Phillip Marshall should be ashamed of himself for attacking Houston Nutt

Houston Nutt is a great coach and an honorable man. If he says something was fishy about the recruitment of a football player, you can take his word for it. He would know. He has coached in the SEC for a long time. However, Auburn’s mouthpiece Phillip Marshall penned an attack piece on Houston Nutt. (Source: Nutt ought to be ashamed)

Unlike some of the shady men in the business, Nutt is above reproach. Sure he oversigns, but everybody in the SEC does that.

Would anyone say most coaches on the Auburn staff are above reproach? After all, Auburn is under a massive and continued NCAA investigation of recruiting practices. Auburn has the NCAA’s attention and not Ole Miss. It was Auburn’s Gene Chizik that got bitch slapped by the NCAA’s director of enforcement during the SEC’s Spring Meetings.

Calling Houston Nutt a whiner is a disgusting tactic employed by Auburn’s biggest suck-up sports propagandist. Nutt had the courage to raise his voice against the wrongs of college football. He is now under attack from Auburn’s lunatic fringe led by Marshall.

It won’t work.

Everyone knows that the more venomous the attack on the messenger, then the more truthful the claim. Auburn sent out its biggest media puppet to smear one of the best men in the business. What does that tell you?

Marshall opined, “Because Nutt said Whitehead told him ‘it was business,’ there are now those implying that something must have been wrong in his recruiting.”

I wonder why!

Oh yeah, Auburn was associated with Cam Newton. You know Cam’s father Cecil Newton shopped his son for big dollars, and somehow Cam ended up at Auburn. We are supposed to believe he ended up at Auburn for free, but well, nobody outside of Auburn believes he went there for free.

See, associating with bad people ruins your reputation. There was this wise saying written in days of old about being known by our associates or companions. Even Euripides got in on the thing by warning us about evil company ruining our morals.

That wise old proverb speaks volumes now. It shows in the actions of Auburn’s lunatic fringe led by Phillip Marshall.

Phillip Marshall should be ashamed of himself for attacking Houston Nutt.