Alphonse Taylor spurns FSU, commits to ‘Bama

The first of the dead period has proven invaluable to the University of Alabama’s 2012 recruiting class. Today the fourth major prospect of the week committed to sign with Alabama in February.

Big 6’5″, 330lb. offensive guard/nose guard Alphonse Taylor of Mobile (Davidson High School) committed to the Tide today. Taylor switched his commitment from Florida State, where he indicated he was going last April, to Alabama.

Taylor is the No. 16 offensive guard prospect according to Rivals, and a 4-star according to Scout. He places No. 9 on the B’ham News’ Super Seniors list.

This morning Taylor released this statement:

“After carefully considering the amazing opportunities in front of me, I am committing to play football for the University of Alabama and enroll in January. I appreciate the support of my family, friends, teachers, and coaches who have always helped and supported me. While there were many factors to my decision, ultimately I want to play Nose Guard for Alabama, whose fierce and dedicated defenses are a tradition in this state and around the nation”

“I maintain a tremendous amount of respect for Coach [Jimbo] Fisher and the Florida State Seminoles.”

Again, one has to wonder about the flurry of commitments coach Nick Saban and his staff are getting during the dead period. And, like two of the three others this week, Taylor plans to enroll in January.

Has the Nick Saban, a.k.a. “The Recruiting Master” found yet another advantage in the ever changing recruiting system? Is there anyone in college football that works harder at recruiting than this man?

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    His work ethic and commitment to the game and for wanting to have the desire to make UofA THE best is just unbelievable. Until they have enrolled in Ttown I will not admit that they are a done deal—just yet. Since these 4 (Yeldon, Dixon, Belue and now Taylor) have announced that they will enroll in January–it has been a crazy recruiting week for sure. If they had decided to make a switch and not enroll early I would have scoffed at the whole switching commitment idea until signing day got here.

    • 7

      i honestly doubt it was anywhere near Rent Trichardson’s, but the REC has got the dough and the connections–beer bryant used a construction company out of texas to do a lot of his dirty work, according to one of his former players(running back who played in the 70’s wishbone years)

  2. 11

    I am sure that if Coach Saban ever read this blog he would probably verbally smite me for saying this. But the man is a fascinating study in focus, desire and determination. He is truley driven to do his best at anything he does and a very very rare man when it comes to the way and work he does to achieve the desired results. Rock On Coach Saban. You inspire us all.

  3. 13
    The Flash

    It doesn’t matter how many recruits you bammers get! LSU will dominate you every year. Get used to it mullet heads!

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  5. 19
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    Get a hold on this. This young man did not make this change by himself. Does he not have a family? Friends? Coaches to help him? He has a great future so why not go where he can best show what he is able to do. What I did like was him saying was CNS wants me as a NG. Like I said before young man you made the right choice.RTR

  7. 22
    The Flash

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  8. 26

    Well Barkley officially announced that as I said he had planned to go pro, but since then he consulted with many people and changed his mind. Of course now the media is back to sucking SC’s cock and talking like Barkley makes them an automatic for the BCS next year. The stupid phuckers have a short memory. Doesn’t matter how good the Condoms are, they are always even better for at least one loss to a winless PAC 10 team. And besides dumbass Lame kitten saying they could play with Bama and LSWho, the fact is SC has no better defense than Oregon or Stanford. Hell. the best defense they’ve had in the BCS era couldn’t even slow down Texas in ’05. RTR!

    • 27
      The Flash

      But all of that dripple, Crimsonite, ignores the point of my orighinal response to you about Trent not coming back, but that if he did come back just to win the Hiesman, he had better hope that Barkley didn’t come back.

      The reason for my original comment is just because of what you alluded to here. The media loves bama, but not even close to how much they love USC! If Trent couldn’t beat out a player who plays in a small market like Baylor, nor a Stanford player who really didn’t do anything special this year, he sure as hell will have a hard time beating out Barkley with all of, as you put it “the media is back to sucking SC’s cock and talking like Barkley makes them an automatic for the BCS next year”

      The best thing for Trent to do now is to turn pro so that he can take care of his two “out of wedlock” (see I can be nice) children.

  9. 28

    I stopped in Lafayette, La to eat at Shoney’s this morning. Had on my Got 13 hat and my new BAMA jacket. I now remember why LSWho was my second favorite team until Saban came to Bama and the shytass faction of the the Coonass fanbase started their shyt. Everybody had something friendly to say at every table I walked past going to the food bar. People came up to the bar to talk and over to my table too. Every one of them talked intelligently and respectably about both games and Bama. One guy laughed and told me I had guts coming in there dressed like that. One said Bama dominated the game, but special teams won it. One said, poor ol Les Miles, Bama was the last team he wanted to play in this game. And one said, you know LSU can beat Bama, if Miles can keep all the players out of jail. He said, I’ve never seen a team with so damn many criminals. Jefferson should not be playing. this team is Jarrett Lee’s. – The truth is, if you get away from the drunken assholes at the stadium and ignore the retarded, anti-social trolls on the internet, the average Corndog fan is pretty damn normal. And then there’s the cocksucker we have on here whose opinions obviously are exactly opposite from the general Corndog nation. RTR!

    • 29
      The Flash

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  10. 31

    Well now there is another reason for everybody in Louisiana to kiss Saban’s ass. If he hadn’t passed on Drew Brees at Miami, New Orleans would have never won a Super Bowl and would not have the NFL’s greatest single season passer. Congrats Saints. RTR!

    • 32
      The Flash

      Celebrating his stupidity to pass on Brees, is no reason to kisss his ass, anymore than his stupidity to keep trying 40+ yard field goals on Nov. 5th is. The stupidity on that Nov. 5th night is reason for bama fans to kiss his ass, because it gave all you bammers excuses for that night’s loss and a sense of false hope for Jan. 9th.

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    • 40
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          • 43
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      • 48

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