Steve Spurrier should retire

Steve Spurrier is as light and soft as this fluffy treat.

Congratulations to University of South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier for winning’s “Peep of the Week” award.

Is there a softer head coach in all of America than Steve Spurrier?

Known for his love for golf and disdain for long days at the office, his apparent deplorable work ethic has been laid bare for all to see.

Once known for developing record setting college quarterbacks like Danny Wuerffel, Rex Grossman and Shane Matthews, Spurrier has apparently forgotten how to do it.

Or, maybe it’s just more fun chasing a little white ball around the golf course than putting in the time and effort to recruit quality players to that position at South Carolina.

Or maybe it’s just too fun to have pictures taken of himself in public without a shirt on.

Whatever the case may be, if this guy was Alabama’s head coach, no being able to manage anybody better at the quarterback position than Stephen Garcia the last four years, I would be pulling my hair out right now.

Garcia has had his moments…last year’s lights out performance against Alabama being one of the few…but unfortunately for Gamecock fans he is best known for laying eggs when it matters most. His off-the-field problems have painted him as anything but a leader, a quality that’s needed most at that position.

Though Spurrier has been as transparent as a sheet of Reynolds Wrap about his feelings for Garcia’s sub-par abilities and performances, he doesn’t seem to be able to field anything better.

Why? Perhaps here’s a clue: “Fore!”

There was a brief period of time after Mike Shula was let go that many thought Steve Spurrier could be on his way to Tuscaloosa.

And tonight, as I lay me down to sleep, I will add the fact that he isn’t to my prayer of so many things for which I am thankful to God.

So congratulations Steve. You’re this week’s “Peep of the Week”.

Now please retire and do what you really want to do with your time.

Also receiving votes:
• The entire SEC East
• The officiating crew of the Alabama-Florida game
• The University of Memphis
• Florida’s pre-game festivities…entire statium actually did two-bits, no lie.

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  1. 1

    UAB could have beaten uSC last Sat….they looked as complacement as i’ve seen, reminds me how State looked when they played the barn. Is the barn sprinking stupid dust on the field b4 the games? And that TD that went out of bounds was clearly out of bounds!

  2. 7
    Bobby Justice

    Spurrier showed just how overrated he was last weekend and he certainly should retire. If you can’t beat the awbyes then you should just hang up the headphones. The QB play was terrible on both sides. I didn’t think anyone could possibly be worse than Trotter but Garcia gave him a run for his money. If Spurrier was half the coach that Saban is he would have been able to beat the awbyes with his second string. After all they were on the road. But my piont is ahbun sucks.

  3. 8

    DIdn’t think anyone could thrown balls at the ground any better than Trotter till i saw Garcia.

    Now that Visor starts the back-up again of course they’ll win. Spurrier didnt make any sense leaving the drunk baffoon in Sat

  4. 9

    So the retarded Coonass is back I see, making smartazzed comments when nobody here has dissed LSWho except to say that Bama is better. To quote another dumbazz named Boris – “Fact”. 550 yards of offense to WVU? Hell, Bama wouldn’t give up 400 yards of offense to the Green Bay Packers. Might even beat em. Can’t win if you can’t score. Remember when they used to have the College Allstars against the NFL? There’s not a player on Bama’s team who’s not as good as any Allstar. Bama would do better because of team chemistry where the Allstars used to get stomped because they couldn’t perform together at top efficiency. Thank God no Spurrier and no Rodriguez. And thank God for no moronic clown like Les Miles. The only reason he wins is because of a great staff and God takes pity on the mentally challenged. Bwaa haww haww! RTR!

  5. 10

    you are all idiots, arguing on the internet, why not get into a theoretical discussion about the origins of the universe with a paulsey victim?

    • 11

      “Paulsey”? Is that someone who never misses the Finebaum show? There is nothing so precious as calling other people ‘idiots’, then making yourself look like a bigger one. “adam”, why don’t you put your mom’s computer back in her bedroom and go back to playing with your PS2? You are only making yourself look like the biggest horse’s ass in the world.

  6. 12
    Eric Center

    I like the Report We Need Change. Qb Or Spurrier We Have Too Much Talent On The Team Not to. In the running for A title Game. Thank Eric C

  7. 13
    # 1 al. fan

    I believe that the Awbies sent someone to South Bend to steal the statue of the Virgin Mary and brought it bqck to Lee County. It may be hidden close to where their ‘tweety bird’ crashed into one of those sky boxes in the stadium a week or so ago!! that’s the only explanation I can think of with all the luck they have…….. RTR

  8. 14

    God is putting Gene to the test, but he’s too dumb to realize it. He’s letting Chizel pride swell up giving him time to confess of knowing the Cam sale. If he doesn’t confess and cleanse his soul, AU football will go up in flames, and then it will truly be a “God” thing.

    • 15

      I can tell that you don’t read the bible much, so I’ll spare you the lecture on God’s grace, judgement repentance and the concept of free will. I will pray that your heart becomes softened and that one day you will be open to hear his word.

      At the risk of being sacreligious, let’s just use some of your redneck logic. IF Cam did something wrong ..and IF Gene knew about it ..and IF God considered Gene’s action’s a sin …then God would not have allowed Auburn to win the natty.

      Now, spiritually, it ain’t that simple and there are many more reasons why I seriously doubt that God would get involved in football rivalries here on earth, therefore I don’t believe my previous paragraph. I also don’t expect that you desire to understand any of this anyway. your hatred won’t allow that.

  9. 16

    I don’t think Spurrier should retire. Although he is lame and more interested in golf than football, He has given USCe the best football they have ever seen.

    At the top SEC schools (except UGA) he would have already been fired, but USCe isn’t in that catagory and they are still happy to have him.

    It’s mutual that USCe and Spurrier are both having fun, therefore it’s really none of our bidness. I realize the the CR is just looking for something to write and be sensationalistic adn Finebaum wannabe’s about, but folks ..ya’ll are reaching and it’s ugly.

    Besides, you just can’t stand not getting all uppity and arrogant and acting like you know what is better for USCe than they do …and then trying to place your imbalanced Bama football values on others.

  10. 18

    Hoopie giving a Bible lecture, then he calls someone a redneck when, on any given Saturday, you can find around at least 75,000 rednecks donning the ol Orange & Blue at Jeerdan Hare. Yep, that’s Auburn Christianity

    hey dipshit, maybe you need to read the book of Isaiah and the story of King David. Specifically, how he killed a soldier in his Army so he can land the ultimate prize, the man’s wife Bathsheba. Read how God allowed this man to grow His Kingdom and have a prideful heart just to see him LOSE it because of his sin. It took nearly 25 yrs from when he had that soldier killed. It’s in the Old Testament, before Christ, you idiot cumrag. Chizik will pay for his lying, and winning the Tainted National Title does not mean God let him off the hook!

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