M. 1-1.
SACKS (UA-A): White-Hubbard, Adrian 3-0. Crimson-Pagan, Jeoffrey 2-0;
Love, Wilson 1-0; Dial, Quinton 1-0; Dickson, X. 1-0.

TACKLES (UA-A): White-Hubbard, Adrian 6-1; Stinson, Ed 2-4; Sunseri,
Vinnie 4-1; Fulton, John 4-0; DePriest, Trey 3-1; Johnson, Nico 2-2;
Clinton-Dix, H. 3-0; Lester, Robet 3-0; Belue, Deion 3-0; Atchison, J. 2-1;
Square, Damion 1-2; Williams, Jesse 0-2; Crowder, Padden 1-0; Milliner, Dee 1-0;
Black, Chris 1-0. Crimson-Mosley, C.J. 7-3; Patrick, Tana 4-3; Williams, J. 4-2;
Dixon, Travell 4-2; Dial, Quinton 2-3; Pagan, Jeoffrey 2-2; Love, Wilson 2-1;
Bell, Kenny 2-0; Lee, Dillon 0-2; Perry, Nick 0-2; McCarron, AJ 1-0; Dickson, X.
1-0; Washington, J. 1-0; Fanning, L. 1-0; Ivory, Brandon 0-1; Bush, Hunter 0-1.


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  1. 1

    Just maybe we have another Ingram and Richardson on the way. I don’t have much faith in Lacy replacing them. He has the talent, but he’s had one injury after another since he’s been here, and there is no excuse for a turf toe to have limited him for 7 months now. Damn, Dee Hart has had a knee torn up, had surgury, and is playing with the starters in the same amout of time. Anyway let’s try to keep things in perspective. Yeldon, Black and Phillip Simms were going against the reserves defense and dude that is hell and gone difference in playing against what could be another #1 defense. McCarron, Bell, Hart etc. did their duty while getting the shit knocked out of them by the starters. However, I’m a little concerned about the passing yards #1 gave up, although it only resulted in 13 points, which means we can score enough to win every game this year. Still, I prefer to think it was McCarron and our receivers being great instead of our pass defense being inadequate. Well, actually we know McCarron is great. RTR!

  2. 2

    On to other matters, but first a hearty “Muchisimo Gracias Gueyes” to the Barnturds for letting us have TJ Yeldon. Bwaa haww haww! Apparently we have encountered a very sensitive and exposed nerve over in the Swamp, err Bayou State and it is still throbbing unbearably. Was over on the LSU Rivals site and made a somewhat innoculous comment in my opinion about a few facts from the BCSNCG and mostly about Bama. Not a flame or word of profanity. I was immediately Blacklisted – not banned, but blacklisted! A little sinsitive are we? Bwaa haww haww! 21-0! And over on the Michigan Rivals site they are starting to get wound up over Bama. Those asswipes have to be the biggest bunch of snobnosed biggots in all of football. You just don’t want to go there and listen to the shit they say about Bama, Alabama, Saban, the South, the SEC, Southern education, etc. I’d like to drag ’em all down to Fort Sumpter, lock ’em in and turn Harvey UpDyke loose on ’em, then drop a phucking Neutron Bomb on the place. Asswipes! RTR!

  3. 4

    Did ya’ll listen to Sleeze Spurrious during his interview at the USCjr spring game? Boy he was on a roll with his infamous snide remarks. Sounded more than just a little jealous of Alabama. But I think the Platinum Tongue In Cheek Award has to go for his comment about Super Rival Georgia, and just might get him about three yards of Mark Richt’s foot up his ass the second week of September. When asked about scheduling and if he prefered playing Georgia the 6th week or the 2nd week, he replied. “I kind of like playing them the 2nd week. That way you can be pretty sure they will have 2 or 3 of their star players still out on probation”. Bwaa haww haww. ‘Ole Sleeze damn sure isn’t worried about locker room wall material! Wow! RTR!

  4. 5

    I don’t believe you know what your talking about Truth. By your reasoning Arkansas’ QB, who is the SEC’s best and a Heisman possible, would be considered a dud since Bama wiped his ass all over the BDS turf. First place like AJ said, they were out there to have fun and give the crowd a show. He was flinging it like a pure Spread Offense at receivers he would have ignored with a real game on the line. What’s more no QB throws 42 passes at the #1 Bama defense without 3 or 4 coming back at ’em, not even Tom Brady or Drew Brees. I don’t give a phuck what anybody thinks. I’ll tell you right now that if Bama had the receivers some of those Spread teams like Oregon, Ok St or West Va recruits and Nicky would allow Nussmier to put in his whole Spread package – AJ and Phillip both would be #1 draft choices. There just aren’t any better college QB’s, period. RTR!

