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ALABAMA FOOTBALL: AJC’s Carvell continues war on Nick Saban

The news that Alabama Crimson Tide football coach Nick Saban would offer four-year scholarships disappointed SEC rivals—just read Auburn fan’s weeping and gnashing of teeth over at the Bunker or turn to the Atlanta Journal Constitution. In the AJC, recruiting savant Michael Carvell composed a blog post seeking comment on Alabama’s new scholarship policy. It was a poor attempt to continue recruiting against Alabama and Nick Saban.

Typical for the Atlanta paper and pathetic.

Carvell showed his true motives when he quotes two respected sources (Mr. SEC and Every Day Should Be Saturday) but included reaction from four enemies of Alabama football. Those enemies are a Yankee that knows nothing about football, two Auburn fans with one disguised on and the other at the independent source of information operated by smear-expert Jeffery Lee, and the AJC’s own Jeff Schultz—as we’ve already established, the AJC has a history of anti-Alabama bias going back to its employment of libel-writing, “Bear” Bryant-hating Furman Bisher.

Journalistic standards? Don’t look for that at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. What you will find at the AJC is an anti-Alabama marketing campaign driven by fear of the colossus that is Nick Saban.

Carvell is sad that he and his cohorts won’t be able to market four-year scholarships as a wedge to drive recruits against Alabama since Saban carefully negated that anti-Alabama marketing strategy.

There is a long list of rules and plans to unseat Nick Saban as the king of college football recruiting. Have any of those plans slowed Saban down? Remember the Saban Rule? He just used technology to get more face time with recruits. The sad thing is that a four-year scholarship won’t hurt established programs like Alabama. This four-year plan will harm teams with the greatest need to do roster management, ie: teams not named Alabama and LSU.

These plans only serve to make coaches like Nick Saban more valuable. Saban is his own brand with enormous name recognition among recruits. Recruits know that Saban is a path to the NFL—for confirmation just look at the NFL draft. Saban has stockpiled some of the best talent in the nation and separated himself by winning three BCS crowns. He works harder, and more importantly, smarter than his rivals.

Marketing campaigns assisted by the lame AJC won’t slow Saban down.

All it does is make newspapers look worse than fan-run websites. And media experts wonder why there is declining trust of newspapers.

38 thoughts on “ALABAMA FOOTBALL: AJC’s Carvell continues war on Nick Saban”

  1. Nick $aban is a god. He can do no wrong. I don’t care what the rest of the world says ….they are all wrong and we are right. I luv Nick $aban …and I worship at his feet. His winning ways have increased my self esteem and because of that …I no longer beat my wife or attend KKK rallies.

    signed……………………Delusional CR Bama fan

    1. nice answer to your team systematically having it’s manhood removed hoo”some of my best friends are black”pie. well done once again.

    2. He is doing a very good job, from recruiting top talent, coaching it up, and produces NFL ready players. Deny it, twist the facts, cry about it, whatever you have to do to cope with it. But it is better than what Chizik, Richt, and any other SEC coach is doing right now. Saban is in everyones head. He is the man to beat, he is setting the pace, and everyone is having a tough time with that.

      See Hoopies response to prove this point.

  2. So glad that Coach Saban has enough intelligence to ignore the AJC. I live in Atlanta and I do!

  3. More typical Bammer Moron BS of thinking the world revolves around Nicky Satan and the Crimson TURD!


      1. If I were a worthless TN Volunteers fan, I’d be saying the same thing. Nothing to root for in Knoxville any more – just get to look for another beatdown from Alabama and Vandy.

        1. Pete- He picked a place to make a living where there’s nothing to root for also. IV why didn’t you just stay in Tennessee and make moon shine? RTR

          1. Hoopie, what is the example of your “unbalanced” statement?

            What has someone said that proves they are “unbalanced”?

            Let me guess….you heard them use that statement on ‘Oprah’ one time and you just pulled it out of your ass for this discussion.

            Yep, you are an Auburn man!

          2. You should know all about moonshine; your Bammer MORON bretheren are made up of teabagging, tre-killing, toothless, inbred, goat-humping, mullet-wearing, euneducated hillbillies!

          1. Josh Luchs, an ex sports agent, was the subject of one of Sports Illustrated article’s in 2010, after he lost his license and was facing some charges. The man wanted to come clean and listed the players that he actually paid while they were in college. Strange that 2 Tennessee football players were named by him, where he paid them every month, back in the 1990’s while Phil Fulmer was head coach and you want to call Bama cheaters? Not one single Bama player was on that list. Mostly Washington, Colorado, UCLA players, etc and 2 Tennessee players.

          2. you know your just plain Stupid. “indianer vol” wow you got it all figerd out don’t cha boy. I just want to ask you who is WINNING ? BAMMER so how does that make you look stupid ? BAMMER that. yee haaaww INDERANER VOLIE BALL PLAYER. and I know you can’t be a fan of that TENN, bunch cause if you are how does it feel to know and know for a fack that BAMMER is going to put atleast 20-30 “L” on that VOLLIE ball school. and how do you like my BRAGGING all of yall pissed off cause you don’t have SABAN and the people in the state of ALABAMA is just better then you and that’s a fact look it’s the best state to live in. so just go and plaint your corn up in Inderanner and shut tha hell up stupid. ROLL TIDE

          3. you said you did what with your sister ? well I wasn’t going to say anything but I did her too. but your mom would not let us alone. she was sayin something about she had her a big southern man one time and she ask me too but I didn’t want to piss your daddy off cause he’s my brother ROLL TIDE ROLL TIDE that’s all she was screaming that night.come on say it ROOLLLLLLL TIDE

          4. You just described Knoxville,Tennessee to a tee. Or tea whatever way want to spell it. I believe since TEA is stuck so deep in your mind,that would be the right way for you.Roll Tide!!

