Report from Austin: ‘The Big 12 is done’

From Austin’s “The Big 12’s done. Oklahoma wasn’t open to creating Big 12 stability.”

Texas has killed the Big 12. Of course, the blame will be placed with Texas A&M’s desire to head east or Oklahoma’s desire to head west, but Texas killed the Big 12. By the time Texas called the paramedics (University of Texas president and UT’s athletic director) for a visit to Oklahoma, the handwriting was on the wall.

Or maybe on a piece of paper authorizing Oklahoma to pursue entry into the Big 12.

Oklahoma finally had enough. Why should Texas run everything?

From the same report, it appears Texas is being pushed further into pursing life as an independent. Texas seems unwilling to give up the Lonehorn, err, Longhorn Network. According to the report, “Texas’ second metric is economics. The Joneses don’t take pay cuts. Texas has a $154 million annual budget and isn’t interested in joining a conference where its brand or its profit margin takes a hit. And this includes Texas’ three-letter issue. Not SEC. But LHN. Texas has no desire to part, alter or share any aspect of The Longhorn Network, but it would not be able to retain the network as is in the Pac-12.”

No desire to share.

That sums up Texas and why the Big 12 has failed.

You can’t blame Texas for seeking its own interests. This is America.

However, you can’t blame Oklahoma or Texas A&M for getting sick of it either.


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    Now the question is – why the hell would Oklahoma want to join the Pac12? Except for Colorado they will have to travel to Arizona, California, Oregon and Washington. In the SEC they would have natural rivals in Tex A&M, Arkansas, LSU and an old ally in Alabama. If the SEC goes to 16 it’s possible they would never have to play further East than Auburn. Additionally Oklahoma just doesn’t jive with the Left Coasters. Let’s face it, I am concerned with the Pac12 being strengthened by OU, OSU Utah and maybe later Texas while the SEC is left with who for the West? Missouri? No thanks but it aint quite equal. Problem is OU isn’t gonna split with OSU and we’d have to put A&M in the East to take both of them, then choose from Fla St, Va Tech and West Va for the last team. I don’t see Fla St or Va Tech rupturing the ACC to come to us, but West Va would leave the Big East in a heartbeat. Ahh phuckit, we’re in a national championship run. This shyt can wait until the middle of January. RTR!

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    Why is it wrong for Texas to look out for Texas? They had the idea to create their own revenue source with TLN, good for them. I am not a Texas fan but they will open the door for other teams to create revenue in other ways as well, I say let them go INDI and the chips will fall how they should, I’m a Boise State Alum and the only difference between Boise State and a SEC team is about 30-45 million football budget, thats it!!!!! GO BOISE STATE!!!!!

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    What you obviously meant to say is that the difference between Boise St and a middle of the pac SEC team is about a 40 million smaller budget. The difference between Boise St and the top 4 or 5 SEC teams is about 90 years less tradition, no National Championships and the fact that you may never beat one of them at the time they are one of the top 4 or 5 teams. But keep on trying. Even a dog will have his day. RTR!

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    Dusty Meyers

    Wouldn’t it be nice to see all the HAVES leave the Big 12. I am so tired of the power brokers and their greed. How about we start over in the Big 12. Take the remaining five schools, BU, MU, KU, KSU, ISU and add a few that really want to be in a conference. Like lets say, TCU, UofH, SMU, BYU, Boise St, Tulsa, and maybe Air Force or CSU. If we make the HAVES pay a large exit fee, that will give the Big 12 a great operating budget to recruit other schools and still give us some solid athletic programs and a large footprint for TV revenue. We might even have a few solid football teams on top of all of it. Considering BU, TCU, and Boise St are all ranked currently. BYU should have beaten UT and they would have been ranked, and almost all of the other current members of the have nots in the conference are undefeated. Not a bad start, I say let them go and keep those who really want to be fair and work together not alone.

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    Indiana Vol

    I think OU and OSU may be interested in SEC West due to logistics. All SEC West teams are in the same time zone (Central) as OU/OSU and only SEC East teams (other than Vandy would mean a different time zone. If OU/OSU goes Pac-12, they have 2 time zones (Mountain and Pacific) to cross mening a 2 hour time difference that might affect fans and students who would follow the schools.

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    Throw some dirt on it. The Big 12 hasn’t been a factor in years anyway. Texas can now drift into obscurity with it’s distant cousin, Notre Dame.

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        I think its funny that Nick Saben flat out refused to schedule Boise State in 2009 and 2010, and when called on it he stated why would we risk a national championship scheduling a school like Boise State, that tells me everything I want to know about ALABAMA!!!!!!


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    Scott Hightower

    Why would Oklahoma and Ok State go west, crossing two time zones to play teams they have no history with, departing natural rivalries like Arkansas and play in the same time zone most every week? Answer…SEC Competition week in and week out would expose them as middle of the pac(k) teams whereas in the Pac 14/16 they could be leaders of The Pac(k)!

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