Auburn hits homerun with new offensive coordinator; Gene Chizik making the right offseason moves

Auburn fans take heart! Don’t let Alabama fans tell you that new Auburn offensive coordinator Scot Loeffler is a downgrade from Gus Malzahn. That simply isn’t true. Loeffler is a homerun that will work in conjunction with other important actions taken by Auburn head coach Gene Chizik to put Auburn back on the path to success.

One major problem for Auburn in the 2011 season was internal turmoil. The media might try to gloss over it, but anyone watching and listening to the Auburn coaching staff could tell there was a fundamental difference of opinion between Auburn’s Gene Chizik and his subordinate Gus Malzahn.

However, there was an even more fundamental problem at work.

Malzahn doesn’t want to be anyone’s subordinate. The guy loves himself more than Phil Fulmer loves to eat or Tony Barnhart loves to suck up to SEC football coaches.

Malzhan is a cancer on any coaching staff. He was a disruption at Arkansas, and his inability to help the Auburn defense by running a ball control offense was a key reason the 2011 season was disappointing.

Malzhan never understood what Gene Chizik clearly comprehends—football is a team game that requires the entire staff to be working toward the same end.

Malzahn’s only purpose was self-aggrandizement.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t help you win football games.

It was the same attitude problem afflicting runningback Mike Dyer. Dyer left Auburn after rules violations. Dyer amazingly wound up transferring to join Malzahn’s Arkansas State.

Two cancers gone from Auburn.

That is a major win for Gene Chizik and the 2012 Auburn Tigers.

Loeffler will function as part of the team. His philosophy will compliment every phase of Auburn’s game plan. The running game and passing game will now function not as a showcase to get the OC a head-coaching job, but as an effort to score points. As a bonus, fans should expect to see fewer double-pass reverse fumblerooski plays in the future.

Chizik now has the chance to preside over a coaching staff with a unified purpose. There are simply fewer personal agendas in play now that the Chizik has excised the reasons for 2011’s disappointing season.

Chizik has shown he is a real leader and hired a coach who will build an offense to compliment the defense.

How could you not call this a homerun hire?