ALABAMA FOOTBALL: AJC’s Carvell continues war on Nick Saban

The news that Alabama Crimson Tide football coach Nick Saban would offer four-year scholarships disappointed SEC rivals—just read Auburn fan’s weeping and gnashing of teeth over at the Bunker or turn to the Atlanta Journal Constitution. In the AJC, recruiting savant Michael Carvell composed a blog post seeking comment on Alabama’s new scholarship policy. It was a poor attempt to continue recruiting against Alabama and Nick Saban.

Typical for the Atlanta paper and pathetic.

Carvell showed his true motives when he quotes two respected sources (Mr. SEC and Every Day Should Be Saturday) but included reaction from four enemies of Alabama football. Those enemies are a Yankee that knows nothing about football, two Auburn fans with one disguised on and the other at the independent source of information operated by smear-expert Jeffery Lee, and the AJC’s own Jeff Schultz—as we’ve already established, the AJC has a history of anti-Alabama bias going back to its employment of libel-writing, “Bear” Bryant-hating Furman Bisher.

Journalistic standards? Don’t look for that at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. What you will find at the AJC is an anti-Alabama marketing campaign driven by fear of the colossus that is Nick Saban.

Carvell is sad that he and his cohorts won’t be able to market four-year scholarships as a wedge to drive recruits against Alabama since Saban carefully negated that anti-Alabama marketing strategy.

There is a long list of rules and plans to unseat Nick Saban as the king of college football recruiting. Have any of those plans slowed Saban down? Remember the Saban Rule? He just used technology to get more face time with recruits. The sad thing is that a four-year scholarship won’t hurt established programs like Alabama. This four-year plan will harm teams with the greatest need to do roster management, ie: teams not named Alabama and LSU.

These plans only serve to make coaches like Nick Saban more valuable. Saban is his own brand with enormous name recognition among recruits. Recruits know that Saban is a path to the NFL—for confirmation just look at the NFL draft. Saban has stockpiled some of the best talent in the nation and separated himself by winning three BCS crowns. He works harder, and more importantly, smarter than his rivals.

Marketing campaigns assisted by the lame AJC won’t slow Saban down.

All it does is make newspapers look worse than fan-run websites. And media experts wonder why there is declining trust of newspapers.