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  5. i live in ATL and i REFUSE to read the AJC….the last article they wrote talked about what a snake Saban is for trying to “steal” a UGA recruit nad inthe same article they mention how UGA is trying to get Reuben Foster to switch committments to them….so when Saban does it, he’s a snake but when Richt does it, he’s just a good christian man doing his job….its disgusting….

    1. I like the truth. and I like for people it just put it out there nomatter what and you do that.I can tell you are a smart guy and I don’t care who you are a fan of but thank you for the truth it’s hard to find that today…ROLL TIDE

  6. Guys, I work in Atlanta and the jealousy of Bama and Saban is palpable. I just want Bama and Saban to keep kickin’ their envious little a$$, both on the field and in recruiting. When they can’t make any headway on any other level, they start the typical “backwoods, redneck, etc., etc.” stuff. It is fun, as a fan, to have them looking up from the turf at that “Crimson-necked” Tider that just “ran them over….”

  7. Yankee? Did you really say Yankee? You know the war is over right? Get over yourself. Roll Tide! Saban rules!

    1. My Daddy always said there were 2 kinds of Yankees.

      Plain Yankees and da_n Yankees.

      Plain Yankees will come down to the South, visit, and go home.

      Roll Tide !!

  8. Not to mention that the AJC is perhaps the most liberal mullet-wrapper newspaper just this side of the NY Obama Times, Chicago, Washington, LA . . . . Seems they do a lot of pandering to those fringe groups mentioned above and the poor oppressed “peoples” of our country….they play all the “proper cards”, believe me….Since Bisher, the one who posted that earlier, was right-on-target….AJC hates Bama, and they really do not give GA Tech a lot of love either….Roll Tide!!

  9. Are we going to keep letting Indiana VOL spew his racist remarks online? Projecting language like he did above on hundreds of thousands of people is no different than classifying races based on a subset of that particular race. VOL, why don’t you grow a pair and let’s meet somewhere to discuss this! I’m not just talking shit either, you racist

  10. Grantham is the man

    So now Saban is for four year rides!

    “We don’t cut players. I don’t know anyone who does”

    The sad thing about that statement is that Saban thinks people will believe it simply because he said it, and what’s even sadder is that many Alabama fans will be screaming it as Gospel as if it is.

    “and we’re happy to do it.” And the Academy award goes to!

    Keep telling yourselves that this will help Saban. Right, he just lost his greatest ”roster management” tool and right after he lost his unlimited scholarships offer ”tool”.

    Can you say no more six extra players to choose from every year?

    Saban has cut an average of six players each and every year. The numbers don’t lie, Saban does.

    1. I have no idea what team you pull for but let me give you a tip. CNS isn’t the only one that greyshirts. In 2011, right before NSD, Les Miles told one of his recruits he would have to greyshirt. The kid was packing to come to LSU early when he was told. Was there a big stink made? Was the kid disappointed? Yes, he was disappointed and I don’t remember if he signed with another school or not but these rules they have placed on the HC’s are causing this. They are limited to 25 and want to win NC’s to keep their job because, the fans, DEMAND NC’s from them. So when a senior in HS is injured, he NOW gets greyshirted. Also, Nick Saban has NEVER advertised violations from the athletes of team rules. But they just disappear like Brent Calloway. And then they transfer because they are in his doghouse and can’t get out. He doesn’t “cut” players but HE IS THE DICTATOR AND YOU GO BY HIS RULES OR YOU HIT THE ROAD!

    2. so?????? if you are not what you should be he will cut your butt. it’s not all about the numbers. he tells all the player’s that if you slump or drag ass you will not stay. what is the problem with that???? it sure looks like he know’s how to run it cause look at he’s numbers they don’t LIE. you don’t what to do the numbers with Saban man who do you coach for?

    3. They can keep changing the rules, so coaches like Richt can have a chance against Saban, but it doesn’t seem to be working. Just admit the truth: As long as Saban is coaching, it will be tough for another coach to match what he is doing. Bitching, whining, and name calling is really all you anti-Saban people are reduced to now. But he will keep beating your team, out-recruiting your coaches and playing for more National Championships. Deal with it.

  11. Mr. Carvell you should shut you slong hole that you run. that’s just like a GA, prick to set over there running your BS. I can give you a place to show up and I think I’m man enough to help you with you pie hole problem. ALABAMA/GA State line on 59 anytime.ROLL TIDE and you can’t do a Damm thing about it.

  12. The two main reasons that Saban is a great recruiter are;
    1 The best players want to be able to come to a school with a rich tradition and opportunity to win a National Championship
    2 To play for a program that the NFL teams look to for great players.
    At this time that Team is Alabama and it will be for a long time to come SO GET OVER IT or Buy you some Crimson…
    Roll Tide

  13. The only reason that Alabama doesn’t break off and float out into the gulf is becuase Tennessee sucks!

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