  5. 6

    By the way you do realize that McCarron completed 70% of 42 passes against a defense which allows opposing QB’s only a shade more than 50% completions. Truely an amazing feat! RTR!

  6. 8

    i think i do know what im talking about you throw 3 ints in the michigan lsu arkansas a&m or mizzou andsee what the fuck happens your a damn idiot to think that throwing three ints is ok get a clue moron!! youre the same shit heel that thinks cade foster is a great kicker get the fuck of this thread and educate yourself about the game

    • 9

      One BIG point.

      For anyone critical of McCarron, notice how many passes he threw.

      42. He threw 42 passes.

      If you think he is going to throw 42 passes in ANY game in the 2012 season then you don’t understand how Alabama plays.

      Why do I bring this up? Because if you watch football then you must realize that there is a correlation between interceptions and pass attempts.

      I’ll go on the record now and make a prediction, McCarron won’t throw three interceptions in the Michigan, LSU, Arkansas, A&M or Mizzou games.

  7. 10

    btw THIS defense is not LAST years defense and for you to hang your hat on the stats of last years team which lost the meat of their defensive back field shows just how simple minded you are! fans like you are truly a disgrace to the game of football! cant see the forrest for the trees! this team is very beatable and will get beat when mcarron starts tryig to be a hero like saturday! u have proven yet again that ignorance truly is bliss!!

  8. 13

    truth – either get some basic football knowledge or change your moniker to something more related to your abilities. This was a scrimmage. Personnel were split into two teams that usually would be playing together, they were in different positions than they would be in a game situation, there is no real game plan other than to try out some different formations and put on a show, and AJ was giving the fans a taste of what he could do if he was given the opportunity to air the ball out against a real defense. And you can hang a good bit of your hat on last year’s stats for the defense – Bama only lost about 4 of the starters on that team, and the second and third-stringers played a LOT last year. I would even say there are some All-SEC’ers among the sophomore class – Sunseri comes to mind first – and most of them were playing 2nd string and kickoff coverage all last year.

  9. 15

    Truth, you retarded cum sucking piece of dog shit. Climb back on your mother and then maybe you’ll be doing something you actually understand. I told told you, asswipe, this was a scrimmage and McCarron said they were just having fun and putting on a phucking show. He threw to receivers he never would have thrown to in a game. Like he said they ran the same play 9 times in one drive. You think maybe the defense knew what to look for. Oh that’s right a 9 year old cocksucker can’t read for shit. If you don’t like McCarron, then why were draining his balls behind the lockerroom? Go over to that fag Barnturd team. Bama doesn’t need your kind over here. As for me you dick sucking sperm bank, I was here when your daddy was nursing you with HIS milk, so I’m not going anywhere. Stupid retarded asswipe. Even ESPN was impressed with Bama’s offense and led their college football section with accolades of Bama. This was by far Bama’s most impressive spring game under Saban. Only a blind faggot wouldn’t see #15 coming.

  10. 16

    I was there at BDS Sat. and I can say that McCarron will be the same qb that drilled LSU 4 short months ago in this upcoming season. The first pass was a toss up a throw you wont see in a real game, another was a tip and I left before seeing the other but nonetheless the qb position is not in the least of worries for this team. Alabama is not the SEC team in the state with qb issues.

  11. 17

    lmao crimsonite why dont u get back to popping tour boyfriends herpes blisters with your teeth and leave football talk to people that have actually played football beyond high school or even pop warner in your case! and stop referring to cum drinking everytime you are made a fool of! it only proves that if you dont have a cock in your mouth youve got em on your mind!!! btw how many points were scored by ol aj ??????? anyone how many points in 42 passes???? helllo??? im waiting!!!! he put on a show alright! showed that there are three things that an happen when you pass and two of em aint good!!! btw play action on first down will only work so long then what??? yep gotta move the pocket and guess what ya shit heel??? HE CANT RUN!!!! get ready for 2-3 losses and not because of the defense it will come down to the play of play action aj and thats the bamatruth you fucktard!!!

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